just remember to mind the gap

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I was only in London for 3 days in the fall of 2003. I was living in Boston (London Junior) and ‘crossed the pond’ to visit Michelle, who had been living there several months, working at the BBC. I walked around for hours on end every day in the rain with no umbrella and no where in particular to go, really.

I used to think that there were a lot of Starbucks in Vancouver (one every block including two across from each other on Robson and Thurlow) . But honestly, in London… there were a lot of Starbucks. Michelle’s flat-mates worked at the locations nearest to their home and while I was there I got to go to the Christmas party. It was a really interesting time.

Her roommate Sabrina took me out one day to Camden Market and to Hampstead to a Danish Market. It was a lot to fit into 3 days, but honestly I had no plans whatsoever, Michelle worked all day, so I was an empty slate ready to participate in whatever adventure arose. We also went to see a movie (which didn’t actually come to North America until the following year). I had no idea what it was but by the end I couldn’t believe she took me to that. 28 Days later was a lil bloody.

One of the best parts of the trip? Flying Virgin Airlines. I booked my trip on a whim and left Thanksgiving day. Virgin had the cheapest flight and at the best time and MAN it’s totally the best airline EVER – popsicles mmm.

Why am I talking about London? Jen just got back and Mom’s still over in Europe. I’d like to go back again some time…I’d like to go many places. My passport needs more stamps.

from monkey men to doctor dave

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i found things, lots of them. some brought back great stupendous
fantasmic memories. others…not so much. notes from high school,
birthday cards, old photos, old flames, lost ones, found ones, useless toys, at least 4 whistles…(don’t ask)…. i’ve posted some pics of some of random things…and some childhood pics of yours truly

just remember – i suck at math

an all unicorn rendition of Grease

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i have had no Guinness today.

names have been changed to protect the innocent

miss: did you
know that dolphins are the only
other species that have sex for
monkey: not true all
primates do
miss: hm i heard no
monkey: from where?
on the radio, and if it’s on the radio, it’s so.
monkey: haha what about bonobos?
miss: what about him
monkey: them! they have all kinds of crazy sex,
oral and stuff
miss: sounds like a name for a pack of clowns
monkey: it was on PBS
miss: what are you doing watching clowns have sex?
monkey: MONEKYS!
monkey: yes monekys
is that a type of clown?
monkey: >:-O

gonna see a BUNCH of shows in the coming weeks…the previously mentioned Me First and the Gimme Gimmes show is tomorrow YAY! Then Snow Patrol and Keane in May

If you live in BC and are reading this (hi mom and jen) :p you may want to read up on the proposed reforms to the electoral process *yawn*…I just decided to look over them today and i found it rather interesting check it out

Well and finally since it IS St. Patrick’s Day here’s a lil humour 😉

no more sunriser special – just triple o's

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shopping, shopping and more shopping. followed by some going out on the town (thanks to our courteous shuttle drive from the Delta OPR)..followed by a morning in bed (not with the driver, just re-couperating)…followed by nice dinners Ghostly Walks fun times had by all. pics are up on a secret top secret super secret pics page :p back at work this week. busy weekend coming up. candle parties, birthday parties, and other fun filled activities. i get need to get away again soon, it’s addictive – travel that is…or maybe just the whole “not working thing” anyway… it’s late. I’m CSI and Apprentice’d out.