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Healthy Families BC

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 — 1:05pm PDT
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Healthy Families BC, an initiative from the Province of British Columbia, has launched a campaign recently to promote health and wellness in BC families.

Healthy Families BCWith the kids heading back to school and the rain inevitably moving in, their website hopes to provide resources and education when it comes to staying active and eating right at work, at school, and in the community.

Healthy Families is a readily accessible resource to help families eat healthy and live well. They host online communities on Twitter @healthyfamilybc, YouTube, and on Facebook to help BC citizens make informed and positive lifestyle choices.

Healthy Families BC offers everything from stories on nutrition from registered dietitians to healthy recipes. Check out their Healthy Eating, Healthy Start, Healthy Communities, and Healthy Lifestyles guides.

Growing up, our summertime activities came after breakfast when we’d wave goodbye to our mother and “go out and play” in the yard until the streetlights came on at dusk. Biking, rollerblading, yard games (like ‘Kick the Can’), badminton, frisbee, tag (especially of the ‘freeze’ or ‘cartoon’ variety), and more kept us going for hours. We’d also go camping as a family and that always included long hikes (although my mother always stayed behind in the car, on the lookout for bears).

Lex and Eth

To help raise awareness for this initiative, Healthy Families BC has offered up a $250 Lululemon gift card to one of my readers so they can get active, in style. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post about how you (and/or the kids) keep active once the school year starts. Organized sports, family outings, etc. (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win a $250 Lululemon gift card from @HealthyFamilyBC & @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries received (with the Twitter text and comments on this post) next Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 11:00am. The contest is open to all residents of BC.

    Update The winner is Ginger Gervais (@mumofthreebc)!


    1. Christine says:

      My family likes to have dance parties. We put on some music and dance around the living room!

    2. James says:

      My Kids need some new school clothes! Please!

    3. Amanda says:

      I play club netball and workout 5 days a week at Steve Nash! ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. James says:

      We love going on hikes in the mountians and look for the hidden waterfalls.

    5. Holly says:

      I take my four-year-old and her baby sister to postnatal fitness classes with me. My daughter sees me exercising and often joins in with glee!

    6. Amy says:

      An outing to the dog park is always fun and that way the entire family gets to have some fun and exercise.

    7. Marc says:

      Once school starts we have many things we like to do. Fall boating around the howe sound , Hiking in Lions Bay during September-October and then finaly November rolls around and we are up at whistler as often as we can be. Both kids trinity 10 and Tosh 8 are enrolled in Ski School for the 4th year in a row up there which gives The wife and Myself some time to Ride just the two of us. Because they only take one day of the weekend in ski school that gives us another day to ride as a family . Our favorite spots are Million Dollar Ridge ON whistler and the Outer Limits( burned tree’s ) on blackcomb


    8. Erin says:

      We go bowling at least once a week, and go for walks after dinner!

    9. Stacy says:

      We like to go for walks. Around the block, around town, on the dykes, in local park. Wherever we can get out and enjoy nature and each other.

    10. Nat says:

      Rain gear and headlamps. Start of the school year = rain is about to start and the days are getting shorter short. These essentials make outdoor activities doable in the short, gloomy months.

    11. kylieC says:

      We enjoy our after-dinner walk with kids. That’s part of our family time / activity we do regularly.

    12. melissa says:

      My son plays fall soccer with Peace Arch Soccer club, mostly in the cold and rain. The boys looooove it regardless.

    13. Brenda says:

      Walks are always great!

    14. Jen says:

      Lots of hiking and rain walks, soccer, gymnastics, swimming.

    15. tim says:

      stay fit by running with work people, playing ice hockey, walking around downtown. love the outdoors… hate the rain.

    16. melissa says:

      My son plays fall soccer for the Peach Arch SC in the cold and rain. The boys loooove it regardless!

    17. Jenny says:

      Try to use stairs instead of elevators, use Wii Sport!

    18. Hayley says:

      hockey starts again in fall! Best way to keep myself in shape, even if I feel like puking the first week back

    19. Tomasz says:

      Leave the car at home and bike to nearby places. Great to keep those legs going!

    20. Richie says:

      An after dinner walk is always nice, or we like to go swimming.

    21. Rebecca says:

      Walking the dog multiple times a day is great! Get a terrier, he/she will keep you active!

    22. Kat says:

      Life is pretty active with a 28 month here full time…lots of play time both inside and out in the large back yard. Oma gets some exercise too running after such a going concern!

    23. A.J. says:

      This year I’m going to try biking to work. I don’t know why I didn’t start doing it sooner actually!

    24. Rachel says:

      After dinner walks around the neighborhood!

    25. Christine says:

      Swimming a few times a week and going for walks in the evening or to the park! ๐Ÿ™‚

    26. Mandy says:

      Play and coach soccer!!

    27. Marlis says:

      walking the dog and yoga.

    28. Heather Beaumont says:

      Our family will go for long walks with our black lab puppy and all of my girls play soccer.

    29. Dana says:

      we like to stay active by going on family walks and to indoor play places when the weather is miserable!

    30. Mich says:

      My preschooler and I chase the soccer ball around! Plus we have dance parties and break out the yoga poses from time to time!

