hola top model-inos!

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okay so people have put in their two cents re: Canada’s Next Top Model so here’s a nickel from me. All the girls look pretty unimpressive. I agree that Heather should have won the runway challenge, she had the best outfit and everyone else was TRYING too hard to look like a model. As for Andrea um, she’s just trying to look like Kimmy Gibbler.

As Wyn noted on an earlier post of mine, there are 5 girls from BC and none from Eastern Canada. um… why? I’m sure there are pretty girls back East – maybe they just didn’t know about the show.

If Jay is just a ‘guest judge’ this week how will the other judges be next week? He seemed like the only one with a ‘good’ opinion last time. Hopefully they don’t go all soft like the judges on Canadian Idol (compared to American).

I think as Canadians we just expect more – when will it be time to break away from the ‘since it’s Canadian (& made for Canadians) that means it’s low budget’ thing? I think we’ve almost overcome that so perhaps that’s why we all expected a lil better… or maybe I’m just making excuses for a crappy spin off – but of course i’m going to continue to watch religiously regardless, i’m a sucker like that :p

before baseball takes over my tv entirely

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the best of 7 battle for lord stanley’s cup is underway in Raleigh. everyone’s got their picks, chosen sides, etc. in this battle of two teams that really do not have any known rivalry going in the past.

it’ll be great to hear Oh Canada at the playoffs but I can’t say I’ll be cheering for the Oilers. I know that’s a sucky neutral way to go, but as stated in John’s podcast and in previous posts, I’m just looking forward to the action. And although as a somewhat recent vancouverite he doesn’t quite understand a Canuck fan’s possible resentment toward the Oilers this season, John and I are pretty much on the same page when it just comes to watching good hockey – and yes, begrudgingly – the Oilers are playing some fantastic hockey.

With that said. I wanna be in Raleigh tonight for some hockey tailgate action! Even though I have yet to experience some ‘real’ football tailgate fun… hmm I hear the Hawkeye fans know how to have a good time :p

june is a tease

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we all know that june is a rainy wet gross month before the beautiful july and face-meltingly-hot august summer begins. although it was pretty gorgeous this saturday. we tried out our swimming pool as well this weekend and later in the evening took a walk down to english bay. it almost seemed like a fireworks night, people were out everywhere. street performers, hot dog vendors, teenagers, elderly, tourists, and many many puntable puppies. it’s always fun to get near the seawall and catch all the silly tourists on the tandem bicycles – but watch out! they’re usually all over the place and heading in the wrong direction. bring on July. i’m ready.

living for the overtime

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super fun happy weekend times!!!! okay uh not really. i have the work-phone all weekend so that means i will not only be doing jobs for the vancouver office… but for the entire country. that’s right. if you have news to be released this weekend and you’re in montreal, toronto, calgary or vancouver – just gimme a shout. i love working overtime and coming into the office at 4 o’clock sunday morning. okay, well… not really, i’m not as crazy and lolo 😉 hehe

it’ll be a bummer low-key weekend but seeing as how last weekend was so incredibly nuts, maybe it’s for the best. i’ll be hanging out with my sister tonight – we did a trip to the states on wednesday but only to pay our bill and quickly check out some deals, not much time for a big shop.

now i go home, get some rest before heading out. oh yeah! and give john the cupcake laura got him from the cupcake store mmm sacrilicious.

ursprache and mine

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okay so we got stuck (more like sucked in) watching the spelling bee tonight – seriously NOTHING else on!

we started watching with 13 kids left in the competition. they had them to the right of the stage and their parents on the left. upon elimination they went to the side where their parents were sitting (some sat on laps, some took the floor) – why did they not have chairs for eliminated kids? that’s just mean.

as it turns out…(SPOILER OOH!) the canadian girl from alberta made it to the final 2, she and a jersey girl faced off. in round 19 she got the word “weltschmerz” and just couldn’t get it out. the jersey girl beat the alberta girl. yay summer primetime viewing. *sigh*

EDIT: of course we watched the eastern conference final – but that was over by like 6pm… canes beat the sabres woo!