Hiking on Blackcomb

Saturday, September 5th, 2009 — 9:45am PDT
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A few weeks ago we came to Whistler and rode the Peak to Peak gondola which runs between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain.

When we got to Blackcomb we had done the quick Alpine Walk trail, which is a 60 minute loop we ended up completing in about 20 minutes. We had an appointment in the village so that’s about all we could do however John spotted a few other trails he wanted to conquer.

Blackcomb Trail Walk

Yesterday we set out on Blackcomb and headed over to the Overlord Trail, which branches off from the Alpine Walk. It’s longer, some parts are more steep, and the views are equally breathtaking.

Blackcomb Trail Walk

Blackcomb Trail Walk

Since it rained that morning everything was glistening and you could smell the alpine vegetation as it dried out.

Blackcomb Trail Walk Blackcomb Trail Walk

Blackcomb Trail Walk Blackcomb Trail Walk

We didn’t spot any bear but we did find some grouse as well as a marmot that was sunning himself on a big boulder.

Blackcomb Trail Walk Blackcomb Trail Walk

We reached our peak at Blackcomb Lake and looped back towards the lifts. It took us about 45 minutes to get out that far and if we had more time (the lifts shut down at 5pm in the summer) we would have kept going once again.

Blackcomb Trail Walk

Blackcomb Trail Walk

We’re heading back home today on the train and as always, I wish our stay would last a bit longer. Blackcomb keeps us wanting more and more each time we venture across its alpine trails, which I suppose is a good thing. It gets us out and about while exploring more of the region.

Blackcomb Trail Walk

We haven’t gone over to Whistler Village at all this trip as we’re staying on Blackcomb as well. It’s been really nice (thank goodness the rain stayed away an extra day) and I’m glad we got to spend more time on this side.

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  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    We haven’t hiked Blackcomb yet (isn’t this kind of the first year it’s been really opened for hiking?)

    Though I’m sure next time we stay in Whistler we will look at it. I know we will be doing the High Note trail again on Whistler Mountain in the next few weeks as a friend of ours is visiting and would like us to show her that trail: http://bit.ly/1MYoCc

    Who knows, if we win that trip on the mountaineer we could look at staying in the village for the night and check out the trail system on Blackcomb!

  2. Miss604 says:

    Hmm not sure but it’s pretty beautiful, it’s been nice to stay over on this side to. The hikes we hit weren’t that treacherous but there are some really big inclines (hence the reason I’m about to exhale a lung in that video hehe).

  3. Keira-Anne says:

    I just watched your video and wanted to say that you’re really cute. Also, we should hike sometime. Also, did you hug the marmot for me?

  4. Ganga says:

    Wow, looks like we did this hike at Blackcomb the day after you did, on Sep 5th (We did the high note trail in Whistler on 4th when the day was clear)! It was pouring and we were drenched when we did the Overlord and the lake loop trails, but it was still beautiful. Also, Peak to Peak was great! (Worth the $50 2-day pass if staying there for more than a day)

  5. teflonjedi says:

    Wow, some spectacular photos…I think I’m going to have to drag my wife up here sometime next year! Would you say this is the best time of year to engage in this type of hike!

  6. […] during the off-seasons as well. There are numerous hiking trails on Whistler as well as Blackcomb, bike trails (both downhill and leasurly trails) as well as other things to do. Posted in: […]

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