Circle Craft Christmas Market 2013

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The Circle Craft Christmas Market is coming up next week at the Vancouver Convention Centre, getting you ready for the winter season from Thursday, November 7th through Monday, November 11th.

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Photo credit: Circle Craft on Flickr

Over 300 artisans from coast to coast will come together for the 40th Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market. With artisans, artists, and crafters from all disciplines, including pottery, wood, glass, metal, fibre, fashion, jewellery, and more, there will be much to explore!

In addition to all of the talented exhibitors there will be live entertainment, a fashion show, delicious treats and confections.

Visit the Circle Craft Christmas Market at Vancouver Convention Centre West (1055 Canada Place) on Thursday, November 7th from 10:00am to 9:00pm; Friday, November 8th from 10:00am to 9:00pm; Saturday, November 9th from 10:00am to 9:00pm; Sunday, November 10th from 10:00am to 7:00pm; Monday, November 11th from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Tickets are available for purchase in advance and you can save $2 when you buy online.

Circle Craft Christmas Market Contest

I have a pair of tickets to give away to the Circle Craft Christmas Market next week, here’s how you can enter to win:

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RT to enter to win tickets to @CircleCraft Christmas Market from @Miss604

I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on Monday, November 4, 2013. Follow Circle Craft on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about the co-op, their space on Granville Island and of course the Christmas market.

Update The winner is @robynborland!

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  1. ChelleTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 12:23pm PDT

    This is a Christmas tradition for us!

  2. ErinTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 12:52pm PDT

    My mom and I go every year, it be great to get free tickets!

  3. LauTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 12:58pm PDT

    Cant wait!

  4. TamaraTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 1:07pm PDT

    Attending is a tradition! Would love to win!

  5. moniqueTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 1:23pm PDT

    love Christmas <3

  6. ArielTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 1:38pm PDT

    Would love to go!

  7. KayKayTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 1:44pm PDT

    looove christmas

  8. Janet Y.J. KongTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 1:46pm PDT

    Love the Circle Craft Christmas Market – great creations!

  9. nathalieTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 2:01pm PDT

    Love artists & craft fairs – buy local!

  10. CherylTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 2:13pm PDT

    The Circle Craft Christmas Market always help me get into the Christmas spirit.

  11. NadyaTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 3:11pm PDT

    I love this fair, they have the best jewelry vendors.

  12. WinnieTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 3:42pm PDT

    Love to start my Christmas shopping early at Circle Craft!

  13. HelenTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 3:54pm PDT

    Would love to win tickets for this. Thanks

  14. ChristinaTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 4:06pm PDT

    This is one of the best christmas craft shows in town.

  15. ShirleyTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 4:07pm PDT

    Can’t wait to see what the vendors are selling this year.

  16. MaryTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 4:25pm PDT

    This is a christmas tradition for me and my family!

  17. JenniferTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 4:49pm PDT

    I’ve never been but have always wanted to go! I’m already excited for the Christmas season to come and can’t wait til it’s here 🙂

  18. DebbieTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 5:56pm PDT

    A great place to start Xmas shopping!

  19. alidaveyTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 6:32pm PDT

    super excited to go!

  20. Michelle CTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 6:35pm PDT

    Great for holiday shopping!

  21. ChristinaTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 6:44pm PDT

    what a great way to start christmas!

  22. ConnieTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 7:05pm PDT

    I remember going here with my sister and we had no idea how huge it was! Absolutely enjoyed ourselves!

  23. bjhTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 7:14pm PDT

    Would love to take my mom!

  24. LindaTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 7:27pm PDT

    I love this show! I hope I win the tickets.

  25. GlendaTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 8:49pm PDT

    I attend every year. Great place to shop.

  26. AmandaTuesday, October 29th, 2013 — 11:22pm PDT

    Will be my first time attending this year! Looking forward to it!

  27. AmyWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 12:37am PDT

    I would like to go!

  28. SusanWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 10:56am PDT

    I can’t wait for this Market! It’s one of my favorites craft fairs. I can always find original and one of a kind gifts for my friends, family and me too 🙂

  29. ShirleyWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 11:39am PDT

    I would love to attend as I’ve never been. Thanks.

  30. MichelleWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 11:45am PDT

    I would love to check out the Circle Craft Christmas market and get an early start to my Christmas Shopping!

  31. GregWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 12:02pm PDT

    I want to send my wife, bank the brownie points!

  32. kristy hayterWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 12:05pm PDT

    Would love to take my mom she will be visiting me at this time.

  33. CaitlinWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 12:30pm PDT

    I’m taking my mom and my aunt this year!

  34. AmyWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 12:57pm PDT

    I’d like to visit the craft market!

  35. ColleenWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 4:43pm PDT

    Mom and I go every year. The start of our Christmas shopping.

  36. EmilyWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 8:20pm PDT

    would love to go!

  37. Elisabeth ForsaaWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 8:40pm PDT

    I love the Circle Craft Christmas Market… I once took the Greyhound from Whistler and back just to come see the market for the day… That’s a lot of bussing!

  38. JenniferWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 9:17pm PDT

    Always a great source for unique presents. Looking forward to it!

  39. EvelynWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 9:36pm PDT

    I love going to circle craft market with my mom and aunts each year! Great inspirations and great shopping!

  40. ZlataWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 9:42pm PDT

    I would love to go to this show and get Christmas presents.

