'…therefore, we can blow helium balloon'

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This is something i’ve been wondering about for the LONGEST time! I was like – are these things for real? it would be cool if they were like the size of Frisbees! Records! CDs at least mmmm giant chocolate in a candy shell… but no… not at all, here’s a review. Aw nuts.

I made it through another work day. Tonight I think we’ll get a christmas tree. As previously mentioned, it cannot be a real one so we’re gonna have to stake out a nice piece o’ plastic. I feel like going for a walk although it’ll be mighty cold. I really have grown to love the West End. As soon as you enter from Robson, hit Haro and keep going…(or coming from the other side) all the noise of the city fades away. you can hear a dog bark, a bird whistle, wind rustling through the trees, squirrels laughing…Singing…PLAYING… *sigh* but I digress.

It’s home to some pretty great food as well. I think we were going to try and cook tonight (again ee!) but with places like Banana Leaf and Poncho’s and fish and chips and the ‘meat on the stick’ joint (near laura’s) and the vietnamese place near us and the gyoza place and the Guu (with garlic) place…and that indian food place and and…yeah…it’ll be tough to go home with an empty belly.

since when do i listen to cakes

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Top Model finale is on tonight… I admit it, I’m hooked… We went shopping at Safeway last night (the one on Davie, not Robson cause the one on Davie has jiffy pop), walked home with groceries, made yummy stir-fry and watched last week’s episode since we missed it. I just really don’t want Nicole to win 🙁
we’ve been looking forward to this show for like EVER…they’re playing this Saturday at the Red Room in Vancouver. BUT this Saturday my sister is celebrating her bday and we’re all going out for super-fun-girl times. I guess I could send my bf there by himself, but I also really like live music and would really like to see this as well. Oh what’s a girl to do…

omg repulsive to the knowing hand!

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hehe…. hehe….
Never before seen trailers for the Shining and Big
I just found out that my morning coffee from Starbucks is actually Christmas Blend. I requested dark roast but apparently they’ve got Christmas Blend pumpin out all day today. It tastes like pine trees ground into crap with hints of reindeer….don’t… mess… with… my ….coffee…..

we went to Denman theatres the other night to finally go see Wallace & Gromitt with Laura. It’s a cute lil place not too far from home and it smells like popcorn. Not googaplex-mass-produced generic-butter-slathered popcorn-like-goop. Just popcorn. I like popcorn.

the wise cats never appeared

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I just thought of/remembered this today… pretty touching….

“Friends, Romans, countrymen . . .

I was about six years old when I went on my first official trip. I was going with my father and my grandpa Sinclair up to the North Pole.

It was a very glamorous destination. But the best thing about it is that I was going to be spending lots of time with my dad because in Ottawa he just worked so hard.

One day, we were in Alert, Canada’s northernmost point, a scientific military installation that seemed to consist entirely of low shed-like buildings and warehouses.

Let’s be honest. I was six. There were no brothers around to play with and I was getting a little bored because dad still somehow had a lot of work to do.

I remember a frozen, windswept Arctic afternoon when I was bundled up into a Jeep and hustled out on a special top-secret mission. I figured I was finally going to be let in on the reason of this high-security Arctic base.

I was exactly right.

We drove slowly through and past the buildings, all of them very grey and windy. We rounded a corner and came upon a red one. We stopped. I got out of the Jeep and started to crunch across towards the front door. I was told, no, to the window.

So I clambered over the snowbank, was boosted up to the window, rubbed my sleeve against the frosty glass to see inside and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I saw a figure, hunched over one of many worktables that seemed very cluttered. He was wearing a red suit with that furry white trim.

And that’s when I understood just how powerful and wonderful my father was.”

From Justin Trudeau’s eulogy for his father, Pierre Trudeau

Joey Jo Jo… Junior… Shabadoo

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I just came across this – it amuses me hehe Blog Hot or Not.

So Podcast is the word of the year according to the New Oxford American Dictionary. To find a bagillion and one podcasts (useful, entertaining and not so much of both) go check out iTunes. Runners up for the word honour were Transfat and Bird-flu. It really tells you a lot about this past year. I can’t believe I’m ‘looking back’ already… it’s Christmas time! I have a lot of shopping to do….

I should really get all the things I need for the kiddies first – it’s most important to them although i really don’t think they need anymore toys. They love books. My sister said one year the kids just got so many toys that they put half of them away in storage for a couple months and brought them out throughout the year. I think cars and sports stuff for the boys, and pretty girl things for the girl. Lexi is the only girl out of 3 boys (brothers and cousins) although she’ll have a new baby cousin come January.

It would have been nice to see her have a sister, since I’m so close to mine. Although I won’t get into the whole Barbie debacle…or the hair fight incidents…or other tales such as those… but I will say one thing I forgot to mention over the weekend– HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY! from your much younger sister 😉