Get Real Vancouver Wedding Photography Workshop

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Nordica Photography, friends of, have just announced that they are hosting a wedding photography workshop in November called “Get Real Vancouver“. With only 20 seats available, this exclusive event has a very high value for those serious about improving their photography and their business through discussions about motivation and creativity. They’ll also cover everything about running a wedding photography business, from editing to websites and SEO.

From Above
John & Me. Photo by Nordica Photography

The two-day immersive workshop will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm on November 6th and 7th, 2012 at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver with guest speakers Fer Juaristi and Nirav Patel, along with hosts Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography.

Why host an event for wedding photographers in a competitive market like Vancouver? Cole and Jakob told me that by making the industry stronger, everyone will benefit. “There are no shortcuts in photography. That’s for sure, and no workshop on earth is going to give you what you need to turnaround your business overnight.”

“We learned early with Nordica that artistic entrepreneurs will move their business forward much faster if they focus on cooperation rather than competition, which is why hosting an event like this makes total sense to us. We’re thinking big though with Get Real, and this is the first of many we have planned in other parts of the world.”


Tickets are currently available for Get Real Vancouver and you can follow @NordicaPhoto on Twitter for more information. Browse the Nordica Photography blog and stories page as well to check out their dreamy portfolio.

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