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Monday, April 18th, 2011 — 1:02pm PDT
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Trying to remember what you were supposed to get at the grocery store? Waiting for a friend at a restaurant? Having a good laugh in situations when your parents text or when auto-correct goes terribly wrong?

On April 22nd, the new Canadian film, Textuality – starting Jason Lewis, Vancouver’s Carly Pope, and Arts Club alumnus Eric McCormack – will open in theatres. The film explores the new landscape of dating in the mobile age.

To promote the film, I have a themed prize pack to give away that includes:

  • A BlackBerry Bold 9780 set with 2 months of service from WIND Mobile featuring a 5mp camera, 2gb media card, 512mb of onboard media, BackBerry 6 OS, and more.
  • Tickets for the winner plus a guest to see the movie on opening weekend at Empire Theatres on Granville this Friday, April 22nd.
  • If you would like to win this Textuality prize pack leave comment on this post listing a “Do” or “Don’t” of texting etiquette (especially when it comes to relationships).

    You can also enter to win by posting the following on Twitter:

    I entered to win a #Textuality prize pack including a BlackBerry Bold from @windmobile & @miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 9:00am Thursday, April 21, 2011.

    Update The winner is Joshua Langston!

    Fine print: The winner will be notified and will need to confirm attendance by 5:00pm that day in order to qualify. If the winner cannot confirm, another will be drawn, due to the tight time frame for the film screening.


    1. Erin says:

      Do make sure you review your text before sending! Auto correct can be a killer!

    2. Janna says:

      DO: Always proofread your texts before hitting the send button.

    3. Gus says:

      DON’T ignore the people who are physically in front of you to favour those on the other end of your Blackberry!

    4. Lee says:

      Don’t text when angry or upset.
      Do make sure you selected the correct recipient before sending.

    5. Danielle Scott says:

      Do: Check you are sending your text to the right person!

    6. Brenda says:

      Do: Put away the phone at the family dinner table

    7. Taigi says:

      Autocorrect isn’t always correct. Proofreading is a necessity.
      Don’t txt when you are out on a date.

    8. Rachel Lindsay says:

      Don’t accidentially send your text to the wrong person. Especially if you are talking about that person to someone else!

    9. Salma says:

      Always make sure you’re sending it to the right person!

    10. Cliff says:

      Do: Try your best to use correct English and grammar.

    11. Linda says:

      Don’t: Send a txt when you’re drunk or tipsy.

    12. John says:

      Don’t text 30 mins or 1 hour later after receiving and reading the messages..I know people like that !

    13. Laura E. says:

      Do double check who you are sending the text to.

    14. jeff says:

      I’ve never owned a cell phone in my life and it would be ironic if I won this then I could discover the rules of texting myself.

    15. Aki says:

      Don’t text your ex when drunk!

    16. Patricia Moreno says:

      Do not! end a relationship over text it is the most cold and humiliating way of breaking up.

    17. Tamara says:

      Don’t read and not reply to BBM messages!! Not cool….read it when you’re ready to respond, even if it’s a day later.

    18. Tracey Flattes says:

      DO make sure that you actually send your text to the correct person!

    19. Christine says:

      DONT drunk text…trust me

    20. ginette4 says:

      Do not text and drive!

    21. Vivien says:

      Do add smiling emoticons
      Don’t send 1 word texts

    22. sir_snoop says:

      Make sure you don’t text your boss in the middle of the night (drunk) thinking he’s one of your buddies, never a good thing to do!

    23. Olga B says:

      Do use full words. Nothing drives me more crazy than excessive abbreviation. Especially in “meaningful” text messages!

    24. Don says:

      Do keep texts short and sweet and don’t text the person sitting next to you- talk to them instead (but not on your phone!)

    25. Belinda says:

      Don’t text while under the influence.

    26. Ian says:

      Don’t text while drunk driving…. Ooops meant drunk or driving.

    27. Caroline says:

      With someone special in your life, you can build anticipation through sexting BUT:

      a) make sure it is the right person
      b) Remember anything you text can be shared – make sure you are confortable sharing it
      b2) This especially includes pictures
      c) Make sure you take it off line and get to see that person so there is the reward – technology is to benefit our communication.