    31. Heather says:

      We enjoy walking and running on our local trails and I often take fitness classes at my local rec centre.

    32. Kelly says:

      I run around my local golf course everyday and try to stay off the junk food

    33. Rob says:

      I Kiteboard until the sun subsides then I hit the slopes when they open. When work keeps me from these, I hit the gym in my building.

    34. Mom604 says:

      Although I was on constant ‘bear patrol’ when we went camping, (this mother bear will still do anything to protect her cubs!) I stayed behind in the van to read, and to be able to pick up the weak ones at the end of the trail to bring them back, if needs be ๐Ÿ™‚ I was really not and still am not an outdoors person, but I tried.

    35. cheryl says:

      I used to play hockey but can no longer afford it and since returning to university I would like to join a roller derby team

    36. Anisha says:

      I take pilates classes with my mom at a local studio.

    37. Naomi says:

      We like to walk to and from daycare, rain, snow or shine. We ride our bikes year round, register kids in swimming, gymnastics and mini rugby. We also big fans of running and jumping in puddles!! Oh and winter isn’t winter without hitting the slopes!

    38. Tiffany says:

      I work out 3-4 times a week with weights to promote bone and muscle growth. I walk to work.

    39. Karen C says:

      My mom and I always make sure to spend 30 mins each day to go to the gym that’s in our apartment.

    40. Alex says:

      Riding bikes, going for walks, playing in the backyard, etc.

    41. Chrysta says:

      My boys start soccer in September, my husband plays badminton and I do fitness classes although we are thinking of joining a Martial Arts club as a family. Also we are training for the Victoria Half-Marathon. We love to sweat!!!

    42. Lindsey says:

      Biking to school while the weather is still good; hot yoga to counteract the cold temperatures and trick myself into believing it’s still summer; laughing with friends while we attempt ridiculous at-home-workout videos; relaxing walks in the rain (hey, at least it’s not snow); and, of course, sprinting to make it to class on time ๐Ÿ™‚

    43. Sunshine G says:

      Long walks outside before it gets too chilly, and skiing once the winter hits.

    44. Brenda says:

      My kids are teens now, but as they were growing up, we spent a huge amount of time in the woods, building forts, making crazy thorn crowns, hiking, climbing trees, and generally just knowing our wild BC backyard. The woods are wonderful for imaginative kids – they can see elves and orks that we can’t! Teach them wilderness survival, the plants and trees of our coast, and make little nature kids out of them – it’s a gift they will have forever!

    45. klara says:

      We head to the swimming pool once a week and if the rain really keeps us inside we have “stair races” (our 3 year old is a champ) or just jump on the bed. :)))

    46. vicky says:

      I don’t have kids but I do have nieces and nefews, I love hanging with them, taking them hiking, snowboarding etc…this fall I am going to take them up the Grouse Grind, they’ll either love or hate it…hope they’re up for the challenge!!

    47. Kathy says:

      I like walking around everywhere. Sometimes I’d rather take transit than drive for the exercise. I’m thinking of trying kickboxing soon. If I have kids, I would play basketball, soccer and go swimming with them.

    48. Denise says:

      We keep fit by walking forth and back between school and home. I sometimes send the kids on extra errands on the way.

    49. I run with my boyfriend down on Kits beach and once a week do yoga with my friend.

    50. Paulina says:

      Camping, yoga, and runs galore!

    51. Amanda says:

      simple steps like walking or biking to school everyday whenever possible =)

    52. Sanaz says:

      Yoga mostly

    53. Andy C. says:

      Like to go for a run every so often.

    54. Jenn K says:

      A walk around the neighbourhood every weeknight, and bike rides and hikes on the weekends.

    55. Margaret says:

      We play volleyball twice a week at the richmon Olympic ova, go workout there as well. And we go play some tennis.

    56. Walking…it’s easy and it’s free

    57. Sharon says:

      I walk everywhere…both for fitness and for lack of a car as a starving student!

    58. Jeff says:

      I’ve been actively hiking this summer and plan on continuing.

    59. Anne says:

      Working in the garden, walking the dogs and the elliptical.

    60. Sandra says:

      We plan family picnics at the park as often as possible and play badminton. It’s a great workout!

    61. J says:

      lots of walks.

    62. Reen says:

      I take a class, like salsa, tae-kwon do or singing. That way I learn something and make sure I get out of the house and do something active at least once a week.

    63. Katie says:

      We love going hiking.

    64. Donna L says:

      I like to play DDR! Dance Dance Revolution oh yeah!

    65. Cliff says:

      I enjoy rock climbing

    66. Cliff says:

      I enjoy rock climbing

    67. Brenda says:

      I like to go for walks

    68. Darcy says:

      Always walking…

    69. Vanessa Lee says:

      Going for walks and doing some yoga! ๐Ÿ™‚

    70. carly says:

      I take weekly dance classes and go swimming!

    71. C Wilson says:

      My girls and I do a lot of walking as we live right by a large series of walking trails with a creek waterfalls etc…very pretty!

