The Surrey Top Ten

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Fellow Crazy Canuck, JJ and I were talking about our hometown prior to the start of recording an episode of the podcast the other night. He mentioned his high school reunion, we giggled reminiscing about P.M.S. and s-l-a-y-o-R. Those familiar with school district 36 will know what we’re talking about.

The topic originated from a discussion about music played at certain clubs, which we don’t really patronize anymore but just the thought brings memories of more innocent days flooding back. Those songs that you’ve heard over the last decade while sharing pitchers, doing shots and getting your shoes all sticky on the disgusting dance floors of certain establishments. You know all the words, of course, you’ve heard the songs enough times and so has everyone else, and they make that quite evident by singing along at the top of their lungs. Because of these guilty pleasures, (come on, you know you sing along too) and the memories conjured just thinking about this post, I put together a little list. You don’t have to have feathered hair, wear tapered jeans or popeye pants to appreciate the pure cheese that follows:

Surrey Top Ten:
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Living On A Prayer
Sweet Home Alabama
Sweet Child Of Mine
Hurts So Good
Jessie’s Girl
Mony Mony
Sweet Caroline

Okay so there’s only 9, but I’ll leave number 10 up to you. These are the top songs you’ll hear when you head out on the town, mid-week (because hey, Wednesdays are wing nights) or on the weekends. People young and old sing along, and it’s either because a) you remember the songs and had the album when it came out, hung posters of the band on your wall and air guitared b) you remember going to these pubs and clubs and hearing these songs, over so many years, it reflects back on all those good times – and bad c) it’s just hilarious.

To add your pick for number 10 (Scorpion, Whitesnake, Vanilla Ice…oh boy!) feel free to comment or use the contact form. Thanks for letting me use ‘Surrey Top Ten’JJ!

Canada is the New Texas

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A fellow blogger at Metroblogging – Chicago pointed this out. It’s an interesting map compiled by a Norwegian blogger, placing countries (based on their GDP) in corresponding US States [TheBigPicture]

Canada: 1.035 trillion USD
Texas: 989,443 billion USD

If you want to get really picky… you could break it down by Canadian province. British Columbia being at 168 million behind Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. You could say, BC is the new Connecticut, or Alberta is the new Missouri… or just let Wiki do the rest of the comparisons for you.

I Want to Eat the Bowl

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According to Hockey, A People’s History (which John and I watched religiously but are too cheap to purchase the DVD box set) Tim Horton was trying to subsidized his meager hockey earnings by becoming an entrepreneur. He worked for Conn Smythe’s [wiki] cement company before starting up his own burger joints and eventually the donut shops which became a staple of Canadian culture [wiki] .

We were talking with Bradley (yes, name drop, don’t you feel special now?) on the weekend about how prevalent Tim Horton’s are back East. He said they even have different products including the rumoured “Gretzky”. We all know a Double Double is two sugars, two creams[CBC], but the fabled “Gretzky” is nine of each [wiki].

But the Tim Ho specialty I’m missing right now is the bread bowl. I got some gift certificates for my birthday so I’ve been pumped with coffee for about 3 days now. At lunch I ran down to get some chili, which is accompanied by garlic bread, which will have to suffice for now. I’ve told John about the commercials for a while, since sometimes I’ll just blurt it out in every day conversation but I really do want to say, with merit, “…and then I ate the bowl!” (followed by cheesy laughter).

Centre of the Universe

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It’s something everyone West of Thunder Bay has come to accept, Toronto is the centre of the Canadian universe.

We scoff at the CBC and their disregard for Western programming and hockey coverage, federal politicians have long-before snubbed those on this side of the Rockies and let’s face it, they get all the good shopping, and recognition from other nations as being representative of Canada as a whole.

Hockey Day in Canada Nowadays it seems as though this image presented by arrogant residents of the ‘big stinky‘ city is becoming a trait most associated with Vancouverites [mbv].

But we’re supposed to hate and make fun of Torontonians, aren’t we?