      Communication = one of the foundation blocks of relationship

    28. Jen says:

      Don’t dump someone on Facebook, Twitter or by texting!

    29. Jeremy says:

      Do read over a text or message before pressing send 🙂

    30. Don Foran says:

      don’t text while walking across a street intersection.

    31. Michael Kwan says:

      Do double check that autocorrect.

    32. Lori says:

      Do not text while on a date…

    33. Sandra says:

      Always double check who you’re texting and what you’re saying before hitting send!

    34. Yutaka says:

      DO NOT TEXT while eating / during a meal

    35. Court says:

      Don’t: Rely on autocorrect when drunk texting.

    36. Ray says:

      Don’t send texts intended for your gf to your wife

    37. Maria Navarro says:

      DON’T: Text while crossing the street, it may be your last…

    38. Tara Tomlinson says:

      Do: Always double check what autocorrect “thinks” you want to say before sending. Saves on length explanations later.

    39. Marc says:

      Please do NOT text while driving… this is at the TOP of the list people…


    40. Mike says:

      DO: text your significant other with messages showing that you care about them!

    41. Jo-Ann says:

      Do teach me how to use this if I win!

    42. Gary says:

      DON’T text with a language that you are not fluent in.

    43. Sherri says:

      I still have an old Samsung flip phone without a keyboard! Please help me update. lol

    44. Darcy says:

      I don’t text or have a cell phone.
      Don’t ever say never!

    45. Amy says:

      You should text while drinking milk but don’t text while you’re milking a cow!

    46. Simon says:

      DO text while skydiving, DON’T text while scuba diving

    47. angie says:

      no drunk texting….ever.

    48. Russell says:

      DON’T: text while on the toilet. You might drop your phone in by accident, which would suck.

    49. Kody says:

      Don’t “sext” if you don’t want it getting public…

    50. Cindy says:

      don’t pick your nose while texting
      don’t cook while texting
      don’t change a diaper while texting

      do smile while texting
      do laugh while texting
      do eat chocolate while texting

    51. John N. says:

      don’t send drunk text messages… especially to an ex or a boss.
      do send random loving messages to your significant other.

    52. Cheryl says:

      Don’t text or tweet a break up … or a hook up, somethings deserve the personal touch.

    53. Jackie Sampson says:

      Do NOT let your two year old see you text…they catch on very quick and who knows who’ll they’ll text if they get a hold of your phone when you’re not looking 😉

      I also tweeted this giveaway 😉!/carsmummy/status/60123356653035521

    54. mike says:

      DON’T: text while you are in a business meeting

    55. Bessie says:

      DON’T text while in church, at a wedding, or at a funeral.

    56. Natalie says:

      don’t text while out on a date.

    57. stina says:

      DON’T text sexy messages unless you have a lock on your phone… little ones can get at that info if they are playing games!

    58. Giggles says:

      Don’t ever text something you wouldn’t want others to one day read!

    59. Katie says:

      Don’t text in front of your grandparents or those from an older generation. Often they view it as rude.

    60. Heidi says:

      Don’t text and drive.

    61. Jessica says:

      Do not break up via text!

    62. Bonnie says:

      Do remember that nothing beats face-to-face communication!

    63. marisa. p says:

      DON’T: think 4 martinis will make your texts clever.
      Hahaha oops.

    64. Susie says:

      Don’t pretend that you’re listening to someone, when you’re actually busy/distracted by your phone. Just put it down for a minute, and really listen!

    65. maria says:

      Do text when you are running late!

    66. As a commercial transport driver, I see a lot of accidents anywhere I go primarily because I am on the road all the time. My advice. Do not text and drive! I saw a sign once and this is what it read. Honk if you love Jesus. Text if you’d like to meet him!

    67. Andrew says:

      Never fight through text messaging, as it is sometimes hard to tell if you are kidding, trying to be funny or being serious. Do use emoticons which can help sound the tone of the text message.

