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Inspired by Duane’s post and a Twitter I saw somewhere somehow…. you should go vote for Raymi – here’s why I did.

When I started blogging four years ago there were few influences around. The biggest to me personally being Matt – the next couple of course were Tony and Raymi – as they’ve been doing this fantastically for far longer than I have.

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Although I’ve never personally interacted with Raymi (except in a few comments) I believe she and John passed a couple notes back and forth in regards to healthy dinner party foods, which was still pretty rad, and most recently she discovered how fun my buddy Duane is, which is again, pretty awesome.

She’s got a completely unique style of blogging, and has had it for the last decade. It’s often copied, and rarely duplicated in its honesty, reality and blunt ability to tell it like it is. It’s Raymi and Raymi’s style – this is what this entire genre of blogging has become, why she’s up for this award, and why you should vote for her as Best Canadian Blog.

She didn’t ask anyone to do this, really, but she is offering bribes. Sweet.

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  1. raymiSaturday, November 3rd, 2007 — 9:56am PDT

    noice one

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