RadioZoom Interview – Sparta

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Last November we had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Ward from Sparta for our podcast, RadioZoom [Episode #118][Blog Post].

You can check out the archived episode and if you like what you hear, either Jim’s point of view, his like of sushi or yes – the tunes – then you’re in luck. Sparta is coming back to Vancouver on March 30th, playing the Commodore [HOB]. I know a lot of people were upset that the last show at Richards on Richards sold out so quickly so here’s your chance.

Friday March 30th, 2007 @ The Commodore Ballroom – Tickets $17.50 – with guests, Moneen and Attack in Black.

To listen to our interview with Jim Ward of Sparta, click the following link [MP3]

The Crazy Canucks – Episode #25

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A special night on the podcast for Episode 25, not only did we have EVERY member of The Crazy Canucks on the line, we also had Paul Kukla from Kukla’s Korner join us as a special guest. Paul’s got great insight and knowledge about the game, and it was great to get the perspective of Wings fan. Visit website for Episode 25 show notes and links.

Playing with iMovie

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We’re so dead tired but I thought I would post a little something I made, for the simple fact that I figured out how to make it. The program is pretty straightforward although the content we created (below) isn’t the most interesting. It’s just fun to experiment and try out new things, eh.

Next thing ya know I’ll be doing my own podcasts in Garageband – I’ve already used Ubercaster on RadioZoom but really, who wants to hear Miss 604’s voice on another podcast.

Update: Uhh… there might not be audio on this but I’m going to bed… will fix in morning.

Update: Okay the learning experience isn’t over. I encoded this to a Quicktime file, which plays nicely (sound and all) but it seems to lose audio when uploaded to YouTube. We should just go back to making video podcasts with our cell phones but I don’t think some people would like that… you know who you are 😛

Not Playing Nice with iPhoto

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I am more of a Windows drone that I lead to believe and I realized this tonight while dealing with iPhoto.

First of all, it keeps “Original” copies of your files, and when you modify, it adds another copy to the “Modified” folder. Then when you want to upload anything online you have to “export” and use that file (yes, the THIRD file of the SAME pic) to upload. Then when you want to sort your photos in iPhoto all is fine and dandy until you want to actually look up the FILES. Go to Finder > Pictures > iPhoto Library > and in 3 various folders you’ll have 3 versions of your photo.


My favourite part is that iPhoto sorts things into “Rolls” for me. So not only do I have a file in 3 different locations (what a WASTE of space) I now have “Roll 14”, which means 6 months down the road I’m supposed to remember that pertains to “pictures from the Canucks game”. Of course I could just import Roll 14 into iPhoto and name the album “pictures from the Canucks game” but god knows how many more files it will toss in however many more directories.

I am used to ONE file being in ONE location. I could edit, save, toss it in Flickr Uploader and be done. Magic. I can use a program to sort and make albums but I always know if I want to do anything with that ONE file it’s right where I left it. If I put it under 2007 > March, it’s going to be in the March folder, not in some far off location on my hard drive in triplicate.

It seems that some of these Apple programs make everything shiney and pretty meanwhile it’s making a mess of your files and folder systems on your hard drive. Is there something I not getting something here? Or is this just a Windows mentality that I just can’t shake?

Wireless Lunch

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This is the first time I’ve done this – setup camp at a coffee shop to write. It was mimicked in Family Guy last night, too funny. Although I’m not writing a screenplay, I’m checking email, writing a blog post and then I will eat a chicken caesar wrap. For 5 bucks I got a wrap and free wireless over the next hour, I can’t complain.

I just happened upon this place, Java Express. It’s MUCH less crowded than a Blenz and it only took me about 4 minutes to walk here. Before leaving the office I checked out on this site – it suggested I try Blenz on Heather and Broadway or Cactus Club on Broadway and Granville. I started off walking in one direction and ended up here. I was going to snap a pic with my phone and bluetooth-it to my Macbook but I’m still too shy. I’m not ready for something like that right now, but I am now one of “those” people, and I have to accept it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…