  41. TanyaWednesday, October 30th, 2013 — 10:36pm PDT

    My best friend from the Okanagan comes to visit, and we make a weekend of it each year.

  42. TracyThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 12:00am PDT

    Love going to this event!

  43. DilaraThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 4:03am PDT

    I’ve been to this once, a few years ago and would love to check it out again.

  44. Tracy MartinThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 5:26am PDT

    Would love to take my sister. What a great contest. Thank you.

  45. KELLY BThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 7:56am PDT

    Last year was my first time and now I’m hooked!

  46. JenThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 10:47am PDT

    Can’t wait to take my family!

  47. SandraThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 11:34am PDT

    I love seeing the incredible talent and creativity at the Circle Craft Christmas Market every year. Just counting down the days until it starts this year.

  48. JulieThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 11:56am PDT

    Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon with my sisters 🙂 Pick me!

  49. LisaThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 3:17pm PDT

    Looks like fun.

  50. KarmThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 3:57pm PDT

    Perfect way to get a jump start on Christmas shopping…unique and local (and tasty) gifts.

  51. AnneThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 4:18pm PDT

    Love the market! Hunting for new earrings (again).

  52. KristaThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 9:00pm PDT

    I would love to take my daughter this year – thanks so much for the giveaway!

  53. Katherine LowThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 9:14pm PDT

    Will be a great time.

  54. AnaThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 10:09pm PDT

    I love the vibe and energy of Circle Craft– it always puts me in the holiday spirit!

  55. Anne GuagliardoThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 11:00pm PDT

    Xmas is all around us 🙂

  56. michael hThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 11:12pm PDT

    looking forward to this!

  57. KristenThursday, October 31st, 2013 — 11:52pm PDT

    Always wanted to go, hopefully this year will be my first time!

  58. Frank_ZFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 12:38am PDT

    would love to go there

  59. RenFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 1:00am PDT

    Was just thinking about this event today and really want to take my mom there! Free tickets would help a ton!

  60. JennyFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 2:53am PDT

    last year was the first time I went and it was awesome! would like some free tickets.

  61. Peter KhooFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 8:55am PDT

    havnt been in a while. I’d love to go this year!!

  62. WallyFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 9:09am PDT

    After reading the comments, it sounds like a good market to go to.

  63. KatieFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 10:53am PDT

    I’d like to take my mom!

  64. KathyFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 2:21pm PDT

    Santa Claus is coming to town !

  65. Teresa KFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 8:48pm PDT

    I’d love to win this.

  66. WendyFriday, November 1st, 2013 — 10:31pm PDT

    Circle Craft time is my favourite (besides Christmas)

  67. Kathryn T.Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 — 9:27am PDT

    Never been! Will be a first for me and mom

  68. BrendaSaturday, November 2nd, 2013 — 10:30am PDT

    The Circle Craft Christmas market is amazing,it is the start of the seasonal fairs,and shopping local for the
    holidays,would love to go again.So much to choose from,and see the artisan’s products.A very festive atmosphere,
    a great way to a day with a friend….shopping!

  69. Julie HSaturday, November 2nd, 2013 — 11:44am PDT

    Visiting from Melbourne and looking forward to checking it out!

  70. AlanaSaturday, November 2nd, 2013 — 3:51pm PDT

    I’ve never been to this before! Sure would love to bring my niece who will be in town from Edmonton!

  71. EricaSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 1:41am PDT

    Best place to pick up amazingly unique Christmas presents, and a little something for yourself as well!

  72. CorinnaSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 7:51am PST

    Really looking forward to going to this market! So many talented artists.

  73. Robyn EdmondsonSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 11:27am PST

    Dragging my husband along this year! Can’t wait.

  74. Tom McIllfaterickSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 11:36am PST

    Looking forward to this.

  75. DebbieSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 2:26pm PST

    Looking forward to shopping!

  76. AmandineSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 2:33pm PST

    Went last year and really a looking forward to going back this year! Great exhibitors.

  77. MaeSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 2:37pm PST

    Wow, pictures look great!

  78. AngelaSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 3:58pm PST

    Christmas shopping, crafts, cheese, and chocolate. Would love tickets to the show!

  79. MarcellaSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 8:47pm PST

    It’s an annual tradition for me and my fiance and a great way to start Christmas celebration!

  80. MagSunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 10:45pm PST

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  81. Brenda ASunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 11:19pm PST

    So many great vendors, would love to go!

  82. KateMonday, November 4th, 2013 — 8:51am PST

    Would love to win tickets please & thank you!

  83. MaryMonday, November 4th, 2013 — 9:25am PST

    Christmas tradition!

  84. SharleneMonday, November 4th, 2013 — 10:54am PST

    Love this market! My girlfriends and I go every year! This is neither here nor there but I bought a groupon a couple years back and was unable to use it…unlike most, it was “now or never” and so I didnt get to use the face value for a future market. It would make me so happy to win tickets this year!! Cheers Miss 604

  85. VuittonMonday, November 4th, 2013 — 11:38am PST

    I haven’t been able to make it in the past years but would love to attend this year with my friend!

  86. MarianneMonday, November 4th, 2013 — 11:49am PST

    Love Circle Craft, and I’d love to take my mama with me this year!

  87. Lee-Anne PeelSunday, November 17th, 2013 — 5:55am PST

    My humble beginings were almost 40 years ago at the Circle Craft Market at The Van. East Cultural Center!

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