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Local and Vancouver Pitch and Putt Golf Guide

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 — 10:16am PDT
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A while back our friend DaveO suggested a grand tour of local and city-run par three golf courses in and around Vancouver. Seeing as how I’ve only played courses in Surrey, and one pitch and putt in Vancouver, I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to play and tell as we go.

Here’s a quick list of some local Pitch and Putts, all of which are low-dough (under $12 to play 18 holes).

  • Queen Elizabeth Park Pitch and Putt
  • Rupert Park Pitch and Putt
  • Stanley Park Pitch and Putt
  • Also of note, there are also two city pitch and putts in Burnaby, located at Kensington and in Central Park and they’re both under $10 to play.

    Yesterday the Olson/Bollwitt teams headed to Ambleside to play what has to be the most scenic pitch and putt course around.

    Ambleside Par 3

    Ambleside Par 3

    Ambleside Par 3

    Ambleside Par 3

    Dave’s #1 golf rule: “Fuck scores, make golf”. Dave’s #2 golf rule: Wear your best Hunter S. Thompson outfit (John needs to work on that one).

    Sunshine, fresh air, a lovely walk, a friendly game, what could be better on a Sunday afternoon? Stay tuned for more recaps this summer.

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    1. Tyler Ingram says:

      I’ve played at the Ambleside one. We would ‘accidentally’ drive balls over the fence and into the ocean (many years ago).

      My brother wants to try out the one at Stanley Park (which is near the Lagoon and Second Beach) and you can see it when you’re on the path going past the lagoon.

      Would anyone be up to doing a blogger’s pitch n putt tourney or something? Perhaps entry fees could go towards charity of sorts?

    2. Dan Lilly says:

      a tourney is a great idea. we could do a “jack and jill”. the guys hit onto the green and the girls do the putting. I in!

    3. Keira-Anne says:

      Can we pleeeeeease play P+P soon? I haven’t in about three years and I love it so dearly. Let’s plan a date this summer.

    4. phaedra says:

      I’d be down for a game or 2, as I have never P & P’d before.

    5. DaveO says:

      I’ve been playing at Murdo Frazer recently too. A nine-hole treat for only $5. The drawback is that isn’t very transit handy as it’s located in a neighborhood just to the north of the TCH in North Van. Via car, take the Lloyd road exit (it’s a HARD right) if coming from the East … from the West you gotta hop off at Capilano and wind through the hood. On hood, you can find the pedestrian footbridge via a neighborhood ending at Pemberton. Don’t tell *everyone* though cause it’s nicest when peaceful ;-).

      Here are a few camera phone snaps:

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    8. Donnette says:

      Great tips, thanks!

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