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okay okay

so there’s quite a bit going on in the city this weekend… i admit i’ve been completely cranky and difficult for the past 48 hours – i just fed my belly and went for a mini-walk on my break with Laura and i feel a little better. the canucks are currently scoreless in the 2nd period and i’m left alone at work to listen to Death Cab and be emotional. Plans is one of those albums that takes me back to a specific time last year — so does Transatlanticism – it’s so hip to be indie-emo 😐

since i’m in such a fragile mood i don’t think i want to blog too much – then everyone will know my innermost fears, desires, quirks, secrets, pet peeves… and i’d really rather just share those over time through hundreds of posts instead of treating you all this evening in one lump sum of a post. i think i’ll waste some time reading more blogs and doing some Tickle tests…will post the EXCITING results shortly….Zzzzzz

EDIT: so i took the smallest political test and it turns out i’m liberal – go figure. why not take a quiz about taking too many online quizzes…eh? 😉

meatloaf double beatloaf

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i’ve been really bored lately. must be those “blahs” people are talking about. the after christmas – holy crap i have a lot of bills to pay – combined with – aw man no more holidays til Easter! – feeling… also, combine that with record rainfall in the city (causing evacuations on the north shore) and yeah… blahs…
not sure what’s going on in the city this weekend besides Taboo, Giants games (news: Brule will be coming back) and Canucks on TV. i’m really searching for some shows/concerts to get out and see but nothing that tickles my fancy is coming this way. there’s even a shortage of GOOD movies out (that i haven’t seen yet).

so what should i do tonight? sit around a mope? beat my head against the wall? go run outside naked in the rain (michelle once told me that was fun). *sigh*.

EDIT: Andy Samberg was on Letterman last night… he funny. i like him. and james brown is playing at River Rock Casino tonight :-O !

blogger outage, fire alarms, congestion

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I really think the new radio commercial for Canadian Blood Services is cute. I’ve always wanted to donate, my dad had always for years and years. I just like the part at the end of the ad where the dude is like, we’re actually quite nice and ….we have cookies 😀 mm cookies.

John is still out with sinus pain/head cold type things. I stopped at Spice Alley yesterday to get nummy dinner hot spicy things – burn that right outta there – hope he gets better soon since he’s still got foreign health care but nothing valid here so it’s about 100 bucks a pop at the clinic.

Tomorrow the Canucks play in New Jersey. Meanwhile tonight, Messier (one of my least fave players…especially during his stint here in Vancity) is getting his number retired to the rafters at MSG.

There was a fire alarm going off in our building today. Everyone walked downstairs and went to Starbucks until we got the ‘all clear’. It was a pleasant 15 minute interruption to the workday — seeing as how there was no serious issue/no one was hurt. Although walking down all those flights of stairs made me a wee bit dizzy. Remind me that I don’t start work until 11:00am tomorrow.

Advance voting for the election starts this weekend. The campaigns are smutting up and really getting dirty during this last stretch. I still don’t know whether I’m voting for the person or the party. but also… i still haven’t found out what was up with the fireworks last night – oh well.

EDIT: there was just another fire alarm. many flights of stairs + 3 inch stilettos = ugh….

shoes on heads, hamburgers eat people

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So Shaw is getting into the phone biz while Telus is heading to TV land. Since I don’t have a landline i don’t really care about phone service, although i do have cable so perhaps Telus could offer some competitive deals/packages in the future. They’ve never been my favourite company – with all the labour disputes, crappy customer service/wait times (because they laid off so many reps) and overall unpleasant experiences. There are arguments for either side/either mega-company. I’m just glad those darn Hippo commercials aren’t airing anymore.
My niece (the cutest most beautiful and smartest 5 year old ever – family traits, really :p) is home sick from Kindergarden today. My sis said that she was upset and crying because she wanted to go to school so badly. Poor girl – I can see that attitude changing in the years to come but for now, poor girl.
Laura lives in an older building in the westend, on the west side of Denman. She’s been without hot water/heat/cable/electricity for 2 days now. She called me the other night while walking up 7 flights of stairs in the dark – the emergency lights weren’t even on. The issue was caused by reno crews who are there to repair water damage made by a leak LAST SUMMER. There are some people in her building that cannot walk up/down 7+ flights of stairs so they’ve been shut in without all of those ammenities for days. I keep telling her to move, not sure why she won’t….I mean there’s always suites available in our building 😉

And while John is still drooling over the latest gadgets announced by Steve-o yesterday, there are a few more companies attempting to adapt to the iCraze. i want me some iJeans to wear with my iBoxers. And in daily sleeze – Lindsay Lohan is messed up and Angelina Jolie has a bun in the oven. Thanks Laura/Chris for these fascinating tidbits, my day is now complete :p