    72. The kids and I stay active once the school year starts by walking to and from school, with their 2 younger siblings…Usually taking the nature trail on the way home, which does take a little longer but its worth it…especially in the fall ๐Ÿ™‚ Also time for bike riding on those cooler days when the sun is not beating down on you!!

    73. Don McQueen says:

      I could use some new, fashionable workout wear!

    74. Henry says:

      I go to the gym five times a week and train doing a mix of strength conditioning, cardio, and stretching. On weekends, I sometimes go bike riding.

    75. Tintin says:

      My kids and I like to go out for walks after dinner. We do this all year round…helps my kids to stay fit while they’re in school.

    76. Sylvia says:

      I like to do aqua aerobics during the fall season.

    77. Ursula says:

      Walking and swimming.

    78. Katie says:

      Park dates and beach days

    79. Deidre says:

      We walk a lot – our dog is a great motivation and so it the scenery around Burnaby’s lakes!

    80. Jas says:

      Nothing like a run to clear the mind!

    81. Brenda says:

      I try to take a dance class with my mom at least once a week!

    82. Caitlyn says:

      I try to run once a week on the local trails, since we live in such a beautiful city!

    83. liz says:

      We like to take long walks at Queen E Park and play frisbee after.My 3 kids love to be outdoors.

    84. Patricia says:

      Running, running, running

    85. Kate says:

      Running in the early evening, the occasional gym session and yoga.

    86. Eliza says:

      I have a toddler. Isn’t that considered enough exercise?

    87. Shannon says:

      I’ve been doing morning boot camps, lunch time rock climbing, night fitness classes, and weekend hot yoga.
      I intend to keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    88. Linda says:

      I use the gym at work during my lunch break.

    89. Jen says:

      So far lots of mom & baby bootcamp. And this prize would be pretty fantastic, considering my current workout pants are getting awfully worn-out!

    90. Glen says:

      I like to mix it up, hike when I can, bike occasionally, golf when weather permits, and when all else fails I don my runners and hit my treadmill for a few miles.

    91. Anne says:

      Walking in the woods.

    92. Cheryl says:

      We make sure we limit TV time to encourage play time and healthy activities, and we go on lots of family walks on weekends.

    93. Roger says:

      I like to bike or rollerblade to the gym.

    94. E. Tang says:

      Organized classes like pilates or yoga

    95. Sherry says:

      My son & I are using EA Sports on the Wii and trying to cut down our junk food. It helps to have him doing it with me. He has more self discipline than I do.

    96. Heidi says:

      Walk as much as possible

    97. ann says:

      Swimming on weekends are a great way to during cold fall days to stay active and stay warm. Playing Wii is great also!

    98. Tricia says:

      Organize hiking trips with my friends on the weekend! Lots of great places in Vancouver

    99. Navpreet says:

      We(family) go for walks around the neighbourhood every night.

    100. Erica says:

      Hiking and yoga!

    101. vaNESSA says:

      love lulu lemonn

    102. Maria says:

      Every September we organize a neighbourhood ‘walking’ school bus to get to and from school. This helps keep the kids and the parents fit.

    103. Kevin says:

      Dodgeball, ultimate, running, and I think I will start adding in some weight training this fall.

    104. Vanessa says:

      Walk to school instead of driving

    105. Tanya says:

      My family and I love hiking the grouse grind together.
      On a daily basis we take walks to the grocery store and carry back heavy loads instead of driving. That way, we get a great work out as well!

    106. jaci says:

      We always try and get outdoors! I love hiking and I loooooove camping. The fresh air is all a person needs to relax

    107. Andrew says:

      Once the school year starts I take my niece and nephew curling. The season lasts from mid-Sept. to late March and it’s a great sport to help them learn teamwork and cooperation.

    108. Nicole says:

      i’m taking up zumba and yoga to stay fit when school year starts!

    109. tania says:

      Kids have joined a soccer club and dance. Walking to and from school is a great way to get out there.

    110. rino says:


    111. Nicole says:

      Yoga and hiking!

    112. Andre says:

      Yoga in hot yoga pants!

    113. Megan says:

      Walking, biking, and going for hikes!

    114. laura says:

      yoga! indoors or outdoors – can be done anywhere!

    115. Chris says:

      Chasing my dog ๐Ÿ˜‰

    116. Laura E. says:

      Good old hiking, biking and Wii fit!

    117. lindawwww says:

      I go on a brisk walk as often as I can.

    118. Bernadette says:

      Once school starts, right after dinner being a single mom, my son and I go for our walk along the trail for half an hour which is down the street from our place. It gives us a chance to spend quality time, enjoy great conversation, stay close with what’s going on in his life and also gives us great exercise.

    119. I make sure to get back into the swing of things every fall and set healthy exercise and eating goals for the new quarter. It’s easy to get off track throughout the summer, but there is something revitalizing about fall! I go to Barre Fitness and YYoga — ensuring that I maintain a routine, and then mix up my exercise with local eats from farmers and organic markets.

    120. Natalie says:

      Lacking the kid thing, but I definitely love starting up my yoga and walking the seawall during the fall. I love the smell!

    121. Renee says:

      We like to go grocery shopping as excercise!

    122. Jane says:

      Community centre sport classes for my daughter and lots of walks and fitness classes for mom!