My company’s head office is in Toronto and it’s pretty much a microcosm of Canadian society. All the big rules are made out there and we don’t know about them until they’re put into affect, after which all of us realize they’re completely useless and probably only serve those in the head office. A co-worker of mine came out here for a visit. He kept referring to the body of water in Coal Harbor as “the lake” and was surprised at the “city” we appear to have. Yes, real buildings, not tree forts.

The funny thing is, Torontonians don’t seem to care. Although we only see the Leafs once a year in NHL action, Canucks fans have the utmost hatred for the boys in blue and white. It’s comparable to Red Sox vs Yankees and Michigan vs Ohio State. But I’m starting to think it’s pretty much a one-way street.

In recent years, the despise for Toronto seems to have faded out here. Many are moving to Vancouver to set up shop, study and work and the other night at GM Place there was a healthy representation of Leafs fans. They’re becoming one of us and we’re becoming… something else.

Photo credit: mg on Flickr

It seems like Vancouver, much younger than more established and history-rich cities in Eastern Canada, has finally found its footing. Hollywood North, 2010 Olympics, diversity, fashion, cuisine, it all looks good on paper but we could just be becoming just as superficial as our old rivals.

With popularity comes more attention, positive and negative. We always knew our city was great but now that everyone else is starting to recognize this as well, we’re looking in the mirror a little more often. During a conversation with a friend, he mentioned how our ‘multicultural diversity’ is turning into a front for tourist brochures when in fact, we’re seriously lacking in that area (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg).

Toronto may still be the centre of the (Canadian) universe but the fact is, we’re catching up, in good ways and bad.

The Crazy Canucks – Episode #16

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Sweet, sweet number 16.

Dave is a healthy scratch for this recording as the rest of us gathered together to record another episode. We lost the streak against the Wild, but the Leafs were our next victims as the Canucks took them down on Hockey Day in Canada over the weekend.

Record as of this episode: 25-19-1
Northwest Division: 2nd
Western Conference: 7th

There was a lot to chat about even though there hasn’t been much action since the last episode. We take a look at some of the younger guys on the team, review some of the ways that we celebrated Hockey Day in each of our own special ways, why it should be a national holiday, wander down the scheduling trail again, and dissect the NHL All-Star Game selections a little bit. J.J also drops some bombs at the end of the episode with some injury reports, and we all agree that nothing else matters since we spanked the Leafs, 6-1, on national TV, no less.

Also, look for another episode this week, but this one will break the normal TCC mold. Rebecca and John brought some recording gear to watch the game at GM Place between the Leafs and Canucks. That episode will be released in the next few days.

To Feel Good

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When I think of gyms and fitness clubs I get shivers, and I also think about that Friends episode where Chandler and Ross want to “quit the gym”… and end up “quitting the bank”. Overpriced, filled with spandex-clad ‘roid monkeys and Lululemon-loving yoga bunnies the gym can be a scary place.

I had a 3 month pass to Fitness World about 3 years ago. After a couple weeks the novelty wore off and I was just too tired to get up and drive to the gym after work – it seemed like such a hassle. Yeah, lazy, I know. I’ve done cardio kickboxing and 5km runs at 6am but nothing seems to leave me coming back for more. So like a bagillion other people, I’m going to start working out this New Year but I’ll try a different approach.

Yoga would be good for me since I’m pretty high strung at times (spazzy, stressy, high blood pressure, the works) and I could use the workout combined with chilling out but it’s just not my cup of tea. and I just wouldn’t fit in. I’m going to try a different route. Not just because it’s within walking distance from my place, it’s also extremely inexpensive compared to most other options, and lord knows we’re frugal.

So while John continues his conditioning and running during the day, I’m going to give this other option a try for 1 month. I’m not going to disclose where or what it is, you know just for personal/safety purposes. I’ll post updates now n’ then since this place may not be the gem my expectations have built it up to be, and we’ll see how I’m feeling after 4 weeks.