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Monday, July 10th, 2006 — 12:34pm PDT
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Holly McNarland has to be the female artist I blog about the most… er okay maybe the only female artist I blog about.

Aside from being the girl in Matt Good‘s Alabama Motel Room video all those years ago, she’s put out albums such as Sour Pie, Stuff, Home is Where my Feet Are and a DVD (amazon).

I was checking out the forum (.org) and found a NEW official Holly site is in the works at It has a bio, forum and news updates. Check out some of her new tunes on her myspace page as well.

Holly McNarland is one of those rare female vocalists, whose voice isnt breathy or cute, but packs a wallop that can literally affect your body. While her whisper-to-a-scream voice may soothe on some songs, it can send shivers up your spine at the same time. The Vancouver-based sirens voice is so intense yet vulnerable that it stirs emotions in listeners they didnt know they had (

(View My Flickr Photos from one of her shows last year. Tag: hollymcnarland)

monday morning bidness

Monday, July 10th, 2006 — 8:26am PDT
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It rained for about 2.5 seconds on my way to work today. When I stopped for my coffee the girl behind the counter commented on how hot n’ sticky it was in there. Outside, I told her, it really wasn’t much different.
This weekend was pretty fun. Had a girls night on Friday – went to see the girliest movie out there and no, I didn’t dress like a pirate – I should have worn Prada (if I owned anything Prada). Saturday I was super-Auntie at Cam’s birthday. Sunday well…. John and I had planned on being beach bums in the morning but the weather was pretty sucky so we stayed in and watched the World Cup. I then worked until 11pm and by the time I left the office you could still hear jubilant Italians (and sirens) resounding throughout the downtown core.

When I got home we listened to Don’s show on WYEP Pittsburg (d.contextualized). John called in via Skype and we got to chit chat and experience those crazy late night radio moments (it was about 3am their time). I haven’t blogged about music in a long time (too wrapped up in hockey still and the season’s over… or is it ‘almost here’ hmm). I’ll think up something soon and make a post. They played some great tunes last night – check out the show link (above).

Tomorrow I drive my lovely super-mom sister to the airport. She’s off to Wales and then Ireland for a little “her” time. She’s asked if she can write an overseas correspondance on my blog while she’s in Dublin and of course I said “YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” so watch for that soon.

Happy Monday.

EDIT: I might as well add one thing about the World Cup… Zizou Interactive Headbutt Game!

sunny surrey afternoon

Saturday, July 8th, 2006 — 5:26pm PDT
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It was baby Cam Cam’s 2nd birthday. Well his actual birthday was the Fourth of July but the family got together this morning/afternoon at Fleetwood Park in Surrey. The kids ran around the waterpark, we had lunch, snacks and tons of fun.

Pics are posted on my Flickr Site (tag: fleetwoodpark)

The Century Mark – Radio Zoom Podcast Episode 100

Friday, July 7th, 2006 — 4:55pm PDT
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100 & counting. Music, talk, insights, geeky stuff, the Canucks, Vancouver, Iowa anything else you can think of – he’s got it all on there. And for this special episode he’s got me too!

“A long episode to mark this milestone… about the history of this podcast, thoughts on the medium in general, and hang out without any plan in mind. Every method of recording that I have the capability for was used in this episode. We start out at in English Bay, head back home to the “studio”, and toss in a recording we did while sunning ourselves on the beach during Canada Day weekend.

Radio Zoom #100
Listen Here 71:58 minutes
(miss604 on Radio Zoom)

the world is our oyster – just don’t eat them right now

Friday, July 7th, 2006 — 8:22am PDT
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Summer is here and we’re among the thousands of people hitting the gorgeous beaches of Vancouver. We haven’t had any “closures” due to pollution on our beaches in a while – English Bay, Second Beach, Third Beach, Kitsilano etc. – they’re all pretty ‘okay’ for a swim but what about those corners of the ocean that are tucked away within our city?

This morning we were listening to the Fox and Captain Scotty was down near False Creek doing one of those ‘do something stupid or dangerous and win concert tickets from a radio station’ things. The ‘event’ was to FISH near Science World for Foo Fighter tickets AND THEN eat what you catch. They mentioned that people had been warned around the time of the Dragon Boat races not to have their skin in contact with the water, if they did – wash immediately. This is because of the pollution in the area. This made me think about the upcoming Red Bull Flug Tag event in August where people will basically be riding their contraptions into the water.

I thought I would find out a little more about that body of water just to see HOW dangerous it is.

“One of the contributors to pollution in False Creek-along with sewage overflows, decades-old industrial pollution in the sediment, droppings from geese and other birds, and incursions of water from the Fraser River when it’s cresting-is boats dumping the contents of their toilets into the creek, since holding tanks aren’t required.” (article)

Before Yaletown was all shiney and new, when they were developing the south-side waterfront areas of Downtown Vancouver – it was an old industrial waste land. How many people remember hearing about the Expo Itch? (Although I haven’t been able to Google it I swear it’s in a book we own somewhere). Due to years of ground soil contamination (that was in the process of being clean up) some people experienced itchy red legs walking around the Expo grounds. (expo history)

Since 1990 there have been perceived improvements to False Creek water quality due to a number of initiatives undertaken by the City of Vancouver to reduce or eliminate direct discharges. (False Creek Water Monitoring – SEFC)

If you’re truly interested and concerned (about such things as PCBs in the water) you can check out the Water Quality Objectives Attainment for the Burrard Inlet (Ministry of the Environment site) or other sites concerning water quality (link).

If you’re thinking of swimming in the water in False Creek *shudder* , just head on over to the beaches on the other side of the inlet instead (Vancouver Beaches) and since it may not just be the salt water making your skin feel a lil off always make sure you SHOWER after being in the water.

(flickr photo (top): Ian and Kate)
(flickr photo (bottom): kanadisch)

more great food and music

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 — 12:44pm PDT
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A couple of events going on this weekend and mid-July, in and around Vancouver.
The Canada Cup of Beer
July 8th, 2006 12:00-7:00 pm
UBC Thunderbird Stadium
The Canada Cup of Beer, July 8th, 2006 at UBC Thunderbird Stadium. Featuring over 20 microbreweries, domestic producers and specialty import beers. Come and taste some great beer from Canada and around the world. A unique opportunity to taste over 100 beers in a great festival atmosphere. The Canada Cup of Beer will also feature several satellite events open to the general public.

A Very Berry Country Fair
Sunday, July 16th, 10am – 4pm
Fort Wine Company Farm – 26151 84th Ave. Fort Langley
Free admission
Come enjoy live entertainment, 18 hole mini golf, candy making, face painting, bouncy castle, clowns, strawberry shortcake eating contest, Freybe foods, local market vendors, wine tasting and lots of berries in a great country atmosphere.

Vancouver Culture Fest is happening July 22-23. It’s at the PNE and it’s FREE (website)
Come and enjoy a weekend of food, music, culture and entertainment representing the contributions of five continents.

For more, visit THE Vancouver Events website.