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Hairspray at The Arts Club

Friday, May 6th, 2011 — 4:16pm PDT
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The Arts Club Theatre Company is presenting the Tony-award winning musical Hairspray from May 12 until July 10, 2011.

hairspray arts club
Adam Charles and Jennie Neumann in the Arts Club’s production of Hairspray.
Photo by David Cooper.

Amidst the doo-wop and sock-hops of ‘60s Baltimore, pleasantly plump Tracy Turnblad won’t let popular Amber Von Tussle squash her dream of dancing on a local TV teen variety show. Can a girl with big ideas (and really big hair!) change the world…and win the heart of dreamy Link Larkin? Welcome to the ‘60s!

Director Bill Millerd says Jay Brazea was born to play the role of Tracy’s mom Edna (a female role typically played by an actor in drag) and it’s a just really fun show – the type that will leave you smiling. Tickets for the production at the Stanley Theatre are available now, starting at $29.

I have two tickets to give away as well, here’s how you can enter to win:

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  • I entered to win tickets to Hairspray @TheArtsClub from @Miss604 http://bit.ly/hairspray604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 10:00am on Monday, May 16th.

    Update The winner is Victoria!

    Current contests on Miss604.com


    1. maria says:

      Would like to see this!

    2. Alison says:

      I love Hairspray – such an amazing musical! Would take my boyfriends aunt, who is down here right now for radiotherapy.

    3. Jeff says:

      I have plans to go to a show in North Vancouver in June. Thia would be a nice addition to that.

    4. Karen says:

      Ahhhh! Jay Brazeau will be brilliant at Edna!!!

    5. I am in love with Hairspray! “Good morning Baltimore!”

    6. Jessica T says:

      I’ve never seen this – live or the movie – but have always wanted to!

    7. Shawna says:

      Hairspray! So fun!

    8. Dennis Sato says:

      My wife’s BD is coming up and she would love this show.

    9. Vanessa says:

      shoop shoop shoop wop

    10. Tooth Fairy says:

      Be fun to see Hairspray!

    11. Ennie says:


    12. Sara says:

      Sounds fun!

    13. Elie says:

      i wanna go!

    14. Tracy says:

      Would love to go 😀

    15. Rebecca says:

      I have never seen Hairspray live or in movie form, so this would be a great experience!

    16. Maria says:

      I would love to share this with my daughter

    17. Brenda says:

      I would love to go see this with my mom!

    18. Naomi says:

      Would love to win this!!!

    19. Naomi says:

      Would love to win this!!!

    20. Michelle Williamson says:

      Never seen it!

    21. Kristin says:

      I love Hairspray. Love It!!!!

    22. natalie says:

      would love to see this musical!!!!

    23. Teresa says:

      Would love to go!

    24. Carol says:

      I have heard this is a great show. I hope I win.

    25. Andrew Hoyer says:

      I love live theatre – would be nice to see something besides Shakespeare!

    26. Maryanne says:

      I want to go!

    27. lindawwww says:

      Yes, I want to win these tickets!

    28. Jase says:

      Yes, pls!!

    29. Lori says:

      I’d love to take my daughter to this. We know allll the songs!

    30. Victoria says:

      Thanks for the giveaway!!
      I really love Hairspray so I hope I win!!!! 🙂

    31. I’ve never been to a play in Vancouver, this would be so fun:)

    32. Jim says:

      Musical theatre is always enjoyable.

    33. Heather Bailey says:

      I have tickets to WICKED, would love some to Hairspray!

    34. Maria K says:

      Looks like lots of fun! I love musicals!

    35. tracy says:

      this would be a great night out!

    36. Sarah says:

      I loved this movie when I was a kid. Fingers crossed.

    37. Rick says:

      <3 Musicals!

    38. KbT says:

      I love Arts Club musicals!

    39. tania says:

      That would be so fun!

    40. rino says:

      Great night out!

    41. Aileen says:

      I love Hairspray!

    42. Kiersten says:

      loved it the first time i saw it in nyc… would love to see it again! it’s a great show!

    43. John says:

      looks awesome !

    44. ANDREA says:

      I’ve never seen this on stage, only the movie, but I know it would be a million times better!

    45. Katie says:

      Would be amazing to check this out.

    46. Heather says:

      Would love to take my mom to Hairspray!!!

    47. Cathy says:

      Looks like fun. I would love to take my Mom to this!

    48. Yvonne G says:

      Would love to see Hairspray!

    49. Pat says:

      I want to win!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Emily H says:

      I love all musical theatre…I would love to see Hairspray!

    51. Tracey says:

      Would love to take my mom to see this!

    52. Jo says:

      Vancouver had had some great shows lately… I sure hope I can see this one!

    53. Linda says:

      this looks fun!

    54. Jessica says:

      I love the recent re-make of the film: John Travolta and Christopher Walken made an amazing couple!

    55. Janice says:

      great contest!

    56. Aileen R says:

      Omg I am becoming the biggest fan of musicals.. would love to see this! :o)

    57. Kristi says:

      *pokes Aileen* 😀 This would be so much fun to see!

