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Post #25 of #49 – Over the next 24 hours I will be raising funds for the Union Gospel Mission during Blogathon 2009 by writing a blog post every 30 minutes. Please consider donating to my cause to keep my going until 6am PT July 26th.

In 2006 I followed two blogs that were doing something called “Blogathon”. One was Vancouver Canucks Op Ed by my friend and podcast co-host, Alanah and the other was The Love Blog by Barbara Doduk. Every year since, Barbara has participated in Blogathon and for that, she should be commended.

This year she is supporting RAPS, the Richmond Animal Protection Society and is profiling a special animal in each post. Head over to her blog to check out her posts and support the cause of this inspirational Blogathon veteran.

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  1. Barbara DodukSaturday, July 25th, 2009 — 6:15pm PDT

    I credit my oldest net / real life friend Trace Beagley with turning me onto the Blogathon – she did it in 2005, and I thought it was a great idea. She doesn’t blog anymore, but we met online in 1997 through MGB of all things, and we have always been inspiring one another since.

    This year I think (even though the donations haven’t rolled in) has been the most successful. I was hoping most of all to raise awareness of the work RAPS does at it’s 2 NO Kill animal shelters.

    The staff and volunteers provided me with stories for many of the cats I work with every Friday. There are about 900 cats that live at the Cat Sanctuary, so picking only a handful was hard. Some of the stories of how these kitties came to live in Cat Paradise are heartbreaking but inspiring because now they get to live out their lives in a wonderland for cats. Most of the cats are available to be adopted as well. In April 2009 I adopted a lovely little kitty who I renamed “Maggie the Cat”. She is a joy.

    Thanks for posting about my cause and my work Rebecca. You should be commended for all the hard work you have put into getting your whole Vancouver Blogathon set up. Kudos.

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