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What I have done with my first week of vacation: Not too much. But ya know, that’s okay. I realized I hadn’t had ANY vacation time this year. I would work extra shifts to get days off in lieu and I only took 2 days off even after I got married. No wonder I’ve been stressed out and wanting to throttle everyone in the office.

Michelle and Me Yesterday Michelle took me out for dim sum at Kirin. She’s my superstar friend I’ve known since kindergarten. We used to run our high school and plot to take over the world and when I was in Boston, she was in London working for the BBC World Service. She’s been staying downtown this week so we met up and had a little catch-up time. She’ll be in a play on the 19th so we’re going to go see it, an updated version of Moliere‘s The Doctor in Spite of Himself. Just thinking about some of Michelle’s accomplishments (and being a little on the geeky side myself) I’m wondering why she doesn’t have a website. Maybe we should make her one.

Aside from that, did a couple podcasts last week and lots of blogging, including my open letter to a credit union, which sparked some great comments. Another open letter I’ve read recently is from Don to Radio:

Dear Radio,

Stop sucking.



I honestly mean that. I want to love radio. I want to tune in and listen. But if the best I can say about scanning through the dial over and over again while driving through a total of five states was that I caught the back end of an AC/DC song then radio is doing something wrong. There’s been a critical flaw in the radio business’s philosophy. They think people are turning away from traditional radio for other outlets like satellite and podcasts. That’s wrong. Radio is driving people away from traditional radio and towards other outlets. I’m going to try to make my show not do that [Blankbooks]

We’ve watched a couple movies recently as well, worth mentioning are Little Miss Sunshine and Prairie Home Companion.

Little Miss Sunshine is just so sweet and twisted at the same time, we really enjoyed it. Prairie Home Companion was something John wanted me to see. He remembers listening to the radio program when he was little, and I got a taste of how great it must have been. Although, I’m sure I didn’t get all the little inside jokes, it was still enjoyable – mostly because of the nostalgia factor.

Aside from such musings, I’ve just been enjoying the non-work time. This coming week I’ll celebrate a birthday and spend time with those closest to me… you know… because even though I haven’t heard of any concrete plans so far that must mean they’re all planning a big huge party in secret, right?… guys?…

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  1. rilahSunday, January 7th, 2007 — 8:32pm PST

    sounds like you’re doing exactly what most vancouverites would do on vacation, eat sushi and watch dvds.

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