    123. Lorne says:

      We love walking the dog, swimming and camping!!

    124. Chris Slater says:

      These activities sound like my childhood too. I approve.

    125. Jaime says:

      My family stays healthy by going to the soccer field and kicking the ball around… Rain or shine!

    126. Tom says:

      Running clinics keep us accountable

    127. Arielle says:

      Once school starts and the dog days of summer are over I kick it into high gear. Out goes the long evenings on the patio with a cold beer and in comes yoga class, hitting the gym and snowboarding (once the white stuff falls).

    128. Tracy says:

      Karate and swimming

    129. bev k says:

      my older son and i walk with my 9 month old everyday after dinner, he also plays on every sport team offered at school, and plays on a hockey team, as well as family visits to the skating arena

    130. Lara says:

      My daughter and I walk to and from school to ensure she gets some exercise outside of school (also lots of quality time!)

    131. Shaylene says:

      I try and walk to as many places as possible. Plus when I’m school, I’m carrying a big heavy backpack at the same time!

    132. Jee says:

      Bootcamp classes in the a.m. and running in the p.m. ๐Ÿ™‚

    133. Elaine says:

      We ride our bikes to work/school as well as going to yoga and fencing classes during the week

    134. Laura says:

      we love to go walking everynight and watch the sunset!

    135. Lloyd says:

      We keep active by playing soccer and bike riding.

    136. Megan says:

      Walk everywhere and play with my sweet niece as often as I can.

    137. I started with a personal trainer this week….seems like the only way I will be able to handle going out in the rain in the dark fall evenings to workout….that extra person pushing me should help!

    138. Michelle says:

      I’ll be joining boot camp and returning to yoga classes ๐Ÿ™‚

    139. stephanie says:

      I play a lot of tennis, go hiking, and I hit up the gym on campus!

    140. Lindsay says:

      Riding bikes on the sea wall.

    141. HarjitCh says:

      Zumba! It gets my heart rate going, my sweat glands working and my body moving.

    142. Marianna says:

      I joined a 3-day/ week bootcamp to help me stay on track during my fall semester!

    143. Sarah says:

      My family always went on weekend hikes to the mountains together. A healthy picnic was always included.

    144. Dana says:

      I enjoy hiking, which is still enjoyable in the fall as the weather cools.

    145. Kelli says:

      Hiking and walking the dog are my favourites!

    146. Alessa says:

      Walks along kits beach and hockey!

    147. Lindsay says:

      To make sure we are an active family once school has started we have registered for swimming lessons, do no TV after dinner and makesure we do one active game every night!

    148. Larissa R says:

      I’m expecting our first baby in 2 weeks, so junior and I will be taking lots of long walks together!

    149. Emma says:

      I’ve started going to classes at the YMCA after work.

    150. Monia says:

      What would I do with this $250 gift certificate? I can keep if for myself, but I would like to have as many women as possible enjoying it as well… like the women from the “downtown eastside women’s centre”.

    151. Holly says:

      Lots and Lots of walking! End the workday off right with a nice walk.

    152. Bryer says:

      I participate in yoga, and pilates, at the YMCa 4 times a week, play on a fall (from september 11-november 11) co-ed softball team and once the snow comes, I spend the weekends snowboarding at the local hill.

    153. Alicia says:

      I go to the gym year round, but try to take extra fitness classes to make up for the lack of outdoor sports!

    154. Lou says:

      would love to win! I go to the gym more, or walk outside a lot

    155. Ali says:

      Gym classes

    156. Jen says:

      We struggle with this a lot – as two full-time working parents with long commutes, it’s tough to find the time and energy for exercise at the end of the day. But we try to fit in activities where we can, and especially on the weekends – bike rides, walks to the river nearby, playground visits, etc.

    157. Jennifer says:

      Walk around the neighbourhood after dinner.

    158. Mandy says:

      We fit by playing family soccer games and walking atleast once a week to the grocery store.

    159. Lauren says:

      Walking after dinner

    160. Audrey says:

      I play volleyball and dodgeball on a rec team.

    161. Joanne says:

      My 5 yr old daughter and I have taken up a whole new healthy lifestyle.

      We do yoga together as well as go for bike rides by the beach. She is the biggest motivator and the reason I lace up those shoes on the days I’d rather not go. Looking at taking up skiing this winter also. It’ll be a first for us both!

    162. Stephanie says:

      Running down to the beach.

    163. lori says:

      Lacrosse, and lots of elliptical or workout videos.

    164. Linda says:

      Walking in the neighbourhood in Vancouver or along the ocean in Birch Bay, Running, Roller Blading and Hockey

    165. Marie says:

      I walk my dog every evening in our nearby park.

    166. Laura says:

      I just joined a bootcamp. After being inactive for a few years it’s nice to get back into it. I’ve been wanting to visit Lulu Lemon for a few weeks to stock up on some great workout clothes, as all I have are a pair of pants that works for me.
      Thanks for having this giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

    167. Duncan Stephen says:

      My wife would love this!

    168. maria says:

      By going for walks and bike rides before it gets super cold and dark. After that indoor swimming.

