can the Leafs let the 'nucks borrow Pogge?

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Hockey action yesterday – Canada’s World Junior team defeated Russia 5-0. With a controversial “goal” from Russia earlier our boys finished off the night leaving no room for dispute, Canada won the Gold. Coach Sutter is 12-0 in the last two years as coach of the world junior team. Justin Pogge started and won ALL 6 games of the tournament. it was a great day for hockey in vancouver.

Finland defeated USA to come up with Bronze and their goalie was named best goalie of the tournament during the awards presentation.

The canucks were able to hang on to a 3-2 victory over the blackhawks – a game which saw 2 penalty shots come in the same period and Jarkko Ruutu being successful on one of them. His lil brother plays for Chicago and they both were stars of the game. It wasn’t half as exciting as the world cup action but a win is a win, and vancouver should be pleased with that (for now).

the old crayola-oblongata

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Hockey overload today! World Juniors: USA vs Finland in the Bronze medal game (which just started at noon) and then the Gold medal game, Canada vs Russia, which is to follow at 4pm. The Canucks lost AGAIN last night in a snoozer. 1-0 til the 3rd and then gave up 3 goals (after they all apparently thought the game was only 2 periods long). That’s what now, 8 of the last 9 that they’ve lost? They’re playing tonight around 5:30pm in Chicago but I think I’ll keep my set tuned into the World Juniors – then switch over after.

Reading the local vancouver blogs is a daily practice for me. I check out BeyondRobson, DarrenBarefoot and The Vancouverite (to name a few). I really just wonder why the Vancouverite keeps referring to Jenny Good as the Canucks Blogger. She posted maybe five posts about the Canucks and most of them were just gushing about Cloutier being a hottie and his lovely eyes O_o ?

Much respect for her husband, i’ve always read Matthew Good‘s blog and been a fan since i was 16. I think she/his wife is really beautiful, makes some pretty funny comments and like many, she keeps a blog about daily life – which is basically what mine is as well.

I’m just really uncertain why The Vancouverite is so obsessed with her. Perhaps they’re friends? Perhaps he’s a cousin? But when I’m reading about world events, vancouver news, shootings, bridge deaths, etc. i’m not sure how/why Jenny Good posting a photo of herself is as newsworthy… so that’s when i tune out.

Vancouver/Canucks Blogs: Vancouver Hockey Blog, Canucks Blog, Canucks OpEd, to name a few. Aside from blogs, there’s a great selection of Vancouver/Canucks Podcasts to check out, including Dave Olsen’s Canucks Outsider.

local blogs are really good reads. Whether you just want to know what’s new in the city, what happened overnight, what to do this weekend, who is who and going where, or you can just learn what people here are like. You can’t really bash someone’s blog. They’re personal expressions/opinions that people publish in hopes that others might enjoy reading them, find them entertaining, educational, humorous, conversation starters etc.

With that said… I took this gadget quiz on the BBC site and got 7 right. yippee skippee.

Edit: The ‘I’m Blogging This’ shirt is available at ThinkGeek. (Ladies’ baby-doll or men’s styles).

we'd learn how our bodies worked

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Randomness: Chris just sent me this article about Yupsters.

I could really go for a beer right about now. We were trapesing around Granville Island (during our long ankle-wrecking walk) and came across the brewery. It’s a lil operation but would be neat to check out…and spend a day in…a nice…long..cold refreshing day.

Hockey: Tonight, Pay Per View – Vancouver at Dallas. The Canadians defeated Finland and Russia prevailed over the USA in World Jr. Hockey action yesterday.

Bellini Saga: We caught a bit of the Can/Fin game from our booth at Earl’s. I was being picky and I apologize to the waiter if i seemed unreasonable – i wasn’t too horrible… but those who know me know that i hate pulp. and for some reason there was pulp in my bellini so i inquired about it – that’s all. apparently their sangria is made with orange juice. this i didn’t know – and that would explain the pulp in my bellini. the waiter explained this and i went on to enjoy my drink. although as a result of the whole drink kafuffle he forgot to enter our appetizer order so our dinners came first. i really don’t think i flustered him that much but we scrapped the appie and in lieu he offered us a free dessert.

we always have such odd “luck” at Earls. We went there after work once with someone the girls from the office. our waitress proceeded to spill an entire bellini on john’s lap (…arm…pants…shoes…floor…). they offered to cover any dry cleaning costs but it wasn’t too big of a deal, he was just super sticky for the rest of the night. they comped my bellini and we also got a free dessert. kahlua mocha mud pie can solve any problem mmmm. those jeans have now become known as “the bellini pants”. it just so happens that john was wearing the bellini pants last night. coincidence? hmm.. next time we go we’ll just get right to it and order a bellini – full of pulp – for his lap.

free of crime, although, overrun with ferrets

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In addition to the note i added onto a post yesterday, the concern about Patullo Bridge is again in the spotlight due to another tragic accident that claimed the lives of 4 people. If you’ve ever driven over this bridge (as i have many times a week for the past 25 years..well as a passenger THEN as a driver when i was old enough) you’d know how freaky it is to hit that almost-hair-pin curve especially if you’re stuck in the middle lane. it’s not that i don’t trust myself enough to stay in my lane and go the speed limit, it’s that i don’t trust other drivers. i’ve driven over that bridge at 10pm and seen an SUV with no lights on straddling the middle lane – coming my way. so many of the accidents are in THAT spot and they involved head-on collisions. meridians won’t really do much, I think the new Surrey Mayor has it right when she says – we need a wider bridge — better yet a new bridge.

While we’re talking about bridges to Surrey, why on earth did they only add ONE lane to the Port Mann? Sure it gives us a HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane heading East but from 5am to 8pm westbound traffic is backed up for miles regardless. why could they have not made it a counterflow? they only somewhat solved the solution for one direction of traffic. There’s also the issue of twinning the Port Mann.

anyone who’s had to take the Patullo or the Port Mann KNOWs that some vast improvements need to be made to the major arteries around here. although more space/breathing room and quicker travel times (not because of speeding) equals potentially more vehicle traffic – and i believe that’s a main fear most people have. in an article by the Tyee “… widening highways to reduce traffic is like buying bigger pants to fight obesity: more room on highways will just encourage more people to drive.” If we build it, they will come.

this offering of cookies and milk

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Laura is buying me cookies. she’s on her break and just called to tell me there’s a 70% off sale at Athlete’s World. Our office is attached to Pacific Centre and at the north end all the stores are clearing out. so on top of all their boxing day/week sales, they’re all having lease expiry blowouts. i believe holt renfrew will be taking over that entire side of the mall (from the food court all the way up to old navy) nuts eh? i wonder what it will be like for us office people who walk through there to get to food on our lunch break – i don’t want to have to pass through Stuffy McSnob’s to go get a panini from Cafe Supreme. (which probably won’t exist after this…)
I ended up getting a sub for lunch today, although i would have prefered a nice soup and sandwich from Suzette’s – with the big ol thick multigrain bread and alfalfa sprouts mmmm…
today is shaping up to be just as slow as last week – it’s all going to start again soon though…the 12 hour days, the weekend shifts… earnings season is coming! for now, i’ll try to enjoy this slow time and put a top coat on my nails before i leave for the day.

EDIT: Bridge of death strikes again. I’ve blogged about it before and even John (after living here for only a few months) calls it the “bridge of death”. it’s utterly insane how unsafe that bridge has been for decades.