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RadioZoom Episode #128

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 — 7:35am PDT
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This episode was recorded on the fly while I was packing for Victoria… so I rambled… a lot.

[John] ran around the apartment with my minidisc and microphone to record this one. Rebecca was preparing to head over to the island for the weekend with some of her family(girls only), so I followed her around while spouting off about various topics. I tore into a can of Guinness to find out what those things they put in there look like, we give our review on the Northern Voice conference that occurred last weekend, and give a roundup to the Vancouver Podcast Meetup that Mark Blevis, of the Canadian Podcast Buffet, put together last Sunday. Other hilarities included.

Run time, 55 mins. Visit the site for Episode #128 show notes, links, mp3 and all that good stuff.

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