    169. Helen says:

      Dance, karate, yoga, Stanley Park seawall and trips to the local park.

    170. Elysia says:

      Vinyasa power yoga every week is a must

    171. Mae says:

      Power walks around the neighbourhood (unless it is rainy) and walking whenever possible (over driving or taking transit).

    172. Jenny N says:

      Its harder when school starts since I have to get up early to get to classes but I try to do a short workout in the mornings. It also wakes me up for the day.

    173. Vivian says:

      Lots of walks around the seawall after dinner (I secretly love going out for a walk in cold weather, all bundled up. Can’t wait!) I also plan on playing Ultimate frisbee in a league during the fall and winter.

    174. Suzan says:

      My family likes walking together in the field close to our home, me and my husband walk and the kids ride their bikes, also we all go to indoor swimming during winter time.

    175. belinda says:

      My family has actively put together a plan to eat healthy, all wear pedometers and compete with eachother to see who walk the most everyday to stay healthy.

    176. Julia says:

      Love to walk the dog and hike along the park trails.

    177. Vince says:

      I enjoy walking around our beautiful parks and lakes with my family – we also like the rec centres for family fun and swimming!

    178. Samantha says:

      I walk up and down the stairs at work.

    179. Karina Eva says:

      As a busy mom I can give all the excuses possibles not to keep active but as a mom too I have learned to get creative when kids are around and what I do to keep active is put my baby on a sling, get the other one involved into dancing and off we go having a few fun evenings to dance some zumba; fun, entertaining and we can include everyone. Once in a while we make a trip to the park, the baby, my older girl and sometimes we even bring the dog with us, a bit challenging but at least we all get some fresh air, some sun(in the summer) and a stretch.

    180. I am able to get back to my regular routine at the gym. We are also about to get a dog which will keep me outide and active for sure!!

    181. Jennifer says:

      Lots of walks and yoga.

    182. Tessa says:

      We go hiking with the kids and dogs in the park trails around us. We also go swimming at our apartment pool

    183. Chelsea says:

      I walk to and from college and bike everywhere else. At school I take 4 dance classes and yoga to keep in top shape even when I’m super busy with homework. ๐Ÿ™‚ fitness is life!

    184. Jen por says:

      We like to go running/walking for the turkey trot!

    185. Teresa says:

      I go to the gym.

    186. Maria K says:

      Exercising with a buddy! May it be indoor cycling, swimming, or tandem gym workout.

    187. Jen says:

      We do family walks, cook meals together and learn about healthy living ๐Ÿ™‚

    188. Jeremy says:

      Lots of swimming, walking and eating the stuff from our garden we grew!

    189. Tracy says:

      Kickboxing and walking around the neighbourhood after dinner.

    190. Michelle W. says:

      Hockey! Sport of choice since I was 7 years old!

    191. Doug says:

      Walking to school; walking to the grocery store; walking to their buddies; walking; walking; walking

    192. Julia says:

      Going hiking and also walking along the seawall

    193. Scott says:

      Cancelling our cable TV so we are forced to go to gym and getting outside more for hiking, cycling, etc.

    194. Helen says:

      My son played hockey for 6 years which was a great workout a few times a week. My daughter tried lots of different things like dance, skating, swimming. I always tried to do something active with them on weekends like bike riding or swimming.

    195. Alysha says:

      The gym at UBC and the UBC Yoga Club!

    196. gail whitworth says:

      we bike, walk, go to the gym and try to exercise at least 1 hour per day.

    197. Carol says:

      I walk as much as I possibly can, every chance I get.

    198. Cait says:

      We make sure to walk the dogs together every day.

    199. Tamikko Gordin says:

      I’ve decided that the best way is for us all to go for a walk (or play a game, bike ride etc) right after school. That way it’s consistent and there’s no forgetting when and where to do it.

    200. Katie says:

      I play both floor hockey and soccer during my school year, and I’m going to start going to the gym at school to kill time between classes. I hope I win! I need some new clothes.

    201. Sharon says:

      I keep active by running, stretching and having solo dance parties in my room! ๐Ÿ™‚

    202. Rikushix says:

      I get out to the YMCA at least twice a week, and I love biking around Vancouver asides ๐Ÿ™‚ Just yesterday biked from the Convention Center through Coal Harbour and around Stanley Park and back!

    203. Bekki says:

      I’m hoping to go out for walks more often, now that the school schedule has started.

    204. Jen says:

      I go to the gym every morning before work and try to walk the dog every day when I get home from work.

    205. Noelle says:

      Skating – iceskates, rollerblades and (for Mom) quad skates! Family/friend bike rides on weekends!

    206. Jessica says:

      I keep active with exercise videos, walking around Mill Lake & doing yoga at the Rec. Centre!

    207. Michelle says:

      We like to walk to and from school as well playing tag/hide n seek at the park..

    208. Jaclyn says:

      Stroller bootcamp, lots of hikes (even in the rain!!), and walks to The Drive or anywhere else we need to be (even downtown), teach our wee one not only that it’s great to be active as much as possible, but you get to see a lot of new and neat things that you would miss, while on a mad dash in the car!

