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Friday, October 26th, 2012 — 9:39am PDT
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In honor of the new Vancouver Inspiration Pass offered by the Vancouver Public Library, I decided that this week’s collection of photos from the archives should have a tourism and attractions theme:

1904 – Hollow Tree in Stanley Park. VPL Number: 5.

1900s – View from Grouse Mountain. VPL Number 8128. Photographer: Philip Timms.

1905 – Vancouver Tourist Association. VPL Number: 5204.

1913 – Orpheum Theatre billboard. VPL Number: 7580. Photographer: Philip Timms.

1890s – Entrance to Stanley Park. VPL Number: 19796.

1922 – Exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium. VPL Number: 21349.

1930 – Capilano Canyon suspension bridge. VPL Number: 71351.

1931 – Vancouver Art Gallery. VPL Number: 10926. Photographer: Leonard Frank.

1960 – Parade in Chinatown. VPL Number: 79795B. Photographer: Don LeBlanc.

1965 & 1966 – Maritime Museum under construction. VPL Number: 40464A & 40459

1966 – Porpoise pool under construction at the aquarium. VPL Number: 42892.

View more photo collections from the Vancouver Archives and the Vancouver Public Library Archives online.

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  1. julia says:

    these are so cool!


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