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had a partylite candle party today, it was lovely. mmm pineapple-pomegranate pillar…

i can’t stop looking at the new Victoria’s Secret catalogue — they send me a new/different one EVERY week…actually more like 3 times a week, NO JOKE.

i’m going to have dinner now after all this website fun-ness. all i had to eat today was coffee, baby carrots, potato salad and mini “misc. italian hors d’oeuvres” as my mom put it. candle parties are fun.


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I wake up, get dressed, look at a few emails (that gmail didn’t deliver last night btw…) and walk outside to hop in my car and get my butt to work. It’s going to be 13 degrees C today – AWESOME~! So I get out my front door and there’s a coyote about 10 feet away just looking at me. I pause.

Coyote turns and walks up the street. It was such a trip to see such an animal – a wild dog, just chilling in my front yard. He starts walking up the street around VW Jettas, my neighbour’s minivan, right in the middle of the asphalt road…just chillin’.
The office smells like dry wall and plaster, I sneeze, I cough. Boy I can’t wait til they start painting while we’re all here tomorrow….
That’s Thursday morning thus far….a morning with no hockey, wild animal encounters and men in overalls on ladders above my desk.


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I got train rage this morning.

I got on almost at one end of the line and staked out my ‘spot’. I had to stand – since there was no sitting room left but I stood my ground and figured, if any of the 6 people sitting in my ‘spot’ get up to leave, that seat is mine. After the first 15 minutes passed I knew I had earned a seat. So we pull up to a busy station, where a lot of people come and go. NO ONE in my ‘spot’ got up to leave. Okay fine – I’ll ride it out. A woman comes on and stands beside me. Two stops later someone from my ‘spot’ gets up to leave. The woman that just got on two stops ago moves to let the person get up from their seat and TOTALLY blocks me. Then she sits down. Grrr….train rage…I figure, if she’s THAT weak and needs to steal people’s seat…then let her sit. 😉 makes me the bigger person right? (as im making evil gestures in her direction)

I got a grande dark. There are walls up in the office today – that’s a good thing. I’m wearing my Cal shirt 🙂

*deep breath*Friday….Friday…mmmmffffrrriiidayy…….

Why don't they have Tahoma as a blog font?

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Today I registered my very own personal domain. I used to have a website, back in 1997 I believe. It was something like and it was a tribute to Less Than Jake.

Gonna go see Me First and the Gimmes Gimmes @ Dicks on Dicks in March, can’t wait.

Anne is choking. ‘went down the wrong pipe’
She brought in yummy white carrot cake and other snacks for Chinese New Year today – Gung Hay Fat Choy!.

I google everything. Google miss604 and you’ll get The Bored, which isn’t a bad thing – that’s me. You’ll also get me on the second entry. I just wish I could google my real name and have something incredibly wonderful come up. Though there are others out there with my same name…one chick’s a singer – I still haven’t checked out her stuff…maybe I should one day…

Everyone on The Bored is talking about Matthew Good a great musician from Vancouver who put out some of the best Canadian music within the last 10 years. I personally am a huge fan. The fact that others think he’s less than a genius, those that keep posting their own thoughts on his site have left him to abandon the “comments” section of his blog entirely – and now I believe his entire site is gone. There’s an argument that hey – you put it on the internet – people are going to visit and comment. But there’s also knowing when to draw the line when comments turn into personal attacks. I’ll miss his blog because it actually used to give me my international news for the day. Now I suppose I’ll have to get it from the original sources. They were artsy, insightful, political, everything this blog is not 😉

I like monkeys

Time to drink my Tim-Ho coffee, sit back and waste 2 more hours of company time….

too scared to try chantico

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I need to sort my photos. there’s just so many. do i put them all on the computer? should i use my Ikea and Pier1 gift cards to buy tons and tons of picture frames to house them all, cluttering up my walls and shelves?

I’m sitting here trying to think about what to write in a blog. Typing things out and then erasing them – thinking I’ll just let thoughts flow, that would be best, but it really isn’t. I’m not trying to sound insightful, inspirational, artsy, or poetic. I’m simply typing for myself right now. I’m not chatting to friends online, I’m not doing work, I’m just…typing. Don’t ask me why I’m vuluntarily typing – nothing really – at almost midnight on a Sunday. It could be the bad wine that I just drank, or it could be the 5 cups of coffee I had this afternoon. It could be because I’m trying to get my brain to spit out anything that sounds like anything.

I think I’ve been watching too much tv lately… I’m starting to feel bad about my appearance, thinking i should clean my house/purge more often, I should be wearing pointy shoes because people might be laughing at me behind my back…(though I do own many pairs but still…I’m now scared to be caught dead in a platform square-toe chunk heel thanks to TLC)

So I run. I run with Jenny as couple times a week. German is fun, I’m learning German. There must be more to do than wake up, go to work, come home all tired then expire on the couch watching CSI and then perhaps chatting to previously mentioned friends online. When I find out what it is, I’ll be sure to let you know.