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Canucks Beat Blackhawks, Bring on Round Two

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 — 9:41am PDT
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The Vancouver Canucks have had rivals before but there was something more heart-piercing about this series with Chicago. Being the Presidents’ Trophy winners, defeating the returning Stanley Cup champions (who previously booted us out of the playoffs, twice) was the moment of glory we were looking for.

2279: Go Canucks Go
Photo credit: DennisTsang on Flickr

Before the game started people were posting images of a double rainbow on Twitter. Many took it as a sign that something good was going to happen. In Vancouver, when the rain breaks long enough to allow the sun to crack through the clouds, anything that happens then – above our beautiful city – is magical.

What does it mean?
Photo credit: gmcmullen on Flickr

After going up three games in the series, then falling back, the Canucks certainly made sure that we were on the edge of our seats coming into a forced game seven in this first round of the playoffs. Not only was it a game seven last night in Vancouver, with just seconds left on the clock Chicago tied it up and pushed us into overtime. Many were wringing their hands thinking the Canucks should have won in four… they should have won in regulation in game seven… they should have done a thousand things that kept everyone up last night, unable to sleep or concentrate on work all throughout the day.

Clutching our chests and screaming at the television, radio, or in the arena, Canucks fans everywhere let out one giant sigh (that may have lasted a few hours) after Alex Burrows scored the game-winning goal. They played with purpose and they peppered the Blackhawks’ goalie Crawford (who did an amazing job) and the Canucks made it count when it mattered. It was a team effort, shutting down their stars, defence, clearing the puck, and goaltending. We win. Chicago is out.

Canucks Round 1 Victory Celebration 2011
Photo credit: Maurice Li on Flickr

Don’t take down the car flags if we lose a game in the next series. Don’t use that playoff towel as a shammy for your car if we lose two in a row. Do get those images of Vince Vaughn cheering on his team in Chicago out of your head. We have to believe in this team. Bring on Nashville. Go Canucks.

The screen capture of the Green Man with a cutout of Vince Vaughn last night can be found here. View my Canucks Playoff Guide for songs, contests, and hockey blogs to follow.

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  1. Darcy says:

    I KNEW they would do it!

  2. Henry Lee says:

    Great game7 day-evening summary, Rebecca! Whew, from Chile …

  3. zack says:

    Beautiful goal!! What a memorable night! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. […] [↩]Full disclosure: I didn’t actually see the double rainbow, but read about it on blogs and Twitter afterwards [↩]Bellatrix being my iPhone’s name [↩]Tags: awesomeness, […]

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