    209. Christine says:

      My daughters would like to join ballet and kung fu also going for walks after dinner

    210. Winnie says:

      I’m going to try to keep up with the fitness routines I learned from bootcamp this summer!

    211. Kira says:

      We head out our door and into the forrest and hike up into the valley!

    212. James says:

      We go on walks with the dogs & go to the gym

    213. Dennis Sato says:

      Hockey everyday! And dancing for my daughter.
      We actually wait for the moments we can relax lol!

    214. Mika says:

      After-dinner walks!

    215. Lindsay says:

      Once school season hits the weather isn’t as nice so I tend to do aquafit indoors, the gym and as much yoga/spin as I can schedule in.

    216. maria says:

      i have some health issues that hinder me some, so im lucky to have a teen daughter and two nieces that make sure i am mobile. we take leisurely strolls with the dog….. and go to the pool where they make water exercising fun… they also enjoy doing wii fit with me.

    217. Lia says:

      My nephews and nieces are all pretty active. Depending on the weather, we do a variety of activities including indoor rock-climbing (I am a certified belayer), swimming, and hiking. My nephews are both into sports (wrestling, basketball, jiu jitsu) and regular gym workouts. My nieces love biking and being outdoors.

    218. Nicole says:

      I bike to work (10 minutes each way), walk to pick up the kids I look after from school 5 days a week (30 minutes each way) and run 3 evenings a week, usually about 6kms!

    219. KC says:

      September is a great time to adjust routines and start new things. New workout gear would be a great addition!

    220. Chris says:

      Enforce the thirty minute rule. If you can walk there in thirty minutes or less, you have to walk. You’d be surprised how far you can walk in thirty minutes.

    221. Jen says:

      With two boys (9 & 11) in lacrosse all year, the challenge is not keeping them active, it’s varying their activities. We do this with bike rides, hikes, and more. As fall begins, we focus on some indoor activities like swimming and basketball at our local rec centers. Mostly, though, we try o set a good example by being fit and strong ourselves.

    222. Aggie says:

      Hiking, walking everywhere, and dancing when the mood strikes.

    223. Cleo says:

      I walk and run with my dog before and after school. This keeps both of us active. I attend dance lessons twice a week too ๐Ÿ™‚

    224. Sandy says:

      bike rides and runs in the rain; kayaking and paddleboarding; and xbox kinect!

    225. Michelle says:

      Hiking!! The grouse grind is always a great way way to spend the day out of the city!

    226. Alicia says:

      Lots of indoor sports!

    227. Jenn says:

      My 5 y/o is starting kindergarten & gymnastics next week, and while she’s in school, I plan on taking my 2 y/o for a run in the stroller along the sea wall. We also try and get lots of playtime in at local parks, and love dancing together at home!

    228. Vincent says:

      i dragon boat and do flatwater around 3 times a week. and i workout twice a week. XD love it!

    229. john says:

      play hockey, ref, hit the gym, grouse grind, and run

    230. Tanya says:

      Keeping up with my 2 year old border collie! – walking, biking, running, hiking!

    231. Peggy says:

      We mix it up, biking, dancing, hiking!!!

    232. kelsey says:

      i go out and walk the dog!

    233. Ari says:

      I make myself go running three times a week. It gets easier every time!

    234. Tracy says:

      i do yoga and/or the gym 3x/week

    235. Ashley says:

      I keep healthy by taking advantage of the gym up on campus! Free membership for students…how could i not?!

    236. Alysha Rohla says:

      My family stays very active once the school year starts. We play on soccer teams, go on hikes and go skiing up at whistler often! Me and my mom will also do classes together here and there like spinning, kickbox cardio and yoga.

    237. Tracy says:

      Yoga and cycling continue, and shortly curling starts!

    238. I stayed active by playing team sports as a kid. I was on the volleyball team, baseball team and played hockey 6-7 months of the year!

    239. Eileen H. says:

      Shorter days means less time to exercise, so we get in walks (a few days a week) before breakfast and almost always after dinner.

    240. Amber says:

      We keep active by swimming, snowboarding, skating, soccer, and rollerblading.

    241. Cam says:

      Starting Blues Dance classes at the Yale (Mondays).

    242. Trish says:

      My husband and I keep eachother motivated by having gym “dates” and dancing around our kitchen!

    243. We are a very active family! Daughter is a dancer/dance teacher. Son is a goalie for minor hockey and basketball player for his high school and husband and I workout 4 days a week with yoga in between! Phew! Tired just writing this!

    244. Stephanie says:

      I own a competitive cheer/tumbling program so all yhe kids take cheer/tumbling in addition to, soccer, basketball & swimming from Sept-May. Each child at least 7hrs a week of great active sports!

    245. Adrian says:

      We put our girls in ballet & soccer. They love it!

    246. Mindy says:

      I run in the mornings 4 times a week with some weight training as well. Loving the active life style! ๐Ÿ™‚

    247. Stewart Rogers says:

      I bike to work and play indoor soccer.

    248. Erin says:

      I keep fit by running 6 days a week with 3 days strength training!

    249. Christina says:

      My gym is starting a 3 month long
      daily challenge next week. Nothing like little stickers next to your name to keep you motivated!!

