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As stated when I first started making my site open for advertisements, I will always disclose when a blog post is a part of a paid advertisement. As I choose my advertisers probably as carefully as they choose me, I make sure to remain above board for my readers.

The latest ad space has been scooped up by UsedVancouver.com, here’s the staple interview and more information about the company provided by Kean:

What is your website/url

How long has it been around?
UsedVancouver.com has been providing a free service for over three years. It was originally created to facilitate the reuse of manufactured goods for the benefit of the environment and for the benefit of society.

What is your role/involvement (developer, owner, blogger etc.)?
I am head of marketing and an avid user. I am responsible for spreading the word of UsedVancouver’s free service and to continually improve the service for our loyal users.

What does your site do/what is it about?
UsedVancouver.com is an online classified that enables people to buy & sell used stuff for free. You can sell everything from a golf tee to a house. Anytime someone buys or sells an item on UsedVancouver.com they are actively recycling. An increase in the use of UsedVancouver.com decreases the amount of waste that goes to landfills. The results of the garbage workers strike really show how important this issue is.

Why/how would people use your site?
UsedVancouver.com is simple and quick to use. Posting an item takes less than a minute because people don’t have to sign-up. I personally post any junk I have lying around and for some reason they sell everytime. Someone out there will find a use for almost item.

People prefer to use UsedVancouver.com over Ebay because it’s:

  • Clean – No immoral content. There are moderators that monitor the content on the website.
  • Lean – The site is fast and easy to use.
  • Seen – We have local representatives and we spend money in the Vancouver community. What other website has spent money in Vancouver?
  • Not Mean – UsedVancouver.com stays away from the unattractive corporate image by being active in the community, working with non-for-profits and promoting environmentalism.
  • Free – No fees or charges whatsoever. The service allows anyone to post or buy items for free.
  • What is the ultimate goal for your site, how would you like to see it grow?

    We hope to increase the demand for used goods through the use of our website. Such an increase will decrease the production of goods and consumption/energy. Therefore, the use of our website has an indirect link with reducing the production of greenhouse gases. We pride ourselves by the fact that we provide an easy way for people to recycle and make some cash on the side.

    We grow awareness of UsedVancouver.com by partnering with ethical organizations like Nature Conservancy of Canada and participating in the community. We also create campaigns that help people in the community. For example, we are giving away free metal water bottles to people. We believe this is important because metal water bottles are a much healthier alternative to hard plastic water bottles. Unfortunately, metal water bottles aren’t cheap by any means. We feel people with smaller budgets should have a more accessible alternative.

    What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen sold on UsedVancouver.com?
    The weirdest thing I’ve sold is a box of old t-shirts I used for the gym or work that I didn’t want anymore. A lady bought it from me for $10 to use as rags around the house. One time a man sold 40 Roll-Up-The-Rim winning cups for donuts. Yep, someone actually bought them. I’m convinced you can sell anything on UsedVancouver.com.

    How can people find out more?
    People can log onto www.UsedEverywhere.com for more information about our mission and team. To post/browse items or get a free metal water bottle check out www.UsedVancouver.com.

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    1. John BollwittWednesday, March 5th, 2008 — 9:40am PST

      It was UsedVancouver that scored us our first “dinning table” and four chairs, all for $60. That become my “work space” and podcast “studio” for nearly a year until Craigslist trumped that purchase with a $10 Ikea table from just down the street.

      Still have those chairs, but it looks like we need to ditch that table soon since it’s cluttering up storage.

      Yay spring cleaning!

    2. Tyler IngramWednesday, March 5th, 2008 — 10:17am PST

      I remember looking at the site a while ago. Forget why I was looking at it or how I even found it. Nice to see they are still around though. Makes finding things easier along with Craigslist too.

    Also on Miss604.com