    58. rachel says:

      oh, how fun !!!

    59. Krista Edwardson says:

      I love the brillance of John Waters. Polish your saddle shoes we are in for a good time!

    60. LisaB says:

      I can’t even imagine how fun this would be live.

    61. Alv says:

      I’ll even see it without Travolta!

    62. Sunshine G says:

      Pick me!

    63. Sita says:

      Oh i would love to see this live!

    64. Marina says:

      My stepdaughter would LOVE to see this!

    65. susan says:

      I saw Hairspray when it was on Broadway, would love to see what they do here!

    66. jp chow says:

      I <3 arts club.

    67. Joey says:

      I love hairspray!

    68. isva says:

      Love Hairspray and love free contests!

    69. Joey says:

      Love Hairspray!

    70. Linda says:

      loved this movie! would love it even more if i saw the musical!! 🙂


    71. kate says:

      I would love to see this

    72. Sanaz says:

      My mom would really enjoy this show!

    73. dana says:

      I love hairspray. love the music!

    74. Danielle Scott says:

      I would love to go see this!

    75. Will says:

      First Wicked, then Lion King. I’d love to see Hairspray as well.

    76. HairSpray says:

      it’s beauty hairspay!

    77. Saranna says:

      I’ve never seen this yet, so I would love to win this!

    78. Amuscatpurrs says:

      Count me in!

    79. Tom says:

      My girlfriend would like this.

    80. Jeremy says:

      Would love tickets to this show

    81. Vinnie says:

      This looks like so much fun! Thanks for running the contest.

    82. Vania says:

      Sweet! I’d love to win those!

    83. Abigail says:

      Good times!! 🙂

    84. Laura says:

      sounds fun!

    85. Phy says:

      Loved the movie!

    86. Jeanie says:

      This sounds fabulous

    87. Caroline says:

      I saw Hairspray on Broadway in NYC 4 years ago and would love to see it again!

    88. Ann says:

      would love to see more plays in Vancouver!

    89. Tiny Librarian says:

      Sounds fun – the Arts Club really does some good shows!

    90. Shannon says:

      I a definitely going to purchase tickets!! (or win them?!) 🙂 Love Hairspray!

    91. Amy W. says:


    92. Andrew C. says:


    93. Elizabeth says:

      Love the movie version. Bet the play is even better!

    94. Deirdre says:

      great show – the musical will be so much fun!

    95. I’ve always wanted to see Jay as Edna since he did the show in Toronto. <3

    96. Michael Florizone says:

      I’ve never seen Hair Spray… Would be a lot of fun. Just finished performing in The Drowsy Chaperone.

    97. Kelsey says:

      The Arts Club always puts on such fantastic shows… can’t wait to see it! 🙂

    98. Sandra says:

      This would be so much fun!

    99. Michelle W. says:

      I LOVE musicals!

    100. sabrina99 says:

      I love Hairspray! Also the only movie I watched thrice in theatres, lol

    101. TY says:

      i’m in!

    102. Winnie says:

      Loved the movie! It would be great to see it live.

    103. Jenny L. says:

      would love to see it in theatre!

    104. […] Thanks to last weekend’s sneak peeks and some wonderful media coverage, there is already some serious Hairspray buzz in advance of tonight’s first preview. Want to learn more about Tracy, Edna,and our production before you see them live? Check out the preview coverage below, as well as some early audience feedback, and your chance to win two tickets from Miss 604! […]

    105. Cathie says:

      I would love to go!!

    106. Jen H says:

      Please count me in! I’ve never been to the Arts Club.

    107. Mandy says:

      Would love to see the show 🙂

    108. Erin says:

      Everyone loves a musical!

    109. Yumiko says:

      Looks fun!

    110. Sylvia F F says:

      I absolutely adore musicals and have never seen this one!

    111. Kai says:

      would be amazing to see a live musical, it’s been ages!

    112. Spencer says:

      I haven’t seen a musical in years, would be a great experience I bet!

    113. karen says:

      Would love to see this!

    114. Katherine says:

      I’ve heard wonderful things about Hairspray and I’ve never been to the theatre! Would love to see this 🙂

    115. shelly says:

      i’m looking forward to this!

    116. lisa says:

      this would be such a treat.

    117. Jeanine says:

      SQUEEEEEEEE! I’ve never seen this live and would LOVE a chance to go!

    118. laniwurm says:

      Pick me!! Pick me!!

    119. Sarah says:

      I too have heard wonderful things about Hairspray! I’ve never even seen the movie – so it would be great to see live at the theatre! 🙂

    120. Candace says:

      This would be a fantastic mother/daughter date night (she is only 4) 🙂
      Thanks for the chance !

    121. Erin Cardona says:

      I’ve only seen Hairsray the movie and would love, love, LOVE to see the arts club production live. So fun!

    122. Joanne says:

      The Arts Club never ceases to do a great job! I’d love to see this!!

    123. Alisha says:

      I’d so love to see this!

    124. Vince says:

      My girls love this show!

    125. Inder says:

      Hairspray is amazing!!

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