    250. Karen says:

      We walk our dogs and the kids love dancing around the living room while I clean the house (which can be a workout cleaning up after 7 people)

    251. Lawrence says:

      our household designates Sunday afternoon as family time to go out and do something active together for a few hours

    252. Jeanie says:

      Bike everywhere. By the way, love the new website look!

    253. Caitlin says:

      My mom and I were in a car accident together and spent hours at physio so now to fill that time we enjoy walks outside in the fresh air!

    254. will says:

      i do the grouse grind

    255. Mel says:

      Outdoor bootcamp 3x’s/week!

    256. glenno says:

      i know how the name lu-lu-lemon started!!!!hahahahahaha sorry chip

    257. Val says:

      Nothing beats a long walk. One of my favourite September activities.

    258. mandy says:

      Hiking and working out at the gym!

    259. Carrie says:

      I’ll get back into a few different dance classes. Getting some great exercise while tap dancing?! Yup..a prescription for fun!! I also love getting out for walks around Van.

    260. Shannon says:

      We keep active by taking our dog for a walk 3-4 times a day, instead of just letting him out in the backyard to do his business.

      Keeps us active, and is a great break from all the other stuff that goes on in the house

    261. Veronica says:

      Hikes and walks!!

    262. Kim says:

      To stay active, we have family soccer games in the backyard after dinner. It’s usually “boys against girls” — my husband and son against me and our two daughters. Lots of fun and laughs, along with a few goal disputes!

    263. Yvonne says:

      My main activity is yoga (and I adore lululemon). I used to love running, but sadly can’t anyone. In the summer I also bike whenever possible, and hike on the weekends. In the winter I enjoy snowshoeing.

    264. Serena Debolt says:

      Soccer in the fall and hockey in the winter keeps the kids active here ๐Ÿ™‚

    265. Robyn says:

      My daughters highland dance all year, plus one is an equestrian and the other a springboard diver. Add regular family bike rides to that, and we are a busy and active family!

    266. mary says:

      ride my bike to places

    267. Muckymoo says:

      Our family keeps active by going for walks together with the dog. My husband loves to bike and my daughters play soccer.

    268. Alex says:

      My wife and I have a 14 month old child who is just going into full time daycare now, so we are going to have to learn how to be active all over again. We currently do a lot of walking and playing with our child, but we plan to get move involved with hiking and soccer when she gets a little older!

    269. Sandra says:

      I run on the seawall during my lunch-hours 3 times/week, and run with my pooch and my husband on the weekends!

    270. victor says:

      i keep active by running to work every morning!

    271. Lindsay says:

      I was just browsing the lululemon in BAnff and wishing I had some items to lure myself into worknig out more. I’d love to get out more in the rain and run outdoors..but I’m a wuss with no proper gear.

    272. Tracy says:

      once school begins, our schedule gets real busy. we try to stay active by enjoying walks around the neighbourhood after dinner.

    273. Daryl says:

      Organized sports, hockey and soccer along with school team sports

    274. Candice says:

      My baby daughter and I go for a walk everyday. Next week we are starting Stroller Fitness and Mom and Baby yoga. As a swim instructor I plan to take her into the pool at least once a week when she is older.

    275. Daphne says:

      Hiking and walking around the neighbourhood is a great way to keep the family fit and active.

    276. robyn says:

      i love to do yoga and take ballet classes – which lululemon wear is perfect for!

    277. Brenda says:

      I love to walk with my dog. Fav spot: around Deer Lake.

    278. Michael Kwan says:

      Anything that’s within walking distance of my place, I try to use my feet rather than the car. Also good for the fresh air, if nothing else.

    279. Brad says:

      Starting to learn how to swim so that I can compete in my first Triathlon!

    280. Carly says:

      Walks after dinner and school sports.

    281. Cheryl says:

      Walking the dog when the weather is good and the gym when it’s raining.

    282. mjgalvani says:

      I go on runs and hikes, and I help lead in a branch of the SunRun inTraining program.

    283. Elysia says:

      We would go on hikes or walks around the neighbourhood every night

    284. Gladys says:

      Bi-weekly (or more) visits to the yoga studio sub-in for outdoor activities once it gets cold/gloomy outside.

    285. James says:

      Once fall starts to roll around I switch from volleyball and soccer to yoga and squash. Great for keeping in shape in the rainy months!

    286. We are one of those crazy carless downtown families…which means we walk everywhere! Such a great way to include activity in each day.

    287. Kim says:

      The kid and I head out after school to shoot some hoops or get bendy with yoga. On the weekends, we hop in the car early, stop at Fratelli’s for a coffee and croissant, and then burn it off at the local mountains. Enjoying BC’s finest!!

    288. Denise says:

      My children play ice hockey and football. I ride my road bike. We all ski through the winter. twitter @denisebrownwhis

    289. Tracey C says:

      We just moved to a new place and the one thing that I made sure was that we lived close to rec centre. This allows to get out and enjoy many things like basketball, disk golf, tennis {learning =)} and our latest thing to do as a family is geocaching. We’re still very new at it but wow is it exciting and a great way of getting out and enjoy time as a family.

