i give up

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i’ve just been messing with my site for about a day now on n off, just tinkering. apparently now it isn’t working well with IE or Safari but it’s okay with Firefox and Camino. bah. also – i’m having a hard time finding a vancouver-ish banner that i really like. open call out to anyone that might have something i could use for miss604.com. thanks ya.

EDIT: okay… i tried something totally new… it was time. banner photo was originally taken by my husband (but of course i miss604-rized it) and to celebrate, i post my ikea lampshade pic. huzzah!

snow patrol postponed

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The Snow Patrol website reports that all north american tour dates have been postponed. They were scheduled to play Vancouver this week, Wednesday June 14 (and of course I had tickets). I don’t see anything official on the ticketmaster site about it yet – they called to let me know when the South show was cancelled, how nice. On the band’s myspace page it’s pretty clear – rescheduled dates are yet to be officially announced though. The word on SnowPatrol.com is that those shows will be happening between September 6-30, 2006 so it looks like we have to wait all summer before seeing them. boo.

EDIT: I called ticketmaster yesterday and they said the show was still on – but the band’s site said it wasn’t. The House of Blues site still has today’s date for the show, but when you click on the event listing it comes up with a new date. I left a comment on the site and people replied that yeah, it’s a no-go AND moved to Sept 21 @ the PNE Forum…sucky! Now it’s all ages. Apparently the people on the site got a call from ticketmaster – hopefully I get mine today.

EDIT: Sept, 2006 Updated Post (post-show)

worchester mass

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Here’s my train of thought this evening… watching a re-run of SNL tonight with a ‘Presidential’ opening – i comment to John that I loved Will Ferrell playing Bush. Now that I think about it, Phil Hartman playing Clinton was the best but I digress. Will Ferrell…. then that reminded me of when I lived in Boston and he did the address at the Harvard graduation. Of course I just googled it now, so here’s the transcript and the vid are available.

glad i'm not in school

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we got home and had a swim before a trip to the store. now while john prepares some chilaquillas and i sip my drink, i turned on the Wedge and there’s the cutest video. the tune isn’t really my thing – sounds like a mix between couting crows mixed with bright eyes and coldplay mellowed down.. um yeah :p anyhoo, the video is adorable – check it out (here) and have a great weekend!

bend it with a billion people….

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it begins – the FIFA world Cup in Germany kicks off today. for the best places in vancouver to watch the action and be surrounded by people just as excited as you, but probably 100x more passionate about football (than me at least), check out BC Soccer Web or WhitecapsFC.

“The special twist making SOCCERIO possible is the RIO on BROADWAY, which will feature 25 FIFA World Cup matinee games at its 458-seat theatre location on Commercial Drive and East Broadway,” said Lenzi. “We’re convinced the one-two punch of the RIO as a flagship venue and the formal promotion of a festival will bring people together along the Drive.”

For more information about Soccerio, try any of the following links: media release, specific venue info, the cause.

For up to the minute action check out the official site, or be lazy…err i mean resourceful and click on the google banner today – which will take you to all world cup related sites AND supply an up-to-the-minute update on the current game (googleness).