    68. Amy W. says:

      Do use smileys

    69. Andrew C. says:

      Texting is inherently rude and should be avoided.

    70. Don says:

      Do make sure your language is clear and unambiguous, because the recipient may take a different and upsetting understanding of the message than what you really meant.

    71. Jase says:

      Don’t: Text if you’re drunk.

    72. Tracy says:

      Don’t use emoticons at the end of every sentence or phrase!!! 🙂

    73. Scratchy says:

      Don’t check your text messages at the table during lunch. How rude!

    74. Haritina Dragneva says:

      Do text when you’re on the train, don’t text when you’re on the toilet

    75. Ruby says:

      Don’t text your angry message to the wrong person!

    76. Brenda says:

      Do make sure you’re sending the text to the right person!!

    77. Heather says:

      don’t break up over text!

    78. Ev says:

      Don’t text at dinner

    79. Quang says:

      Don’t text while cuddling in bed.

    80. Ami says:

      Do: reply asap when someone send you a text!

    81. Amy says:

      DON’T just reply with a “k” after a person texts you a long shpeal including a question! Answer it properly 🙂

    82. au says:

      do text sweet nothings. .don’t over abbreviate

    83. Tess McCann says:

      Don’t accidentally text your Mom when you mean to text your BF.

    84. Rajvir Boparai says:

      Do re-read the text as well as double checking who you are sending it to in case you send it to the wrong person and accidentally realize it later while freaking out!

    85. Tracy says:

      Don’t text while driving!

    86. Do: Make sure keep in mind that you cant express tone in text messages
      Don’t: Use smiley faces to determine such tone as they have just as much of a chance as comming off sarcastic or rude depending on the situation

    87. Ian says:

      Make sure you are texting the right person!

      Dont text with too many abbreviations as the meaning could be greatly misunderstood!

    88. Grace says:

      Do: Text with plenty of emoticons to lighten up the mood
      Don’t: If it is anything serious or important, avoid conveying the message through a text. A phone call is always better for those!

    89. Steven says:

      Answer texts in more than one word to show that you actually care.
      Do not assume the person understand your message. They are not you, and cannot put themselves in your context. Try to you more adjectives!

    90. Julie says:

      Don’t text during a movie!

    91. Sandra S says:

      Do: make sure you send it to the right person!/Sandra516/status/60353763210305536

    92. nocal says:

      Don’t text at dinner

    93. Bev k says:

      Do not use short form profanity, it’s so unappealing.

    94. Bev k says:

      Do use smiley faces when being sarcastic or silly, it let’s ppl know your mood so to avoid conflict,and it’s cute!

    95. Bhupinder D says:

      Do not argue through texting…not healthy!

    96. Timothy C says:

      Don’t text during a date, it’s so rude!

    97. Marko says:

      Don’t text with fat thumbs, autocorrect will exact its vengeance!

    98. Garrett says:

      Don’t text and drive

    99. Klever L says:

      Don’t text when drunk!

    100. vincent says:

      DONT: send the text to the wrong person! might cause some trouble

    101. jean says:

      don’t drink and text.

    102. R Book says:

      Texting and Driving don’t mix

    103. Mariella says:

      DONT! text! with! too! many! exclamation! marks!

    104. Beni says:

      Don’t text when out for a coffee or meal with another person.

    105. andrew says:

      do use periods in a text. It’s nice to know when the sentence ends.

      Don’t go crazy with the lols. It can drive people crazy.

    106. Serena Debolt says:

      Do not ignore your girlfriend/wife and be texting when she is telling you something important – especially when its about the kids. Remember that your texting etiquette can and WILL be used in a divorce case.

    107. Jo says:

      When she texts you to say goodnight, DONT reply telling her not to text again because you want to sleep.

    108. Andrea says:

      Don’t: rely on autocorrect.

    109. Julia says:

      No texting allowed on a date – period.

    110. James says:

      1. Do not text when on a date
      2. If you read a message, reply to it
      3. Do not argue or fight over text messages.

      Always remember, your alternative to texting is simple, just call.