    290. Jaime says:

      Walking my dog! Having a wee buddy who needs to visit the outdoors multiple times a day is motivation to keep up the activity.

    291. Grace says:

      i play badminton, & try my best to walk everywhere!

    292. We take long walks along the boardwalk in New West and play speedminton in the park.

    293. Alexandra H says:

      There is nothing greater than a long walk in the cool Fall weather. Hikes in Whistler to look at all the Fall leaves are always fun… You’re sure to spot a bear too! Also, bike rides on the sea wall. I do my best to get to more hot yoga classes at the various YYoga locations too now that the weather has cooled down! (Not that it even got that warm this Summer!) And you’ll always see me doing these activities in Lululemon; it’s breathability and durability is unrivaled.

      Thanks Miss. 604 ๐Ÿ™‚

    294. Will says:

      Indoor rock climbing once a week, hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

    295. Steve says:

      I don’t have a family of my own, but once school comes back into session, I spent a lot of my time at the local YMCA working with children of all ages. I like to plan events like “party in the park” that allow families from all around the neighborhood to come together and enjoy fun and games.


    296. Amanda says:

      My partner and I both have a tendency towards depression, so this Fall we’ve made a pact/plan to get as much fresh air and exercise as possible. Started with a bike ride in the sun the other day and I went to the gym for the first time EVER this evening. And you know what? Not so bad!

    297. Jude says:

      Walking to and from school! Great way to start the day and a wonderful opportunity to talk without distractions.

    298. RG says:

      Living room dance parties and snowboarding once the season starts!

    299. Eileen says:

      Getting back to Bikram Yoga & walking

    300. Melissa says:

      Bike rides around the seawall, dog walks, hikes on the North Shore, walking to/from work daily….and when it’s really wet and cold it is yoga and spin class at Steve Nash Sports Club….and still walking the dog and to/from work!

    301. Nicola C says:

      Love to run & hike the trails with my dog!!

    302. Danika says:

      I’ve become a transit commuter. Walking to and from the bus stop (instead of waiting for the bus at a closer stop) is my daily exercise!

    303. Portia says:

      staying active by biking to school and taking advantage of the plethora of fitness classes such as yoga and kickboxing!

    304. rebecca says:

      What don’t we do! We horseback ride, play soccer and have ballet. As a family, we play baseball in our backyard often and take walks to the pool (and swim). And, there is also the playground that is frequented quite often. Yoga for me.

    305. Vanessa says:

      Walking to school instead of driving, and then I run home to get in some extra exercise before work =)

    306. Lora says:

      I’m one of those people who absolutely hate exercising, but I find if I integrate it with something I like, I would be excited to participate in it, rather than dreading it. This would be different for everyone – for me, it’s dancing. So instead of doing morning laps, I entertain myself in all different types of dances (mostly ballroom dancing – you can work up a sweat in this too). Now I’m trying to find a way to integrate more dancing into my life!

    307. Alyson says:

      Yoga classes after work. Takes so much motivation but so worth it!

    308. Linda says:

      My 1st grader can be fickle about organized fitness classes so instead of leaving her to it in a class by her lonesome, we like to go bicycle riding and swimming together as a family.

    309. Calvina says:

      Hiking the North Shore Mountains or any of those gorgeous hikes on the Sea to Sky Highway up to Whistler. Great workout with amazing views to boot! It gives me motivation to reach the top, making that workout feel more like a trip.

    310. Alexis says:

      We’ve recently gone carless, so we cycle and walk a lot. We also play street hockey in front of our building.

    311. Janey Paul says:

      We do a paper route and walk a lot as well as skating and dancing…

    312. Sue says:

      We play soccer, Irish Dancing and do yoga. My son also likes to chase me around the running track until he gets bored/tired and joins his dad and sister at the playground.

    313. Grace says:

      I stay active by leaving my car at home as much ad possible. I usually walk to the grocery store and always get off the bus a stop early to enjoy a few extra minutes walking home.

    314. Susan Reno says:

      I have a dog that loves to walk no matter the weather so we head out. I have rainboots and a waterproof jacket for fall.

    315. Gabe shamash says:

      I practice Bikram yoga. I also garden. I find working in the garden very rewarding;).

    316. Ida says:

      Daily yoga at yyoga Flow!

    317. Renelle A says:

      No children yet in my life, but as a new teacher I know the importance of Dpa (daily physical activity)–so, everyday at 3, my colleagues and I PLANKand stretch.

    318. Jessica says:

      Lots of walking in the fall leaves – having fun hearing them crunch underfoot!

    319. Jeremy says:

      I do bikram yoga and karate regularly!

    320. gail whitworth says:

      I am 60 and have been practising/teaching yoga since 1972. I am only 5′ tall and don’t want to shrink, and so far haven’t.

    321. Heather says:

      Cycling to school and work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    322. Ruby says:

      Working out at the gym after school.

    323. Anna says:

      Yoga and walking ๐Ÿ™‚

    324. Jennifer M. says:

      Working out and swimming at the community center!

    325. Diane says:

      Irish dancing keeps both mind and body active.

    326. Janette says:

      walking to and from school!

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