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Archives Photos of the Day: Airport Times

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 — 1:05pm PDT
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Keeping up with work and blogging while in Africa has proven to be a challenge (as can be expected) however all of the travel has inspired this week’s photo collection from the Vancouver Archives which has an airport theme.

Year: 1946
Subject: Airline stewardess passing the “Vancouver, City of Destiny” film to a man at the airport
Vancouver Archives Item#: CVA 1184-2349
Photographer / Studio: Jack Lindsay

Year: 1934
Subject: Arrival in Vancouver of United Airlines’ inaugural flight from Seattle
Vancouver Archives Item#: CVA 1376-82

Year: 1940
Subject: Vancouver Airport administration building
Vancouver Archives Item#: CVA 586-171
Photographer / Studio: Don Coltman

Year: 1943
Subject: TCA Flight Crew
Vancouver Archives Item#: CVA 586-1512
Photographer / Studio: Don Coltman

Year: 1942
Subject: Majorettes at head of parade during ceremony to launch the first bomber produced at the Boeing plant on Sea Island
Vancouver Archives Item#: CVA 1184-1191
Photographer / Studio: Jack Lindsay

Year: 1930
Subject: Pacific International Airways arrival of Fleetster aircraft at airport (Mayor Malkin in top hat)
Vancouver Archives Item#: CVA 99-2161
Photographer / Studio: Stuart Thomson

Year: 1948
Subject: Woodward’s truck parked by a Trans-Canada Air Lines plane at the airport
Vancouver Archives Item#: CVA 1184-3392
Photographer / Studio: Jack Lindsay

Should you have a suggestion or request for a “From the Archives” theme, please feel free to leave a note in the comments.

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