too scared to try chantico

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I need to sort my photos. there’s just so many. do i put them all on the computer? should i use my Ikea and Pier1 gift cards to buy tons and tons of picture frames to house them all, cluttering up my walls and shelves?

I’m sitting here trying to think about what to write in a blog. Typing things out and then erasing them – thinking I’ll just let thoughts flow, that would be best, but it really isn’t. I’m not trying to sound insightful, inspirational, artsy, or poetic. I’m simply typing for myself right now. I’m not chatting to friends online, I’m not doing work, I’m just…typing. Don’t ask me why I’m vuluntarily typing – nothing really – at almost midnight on a Sunday. It could be the bad wine that I just drank, or it could be the 5 cups of coffee I had this afternoon. It could be because I’m trying to get my brain to spit out anything that sounds like anything.

I think I’ve been watching too much tv lately… I’m starting to feel bad about my appearance, thinking i should clean my house/purge more often, I should be wearing pointy shoes because people might be laughing at me behind my back…(though I do own many pairs but still…I’m now scared to be caught dead in a platform square-toe chunk heel thanks to TLC)

So I run. I run with Jenny as couple times a week. German is fun, I’m learning German. There must be more to do than wake up, go to work, come home all tired then expire on the couch watching CSI and then perhaps chatting to previously mentioned friends online. When I find out what it is, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Rainy Day People

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Rainy day in vancouver, go figure. Annual average rainfall 1117.2 mm – so they say, but I don’t think it’s a mm past 1000. Jen and I love to walk in the rain – though I think she could stay out there all night and day, I prefer a long walk in the forest or even around the neighbourhood, then coming in to warm up with some hot chocolate. I could listen to the rain fall all night, I think it’s one of the most soothing sounds. That – and trains. For some reason I guess I’ve lived near trains my whole life. Even in Boston (Cambridge) I was close enough to the Charles and across it was a big train yard off Western Ave (I think.)

About a week ago when Todd had his birthday I told him to make sure he put a candle in everything he ate that day i.e. the candle in the stack of pancakes courtesy of my mom on the morning of my birthday. But ya know sometimes the candle would get a lil melty and you’d have wax on your pancakes. He helped me come up with the idea of a BUTTER candle – it would just melt right in there – how COOL is THAT? :p

Oh but we didn’t stop there…ice cream candles for cakes and (now back to the Thanksgiving theme) gravy candles for turkey….I don’t think I would be exagerating if I said that our brainstorms were nothing short of pure genius.