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2007 Polar Bear Swim

Sunday, December 24th, 2006 — 9:57am PDT
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It’s been a tradition for 87 years in Vancouver and this year, just maybe, I’ll be able to get John to go. I mean, we’ve been enjoying the beach all year, right? What’s a quick dip in English Bay… on January 1… after a night of drinking… I mean the Polar Bear Swim Club does it all the time.

Costumes and the Peter Pantages Memorial 100 yard swim race are the highlights of this event. To be a club member you must register before the swim. Registration takes place in front of the English Bay Bathhouse from 12:30pm – 2:30pm each New Year’s Day.

You may also register by clipping out the coupon in the Province Newspaper and presenting it at the registration desk the day of the swim. Your free membership includes a commemorative button after you take the plunge [PolarBearSwim]

Basically you show up, get in the water, then get the hell out. It’ll wake you, shrivel you, and will probably be a kickass time with thousands of other people in the city.

Two More Sleeps

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 — 11:44am PDT
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2 more sleeps....
Does it feel like Christmas yet? Almost. We don’t have a lot of money, there are daily stresses that get us down and we can’t visit John‘s family and be with loved ones (again) this year. Right now we’re just looking at this weekend. It’s a special time of year no matter what situation you’re in or how you celebrate and we’re going to make the best of it.

I think the plan is to bring John’s laptop to my parent’s house tomorrow along with the iSight. I was saying it would be fun (and heartwarming) to get our two grandmas on the line. Both in their 80s, both the strong matriarchs of the family and both with very thick ethnic accents.

The family time will be good, the food will be filling and abundant, and we just can’t wait. I’ll have a ‘year in review’ post in the coming week, and to quote Big Chris: “it’s been….. emotional.”

our hopes and expectations

Friday, December 22nd, 2006 — 8:17am PDT
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I was chatting with GusGreeper yesterday and we were talking about crushes. Not serious ones, but you know those silly unattainable celebrity crushes. Someone you like to see on the big screen or on the rink etc. I think we’re both comfortable enough in our marriages to have such conversations. As it turns out we both had Bertuzzi crushes (back in his hayday) and both had/have Bert bobble heads. Of course we’re just joking around but um, I think my girl crushes sometimes outnumber the males (and John has no problem with this). Right now it’s Kat Von D from Miami Ink.

I’ve been working 6-2 for the past two days, and I’ll continue to do so into next week. My holidays don’t start until the first week of January and until then I thought I’d relive my old work schedule and suffer through the dark, quiet mornings alone. Walking to the bus at 5:45am in downtown Vancouver isn’t too scary, although sometimes there’s a dark shadow down the alley by the dumpster that you might want to be aware of. I just make sure to keep my head up, walk straight, and carry my umbrella in a menacing fashion. Grr.

an hour *after* i got to work this morning

What keeps me going when I get to work these days is turning on ALL the lights in the office to shock my system. I’m sure people can see in for miles although I am on the 15th floor. Aside from that, a hot coffee and Muse. Lots of Muse this week. Unfortunately, Muse couldn’t solve my printing issue this morning, so I called up the very nice IT girl in the Toronto office.

Now, I’d consider myself pretty darn computer savvy but when I’ve rebooted everything, checked all the usual functions and the network printer still isn’t working, at 6am I just want some help. I know that being a broadcast engineer for a radio station in Iowa, John used to also be the go-to office guy for any technical issues. His his favourite issue being “I can’t print”. Well, I pulled an “I can’t print” on our IT department today. After about 20 minutes and just before I was about to pass out, someone else arrived in the office and noticed that the wires at the back of the printer were loose, thus causing the errors. Yeah, I felt like a rock star after that. S-m-r-t.

The Crazy Canucks – Episode #12

Thursday, December 21st, 2006 — 8:38am PDT
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Everyone was on the line last night for Episode 12 as we discussed our win streak that slammed to a halt on Tuesday night.

The Crazy CanucksThis episode caught some of us off guard, but anytime you throw a bunch of Canucks fans together, it’s not hard to talk hockey for a half hour. The whole gang was here, but our connection to Dave cut out towards the end. That didn’t stop the podcast, you can count on that.

Record as of this episode: 17-16-1 (5th in the Northwest Division)

We cover the last three games, but we only played two teams during that stretch; Calgary and Minnesota. Luongo takes center stage for some discussion, we pick out the rag of the week(only because it seems that whoever we pick on tends to start doing better), and wonder what the heck is going on with the officiating during some of the games. Dave also gives a first hand report on venturing out for a Vancouver Giants (WHL) game, J.J. gives us a Vote for Rory update(listen to an interview with Rory on the website under “Rory Speaks!”), and Alanah is live with her new blog, canucksandbeyond.com.

This is our last episode before the Christmas holiday, so all the best wishes to our listeners, subscribers, and readers. (Look for another episode before the end of year)

Update: Sorry if anyone had any problems downloading this episode. I initially linked to the Rory interview that is on the Canucks.com website in MP3 format. For some reason, it was picked up as being the file for this episode. If you got that two minute interview instead of the regular episode, I apologize. This is resolved and working like it should now.

Grumpel Time

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 — 2:45pm PDT
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Krusty SkatingGus and I were just trying to remember the Vancouver reference in this past Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons. After a couple Google searches, locating the episode name and going from there, I found it.

Moe: (Selma and Patty are admiring Elvis Stojko) Don’t you hags know that all male figure skaters are twinkly in the luts?

Elvis Stojko: That’s a common misconception. I have a girlfriend in Vancouver!

Moe: Made-up girlfriend, made-up city!

[Kill Gil: Vols. 1 & 2]

I also discovered that there’s a separate wiki for EVERY Simpsons episode [wiki]. I bet John is going to read this and say he’s told me about that before but, I must have forgot. I can be a stinker like that sometimes, sorry.

The Gift of Digital Music

Monday, December 18th, 2006 — 2:32pm PDT
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I logged into Myspace after reading Matt Good’s post [mg] about an online doppleganger. I figured I’d check my messages, delete friend requests (from random bands and big-chested, scantily clad men and women wanting to “party”) and look at some bulletins.

It seems that some of my favourite artists are having holiday promotions, offering up special tracks and tunes at no cost, for our listening pleasure.

Holly McNarland:

Komrade Sessions“…I’ve put up Bye Bye Boy, a song from my latest EP, “The Komrade Sessions”, as a free download until Christmas.

This is the acoustic version of Bye Bye Boy. I have a full length, fully produced record coming out tentatively in April 2007 which will include the full blown Rock Steady version of the song. It’ll make you wanna go and do some driving.”

The GoStation:

“…for a limited time only, anyone who orders a copy of the Quiet Zone EP directly through our website will receive their copy of the CD signed by the entire band! Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also get a link to free downloads of both our new singles, “All Together Now” and “Not Enough.” Both tracks are set to appear on our debut album, which we’re in the studio *right now* finishing up! Click here to buy the Quiet Zone EP and get your free download link!”

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