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Where to Watch the World Cup Final in Vancouver

Thursday, July 8th, 2010 — 11:00am PDT
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Many have been looking for places to watch the World Cup in Vancouver but for this Sunday’s match it’s a whole other deal. The finale between Spain and Holland will be a big one this weekend so I turned to the biggest fan of Holland that I could find (Ariane Colenbrander) and have asked her to put together a list of where she recommends cheering on the Oranje.

Good times on The Drive
Photo credit: ariane on Flickr

The following was contributed by Ariane:

As difficult as it is to be so far away from the true action in The Netherlands (my husband’s country and mine through marriage), it’s also been fun to watch it with a mixed crowd of Dutch and worldwide fans here in Vancouver. Joe’s Café on Commercial Drive (and William) has been the mainstay for the past few games. The owners are very friendly and get into the action by cheering both sides on every so often.

As well, The Libra Room (at Commercial and Graveley) took the Brazilian quarter final loss against the Dutch in stride and is fully supporting the orange wave this Sunday.

A Facebook page was created earlier this month in order to bring Dutch soccer fans together to watch the games.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the 700 block of Granville Street hosted the Spain vs. Germany semifinal match and will probably repeat the party on Sunday.

Yelp’s website has a viewing party listing for Rogue’s Kitchen and Wet Bar at Waterfront Station (601 West Cordova).

My best bet is to watch it somewhere on Commercial Drive. The colourful vibe can’t be beat and fans of all nations have been gathering here for days to watch their various teams compete. If you want a seat, make sure you allow plenty of time to arrive before the 11:30 am start. We arrived just past 10:15 for the semifinal and grabbed the last few seats facing the main room’s screen.

You can follow @ariancdesign on Twitter for all of her updates throughout the rest of the World Cup.

Fans of Spain can feel free to list their favourite venue (if not already mentioned) in the comments or I would be happy to accept a guest post as well.

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  1. jp says:

    can you recommend a place to pick up some oranje gear? saw a girl with an orange cowboy hat, boa and t-shirt…would love to find some of that!!

  2. Ariane C says:

    Hi jp,

    Although this is’s site, I wrote this post, so hopefully I can help.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of fun things at dollar stores around town. One woman wore crazy huge sunglasses at the semifinal match. She’d found them at a dollar store. Accessory stores are great for finds you wouldn’t think of looking for elsewhere.

    You’d be hard-pressed to find an official Dutch league soccer jersey (I’ve tried!) – Commercial Drive has been selling orange soccer jerseys and I would also try calling Sport Chek to see if any of their locations have soccer accessories. Good luck!

  3. peter b says:

    This weekend’s world cup games will be shown on the big screen at VanCity Theatre…

    (11:15 am… Seymour & Davie)

  4. JvD says:

    Hey all, I’ve also seen that and are listing that Society (by glowball) in Yaletown is also opening up to those in orange. They will be serving heineken, bitterballen, sate and more! Although the Drive is a great atmosphere, I dunno… the crowd at Society could be fun too!

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  6. Angela says:

    Where can I watch Spain with Spanish supporters?

  7. kristy says:

    Yeah I want to find out where to go to support Spain too. Help!

  8. nabila says:

    Hi the Spanish supporters will be at joe’s cafe in commercial dr, im not really happy that their going there cause they only serve coffee, but i guess there’s no other choice, but if anyone finds out about any other place please let me can put your suggestions in ”espanoles in vancouver” on facebook

  9. elmatador says:

    Anywhere on Commercial Drive!

  10. Jose Correa says:

    Tau– boom — power to Spain there is also loots of supporters in Vancouver that supports Spain also in Commercial drive the Portuguese community supports the Spanish brothers Viva la Peninsula Iberica.

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