grizzly bears near Polaski's candy store

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It’s already that time of year – snowboarding season! now i already went into why i wouldn’t be calling it ski season… apparently this is the earliest the local mountains (namely Cypress) have opened in several decades. that’s amazing, seeing as how they all closed early last year, i think in december, because there was just no snow. it’s part of the whole comfort-factor of living in vancouver. ocean, mountains, ahhh closure, comfy. and in the winter, the mountains are supposed to have white tops. last year it was a trip to look over at Grouse Mountain mid-January and see green grass :- I mean come on!

Just checking out some webcams from around the lower mainland and the island. looks like we’re supposed to get SNOW in a few weeks, although “snow” in the forecast means ‘freezing rain’ or maybe a flake or two for 10 mins then it turns to slush.

In my lifetime I’ve experienced maybe 2 completely white christmases. speaking of … stores have taken down their halloween displays and immediately put up the christmas ones — im getting stressed out already! only 45 shopping days to go!

the curious george store

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i heard the football scores on the radio this morning, colts beat the pats in foxborough. hehe i remember driving past the stadium or passing through there on the train to go visit my friend in Attleboro. i was never a football fan, i just remember being in boston and all the buses would have on their displays: route number, flash to ‘Go Pats Go’, route number.

nowadays you can see that on the snuggle buses’ displays in vancouver ‘Go Canucks Go’. now to explain the snuggle-bus. our complex in Watertown, MA had a shuttle bus. From Harvard Square, to Harvard Business School, down the street and over to the Arsenal complex. It was your typical little shuttle bus, although one of them in circulation had a TV on board… they were comperable to the new Community Shuttles in Vancouver. So everyone from the office complex, the mall, HBS would pack on there every couple of minutes and enjoy a squishy-bumpy ride to work. Hence the term snuggle-bus. Sometimes the driver would drop me off on Mt. Auburn, where there wasn’t a stop, and I would just walk home from there to my lil Aberdeen Street house. I miss the snuggle.

shitake happens

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today is laura’s bday. she doesn’t want a fuss, so i’ll just mention it in my blog anyway. i want to go get her one of those big-ass cakes from True Confections that looks like an edible top hat. i don’t think she even likes sweets that much so maybe i could just get one for ….me? hmm i could bake her one :p OH! cupcakes! Although…i can’t cook. well, i can, just not very well. i managed to burn jiffy pop the other night and i’m afraid to say, it’s not the first time.

ain't got no action grip

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Matthew Good show tonight. I’ve been to about 7 or 8 over the past 10 years. The first one was at David Hawk’s Modern Rock Circus at the Plaza of Nations. Matt was on just before the closing act (Sloan) and introduced the band as “Air Supply”. I heard Raygun, Alabama Motel Room… and was instantly a fan. I can’t wait for the show tonight. Matt Good @ the Commodore. Can’t find better Vancouver entertainment anywhere else.

Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish

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I’m selling my car today. It will be painful/emotional, but it’s time to go. I don’t really need it anymore since I’m living downtown, and I’d rather have the money I spend on financing and insurance in my pocket each month (mostly to afford this new downtown rent). I was Google Image searching for car icons to use in the post and this pic came up. That’s right. It’s a stretch VW Beetle Limo, 2004. Wicked.

My car served me well in the short time that I had it. Took a massive roadtrip to California a few weeks after purchasing it. Other than that, just a few trips to the Okanagan and I used it to move twice. I’ll miss my car car, I’ll have to take the ‘loser cruiser’ everywhere I go now. I don’t mind walking, I don’t mind walking in the rain. I’ve been told for roadtrips now I can just rent a car, which I’m not opposed to.

I’ve owned two cars throughout my life and I’m only 25 (yes…. ONLY! :p). I look forward to owning another someday….or maybe a magic carpet … a lil’ 3 seat’a 😉