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got my eyebrows threaded today…. yipes! the redness has gone down a bit now but they’re all greasy from all the lotion i put on them. 5 bucks – not bad – but my sis only pays like 3 at the place she goes in Surrey. ive had my brows waxed before, not sure which is more painful – i still don’t even understand HOW they do the threading…
i just made a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies. num! i didn’t realize but the recipe was for 4 dozen so it looks as though once this second batch (that’s in the oven right now) is done, i’ll have at least another. jen’s coming over in a bit and we’re going to have some margaritas and head over to Balthazaar for some tapas and martinis. i called for reservations and they’re all booked up so if we have no luck there we’ll head somewhere else in the west end/english bay.
and of COURSE i have to mention the game last night. John Shorthouse called it yesterday morning on the FOX – he said it’ll go to a shootout and it did. Fantastic. My guy is a big Hasek fan (being that he’s an ex-goalie) he says “he’s NOT human!” – but man did Auld ever perform! The entire team was working, the game was playoff calibre and full of excitement. At one point during the shootout i looked out the window onto Robson and there was a crowd down on the street that had gathered outside a restaurant that was showing the game. The city is totally behind this team – and it feels great. Much respect to Ottawa (and even Heatley) but i’m discovering an appreciation for the Sedins. Whatever it is that we did last night (scoring first in the game, showing up to play with heart, fighting like hell) we need to do more of it – especially on the road.

I'll never mix radish juice and carrot juice again

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Fun!! Snowperson builder and bye bye north pole.

San Jose Sharks are 4-0 after the big Thornton trade…Hockey rumours floating around re: what the Canucks have to offer and is that Bertuzzi?…although the source on that one is the Toronto Sports Network hmm.. but still, I would have to agree with many when I say Clouts has gotta be the next to go… (matt good even references ‘the center ice shot heard round the world‘ in that post). that was painful…

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we went for a walk last night after dinner. i was cold so instead of a long walk down to denman – over to davie and looping around, i suggested we head toward the water. yeah…s-m-r-t move. it was actually quite lovely (although brief) walking around coal harbour.
people around here really do love their dogs. anything from ginormous marmeduke type beasts to lil things that you can fit in your purse and snack on. this is a great walking-city. i’ve had to get used to that since i sold my car. but also, i wouldn’t want to really go for a drive after dinner…unless it was up one of the local mountains to check out the view on a clear night…

we got home and watched Hotel Rwanda. it was on movie central. i recently had to call shaw and complain because i signed up for the movie channels and they cut me off after the free-trial period even though i should have still been getting them…. anyway… it was a remarkable movie. disturbing, eye-opening, thought provoking… my sister read the book Shake Hands with the Devil and recommends it for anyone wanting to know more about the events the movie depicts.

'…therefore, we can blow helium balloon'

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This is something i’ve been wondering about for the LONGEST time! I was like – are these things for real? it would be cool if they were like the size of Frisbees! Records! CDs at least mmmm giant chocolate in a candy shell… but no… not at all, here’s a review. Aw nuts.

I made it through another work day. Tonight I think we’ll get a christmas tree. As previously mentioned, it cannot be a real one so we’re gonna have to stake out a nice piece o’ plastic. I feel like going for a walk although it’ll be mighty cold. I really have grown to love the West End. As soon as you enter from Robson, hit Haro and keep going…(or coming from the other side) all the noise of the city fades away. you can hear a dog bark, a bird whistle, wind rustling through the trees, squirrels laughing…Singing…PLAYING… *sigh* but I digress.

It’s home to some pretty great food as well. I think we were going to try and cook tonight (again ee!) but with places like Banana Leaf and Poncho’s and fish and chips and the ‘meat on the stick’ joint (near laura’s) and the vietnamese place near us and the gyoza place and the Guu (with garlic) place…and that indian food place and and…yeah…it’ll be tough to go home with an empty belly.

since when do i listen to cakes

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Top Model finale is on tonight… I admit it, I’m hooked… We went shopping at Safeway last night (the one on Davie, not Robson cause the one on Davie has jiffy pop), walked home with groceries, made yummy stir-fry and watched last week’s episode since we missed it. I just really don’t want Nicole to win 🙁
we’ve been looking forward to this show for like EVER…they’re playing this Saturday at the Red Room in Vancouver. BUT this Saturday my sister is celebrating her bday and we’re all going out for super-fun-girl times. I guess I could send my bf there by himself, but I also really like live music and would really like to see this as well. Oh what’s a girl to do…