The Crazy Canucks – Episode 6

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We’re all hopped up with the launch of the shiney new this week, and our listing in the Fan Forum > Links section []. With a late recording time (due to my work schedule), technical issues and not enough beer to go around, we get this one off the ground thanks to the patience of my co-hosts (Alanah, JJ and Dave) and the handy work of our producer, John.

The Crazy CanucksThis episode [episode 6] had a lot of bumps to work through before it was published, and this might be a good comparison to what the Canucks are going through right now. Unlike the Canucks, everyone was here for this one. That couldn’t stop a few problems from creeping up, but, much like the Canucks, we worked our way towards a stellar finish.

Record as of this podcast: 8-7-1 (2nd in the Northwest Division)

There were a variety things to cover, including the two losses against Minnesota and Colorado, a hard fought win in Dallas, injuries and changes to the defence, and we can’t seem to keep away from the goalie debate. There’s a lot here, so listen in to check out the latest brouhaha that The Crazy Canucks has to offer.

Run time 36:34
The Crazy Canucks Podcast, Episode 6

Things I'm Loving This Week

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We (Heart) Laura
Free facials, fingerless gloves, aero bubbles, the rain followed by the sun, not being cold in November (thanks global warming), American voters sending a message to GW and of course, the glorious nation of Kazakhstan.

Also check out popular UK band Razorlight, latest single ‘America’, which is all over the radio there or my fave ‘in the morning’. Of course z95.3 will probably start overplaying them in about a year from now.

Hey if Oprah can do it , so can I. Just don’t expect any free cars.

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Guest contributor Jennifer Miles is a mother who loves being active with her family of seven. From camping, baseball, swimming, and day trips, she's a power-mom with a passion for BC living.

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swimming to work

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A post about rain. I don’t want to do a post about rain.

Recently Darren Barefoot’s blog had an anniversary [db], he listed off a bunch of blogs and their ‘first posts’ to the world. Looking back, mine is about rain and silly ideas [604], although I’m not sure that was my first post – I think that actually got lost somewhere in the Blogger shuffle hm.

11032006.jpgI’ve noticed that leaves in Vancouver are not dealt with. When I lived in Boston every leaf, at various intervals throughout the day was picked up, blown, or raked off of sidewalks and gutters. Bagged and tossed on the curb so that no one would slip, no one would sue and no drains would clog.

In Vancouver we’ve got a pretty efficient drainage system in the city, since well we’re used to a lot of rain. But with leafs slogging up the streets and heavy downpours in short time frames, who knows how we’ll hold up. There’s also the growing risk of mudslides on the North Shore and if you’re headed into Surrey off the Patullo you just KNOW Scott Road will be flooded down by British Motors. Continue reading this post ⟩⟩

Jim Ward from Sparta and RadioZoom

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Nov. 10/06: Interview Audio is now up on RadioZoom

Sparta @ Richards on Richards

Since John now describes me as the official “PR Babe” of the Podcast (on top of being the co-host) I thought it my duty to make something happen when he said he REALLY wanted to see the Sparta show. A couple emails later and we were sitting in the back room of Richard’s on Richards (again) interviewing Jim Ward of Sparta [official site][myspace]

The doors were at 9:00 but we were scheduled in at 8:00pm, leaving our house at 7:45pm we walked at a very fast pace to make it down to the club on time. I called the tour manager, Ed and he confirmed that everything was going smoothly, “Rebecca from – yep, we’ve got you with Jim at 8″.

Sparta SnacksUpon our arrival, Ed came out to greet us. Entering a nearly-empty Richards was a little trippy. There were cases, cables and equipment all over the dance floor as the two opening acts were getting ready for their sets. We were lead back into the same tiny room where we met with the guys from Aberdeen City [RadioZoom Interview]. It was Jim Ward, John, me and a microphone.

From there the podcast took off. We talked about everything from the new album, Threes, to politics, hometown memories and the health benefits of carrots. The interview will be available early this week on

After about an hour, we got a few pics with Jim, thanked him and walked out into the club on a high. Continue reading this post ⟩⟩

i guess since i'm half american now

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On Tuesday Americans take to the polls. While I don’t really want to get into any political issues, I’ll still post this YouTube link, cause it’s just amusing as heck.

Update: I was just out on my lunch break (it’s so rainy I swear I saw someone canoe past me on the sidewalk *badum ching!*) seriously, what’s with GOLF umbrellas this season? It’s bad enough trying to maneuver down a sidewalk downtown on a SUNNY day, let alone a regular rainy day with regular umbies all around. But GOLF umbrellas? I passed about 10 within a block. Sheesh!

RadioZoom Episode #117 – Music, Trivia, Good times

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RZ #117 is now up for your listening pleasure

RadioZoomWe play some great bands (with permission) on this episode and talk about the upcoming interview with Sparta. We also cover another edition of ‘Vancouver Trivia’ – testing John’s knowledge of the city. The site’s been redesigned slightly and some new features have been added to keep everyone informed and to make searching for old episodes an easy task.

Check it out on

Run time: 53:56
Episode #117