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Vancouver Icons: Vancouver Block Building

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The Vancouver Block Building marks 100 years on Granville this year and according to a Twitter update from user @jesswads to Bob from Vancouver is Awesome, there was cake to celebrate this week. With its neon clock and photogenic white tower, it’s today’s Vancouver Icon photo feature: (Left) 1910s Archives item# M-11-77. (Right) 1920s Archives […]

Archives Photos of the Day: Granville Island

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It was on this day in history (1868) that the second Earl Granville was named Secretary of the Colonies. Granville Townsite (Gastown), Granville Street, Granville Island. have all been named after him. It’s a nice tie-in to today’s collection of photos from the archives, which all feature Granville Island. At this time of year it’s […]

Vancouver History: Ivan Ackery

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Vancouver’s known for its H-shaped telephone pole alleyways which have been featured in film and television series for decades. Some have names given to them by historians or businesses but others, like Ackery Alley between Granville and Seymour, were named in tribute. Ivan Ackery with framed caricature and letters at desk. VPL Accession Number: 59306 […]

Orpheum Sign Replacement

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This afternoon Krista Rand sent me a message on Twitter with a photo of the Orpheum sign coming down. Many panicked at the news that the iconic neon beacon on Granville was being removed however it has been determined that it’s all part of a master plan. Photo credit: Krista Rand on Twitter Since the […]

Sears to Nordstrom: Official New Design

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Earlier this year it was announced that Sears downtown was closing. Immediately rumours began to fly about what would occupy the space and if the bare white fortress-like walls of the structure at Pacific Centre would undergo a facelift. Photo credit: Tom Wiebe on Flickr Drawings have been circulating on the internet for months, some […]