    111. Jenny L. says:

      Don’t text at the dinner table
      Do reply to message as soon as possible.

    112. Crystal says:

      Do not send a response to a late night text right away.

    113. Teresa says:

      Do: Text simple messages.
      Don’t: Text me to have a conversation.

    114. Brad says:

      Think twice before you hit send. And delete if it doesn’t feel right – or phone!

    115. liz says:

      Don’t text and drive,nor text at theatres or family functions it’s so rude.

    116. Julie Nicholls says:

      Don’t text at the dinner table my darling nephew!

    117. stacey dempsey says:

      well to all the teenagers out there, (i have 3 myself,) dont text while crossing the street lol i have seen more kids almost get hit, and a few have bumped into me in the store on the street etc when they are texting and not paying attention, and it drives me crazy that they text while i am talking to them arghhh

    118. Cheryl says:

      I have wind mobile and I love it, But my phone is a tad broken this would be sweet! To everyone that is wondering about Wind, It is great I have been with them since their very first day in Vancouver…Good bye crazy bills!

    119. Cheryl says:

      I have wind mobile and I love it, But my phone is a tad broken this would be sweet! To everyone that is wondering about Wind, It is great I have been with them since their very first day in Vancouver…Good bye crazy bills! Remember the TLC life lessons, one was Merlot and email do not mix, well Texting drunk is never a good idea!

    120. Jeanie says:

      Refrain from texting your friends when out on a first date?

    121. Jeff says:

      Hey I need a cell phone! One of the do’s of texting ettiquet is being polite of course. One of the don’ts, for me at least, is to replace words with shortened versions I don’t understand.

    122. Garrett says:

      Dont text your friends on about how your date is going when you are still on the date.

    123. Sherry says:

      Don’t let texting be more important than talking with the person physically in front of you!

    124. Sharon says:

      Don’t text your sig other: we should talk about something in person and then leave them hanging. Its the worst feeling for the person receiving the txt.

    125. seapotato says:

      Don’t text while you’re at the table!

    126. Anne Marie says:

      Txt I love you often ( check u are sending it to the right person)

    127. Christy Leung says:

      Don’t text your loved ones one worded answers, it makes them think that you don`t want to talk to them…

    128. Kevin says:

      Don’t always be attached to texting, remember the person(s) you are physically with!

    129. Bons says:

      I think one of the worst texting etiquettes is to break up with someone using text. If you have gone out on dates with someone, it is important to tell the person that you don’t want to see him/her anymore and the reason why you’re wanting to end the relationship…this should be done in person or at the very least by email/phone.

    130. Kelly says:

      Don’t just read your text and wait a few days until you answer it, we know your ignoring us!

    131. Brandy says:

      Make sure you proof your texts before hitting send!

    132. Ainsley says:

      Do make sure you sure you send your text to the right person

    133. beverly says:

      Check that u r sending to the right. Contact ,this can be embarrassing

    134. Ceci says:

      Don’t drink and text.

    135. Chris says:

      Drunk texting your ex at 4AM is always a really good idea.

    136. Mae says:

      DO follow up text messages with occasional phone calls. Conducting a relationship entirely through texting says you don’t care enough about the other person to call them.

      DON’T text and drive. Two dear friends nearly died when they were struck hard by a semi who swerved to avoid a wayward car whose driver was stupidly busy texting while driving on the highway. You may think yourself invincible, but think about the others you might harm and their loved ones.

    137. Anna says:

      Don’t : fight with your significant other over text, text while driving or walking, rely on auto corrector

    138. Andrew says:

      Never text and drive…it is so dangerous. Glad that BC has placed a ban on texting & driving.

    139. Michael says:

      Remember to proofread the text before sending! 😀

    140. Linda says:

      DO: use emoticons to evoke some sort of reaction (happy, sad)
      DON’T: text during movies or when you’re driving!


    141. Sherry says:

      Just found this & it is so true:

      Google before you tweet is the new think before you speak!

    142. Chris says:

      DON’T use emoticons recklessly.

    143. AVI Player says:

      Think first before texting.

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