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SNL has become increasingly amusing lately. Chris Parnell and Andy Samburg did a “Digital Short” this week… Last time I caught one, Andy and Will Forte sat on a doorstep munching on lettuce and having a deep, heartfelt conversation for several mins. This week Andy and Chris successfully told a story about calling up your friend and arranging to see The Chronicles of Narnia – the whole thing was done in Beastie Boy-esque fashion. They were ‘rapping’ like Beastie Boys and the film was shot in their music video style. It was amusing. The Chronic – WHAT cles of Narnia!
The Canucks weren’t their hottest on Saturday night vs the Oilers. Ouellet was in net but there was a bit of a breakdown in other areas (ie penalty kill) that didn’t help him much. Getting his first NHL start with the Canucks, must have been a tense game for him. They play LA tonight. A good thing to mention would be the upcoming World Junior Hockey Championship in Vancouver. Check out Don Cherry’s opinion of Crosby and why Gretzky has taken leave as Coach of the Coyotes.

We had a pretty great weekend, went to the movies, did some shopping, watched lots of Holmes on Homes. I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping. Santa has to get a stocking ready for a certain someone and my sister and I are heading to wonderful America-land to shop on Wednesday night. I will treat her to my company, chicken fingers, and Victoria’s Secret garments. John and I made a trek to Ikea (which he ended up podcasting) on Saturday night, which wasn’t all that bad. I have yet to truly reach a breaking point amidst all the holiday shoppers and completely give in to walk/shop rage.

‘there’s only 5 shopping days left until Holiday’

Last night we caught a couple of shows about Tsunamis. It’s coming up to the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake/tsunami in asia. It was just over a year ago that close to 300,000 people lost their lives. Allowing us to reflect on the events that took place last Boxing Day, the CBC program featured the more personal stories. We also watched one on Discovery Channel. It was a more scientific look at the damage the earthquake did to the ocean floor. Using technology and information they gathered from that, they were able to formulate a really scary estimation of what would happen to the west coast of North America.

Man… the last 12 months have really been filled with devastating natural disasters. Although sometimes the most devastating disasters aren’t caused by mother nature…on that note – Chris just brought this to my attention on Amnesty’s site.

Kathleen Turner Overdrive

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I’ll start off with… the Apprentice finale last night. Randal walked away with the ultimate job and didn’t take anyone along on his victory lap. some say it was ruthless, heartless – others think his decision to not refer Rebecca for a job as well was a great business move, showing that he actually was the right person to chose for the Trump organization. I can’t really say I supported Randal all along, no one really stuck out as the best candidate. If you ask me, I think my sister should apply, she’s a shoe-in. Although of ANY reality TV show, she’d have the best chance (and the best time) with me on the Amazing Race – alas, they don’t allow Canadians to compete.
The game vs Philly last night – Carter with 2 goals, the Brothers line combined for 8 pts and Hank Sedin had 3 assists. It’s really great to have such an outstanding 2nd line.

Some people in my office are really great. Greig is like an office Dad. He just sent this Christmas Tree Layout (which looks like a survey plan) to everyone and it clogged all our inboxes and crashed our programs – we are in need of new puters and a new setup around here.
We watched the game before we went out to get a) tequilla b) jiffy pop c) a christmas tree. Came home, made margaritas, popped some popcorn and decorated the tree. I am still pretty bummed that we can’t have a real tree but this one will do just fine. We’ve put lights on Oskar (the plant Tanya gave me as a housewarming gift that was later named by Russ). Remind me to get red LED lights on my lunch break.

Tomorrow we’re doing a lil favour for my mom. She’s coming downtown to have her office Christmas party at Le Crocodile. Since that’s just up the street form our house she’s going to come by and we’ll be her valet so she can park her car for free at our place. My mom’s such a great lady, so very supportive. I wish I could do more for her than offer to park her car…

celebrate with the adding of chocolate to milk

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So some people may have been a lil harsh on Cloutier but I still stand by my statements… not sure what they were really… but here’s some entertaining shame from the Canucks OpEd blog. Canucks are playing Philly right now…

I’m not really up for posting much of an entry today. Work was uneventful, busy at times, slow at others. Ate some cookies…talked about Martha and Top Model Reunion last night… seriously a chick on Top Model said aloud “and i was like omg”… she SAID o-m-g. That’s annoying, why not just follow it up by all the other girls saying “L-O-L”.

I don’t want dinner, I filled up with crap-food today…and John from work brought in almond roca, homemade turtles and shortbread. i’m already feeling gross and full of badness and we aren’t even half way through the christmas season. Laura has tomorrow off so she’s going to meet me after work so we can christmas shop a little. probably just in pacific centre since it’s a minimum travel distance from the office and Robson just makes you want to chew your own hands off and spit them out at the hundreds of stupid slow walking oblivious shopper-loiter people.

oh…and then we’re then going to meet up with some other people and catch Narnia. I remember reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in grade 3. our teacher brought in turkish delight for us to snack on.. um.. that stuff is nasty. big turk.

That said – i’m going back to the couch to watch the game. i need sleep and water.

…my opening statement. sit, ubu, sit. good dog

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the Canucks beat the Rangers last night on the crappy-dimly-lit ice in MSG. Bertuzzi had 17 penalty mins – eep! The Sedins showed up again and Cooke played wonderfully. I missed Cookie. as reported yesterday, Cloutier is out for the rest of the regular season *sigh* go figure… so what, are we going to grab up Luongo? Everyone who’s anyone is denying a) that there’s a problem b) that there’s a trade in the works or a need for one… I believe Auld is just find and dandy on his own but really, we DO need backup…we DO need reliable goaltending. it’s always been a problem in Vancouver. At one point last season we reflected on who ‘used’ to be a goalie for vancouver (and sucked it up here) then went on to become the starting netminder for other teams in the NHL, doing absolutely fantastic. Lest we forget the whole Felix Potvin fiasco of the 90s…
I’ve probably already commented on this but it came up again recently and it’s just weird. why on earth would they rename the RAV line the Canada line? I understand it’ll be for the olympics, linking Richmond to the Airport and Vancouver – but why not something more west coast? Pacific line or something… ‘RAV line’ as a name is fine with me… I guess it’s just about as controversial as the Inukshuk (Illanaaq) being chosen as the logo for the 2010 Olympics. It’s more national than a regional. but i think that’s what they’re trying to get at/accomplish with these games.

Chris just sent me the trailer for DaVinci code — ooh!

oh and lastly, you can go here (as i did this morning) to check out your riding and constituents for the upcoming election. Don’t forget to watch the Leaders’ debate on Friday – fun times.


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