Photo is property of Bev Davies on Flickr
Used with Permission

A few weeks ago at the Plaza Club Joe (“shithead”) Keithley and his band of rebels played an event that ended being a reunion of sorts. My friend and social media cohort, Dave Olson was there, as was Bev Davies, as I would have expected her to be, who snapped a few shots.

With the help of those who lived, breathed and experienced a musical era in this town that made a global impact I’ll be presenting a series of blog posts and podcast on this “Punk History Vancouver” page. I would not be able to do with without enlisting the help of Dave, who has already done his fair share of documenting, and big thanks to Rod for planting the idea in my head from which this page grew (and will continue to grow).

Blog entries, interviews and podcasts will be cross-posted below, either from my main site or Dave’s, and will include some of his podcasts and video podcasts.