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Okay so we had the wettest January on record. I remember last summer we were on track for the most sunny days, until there was like one day to go and the lil instrument at Environment Canada that measures such things was stolen – so everyone just ‘figured’ we broke that record. Yay Vancouver! I really hope that February is a lil dryer, for many reasons. Historically it’s actually a very sunny month.

Now, how about them Canucks eh? Jovo is out, Naslund was back and seven different players scored to defeat the Coyotes 7-4. Sedin with 4 points, Auld was great (as per usual) with 42 saves – they ended up pulling Cujo after 5 goals on 19 shots. People are saying it’s because Nagy is out that their team is outta whack – we could say the same about not have Jovo but …really I don’t think we’ll miss him that much (sorry :p).

I put on an all 80s iTunes mix this morning at work for Laura and Chris. I’m in a much better mood than yesterday – John made me eggs and toast before I left then we went downstairs to pay rent – I’m so glad my building lets you pay with Interac, since I dont have checks it’s the easiest and most convenient way to go. When the lease is up in October we’re hoping to move to a 2 bedroom place in the building – those suites are all on the west side of the building, right now we’re north-east. But, not to get ahead of myself, we still have a full summer ahead of us in this place right above the building’s heated pool mmm. Okay now I don’t want to be at work anymore…

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Yesterday the Pickton trial started. This is it – the big one – Canada’s BIG trial. He pleaded not guilty to 27 murder charges. I was telling John about how the saga unfolded 4 years ago when a pig farm in Port Coquitlem was swarmed with police and turned into a evidence-gathering base camp for months on end. He’s accused of murdering almost 30 women – most were on missing lists from the Downtown Eastside. This is a pretty disturbing story and when I watch Guy Ritchie’s – Snatch – it disturbs me even more “so be weary of any man who keeps a pig farm.”
… Canucks eh… Jovo – possibly out for the rest of the season – getting some surgery and so where does that leave us? If he’s out for more than 10 consecutive games that frees up some cash/the cap limit so that we could acquire someone else during that time — then thing is, once Jovo is back (albeit probably not til April) we’d have to let go of that person who came on. Sucky. He’ll be missing the olympics but I don’t think the team will miss him too much. Sure he plays a heck of a lot of minutes but he really is not the best player…Speaking of which, our BEST player – Marcus Naslund is taking it easy, nursing and injury that – if aggrevated – could be devastating to the Canucks. They play Phoenix tonight.

Things have been so busy lately, if I had a pda or daytimer my calendar would be full – instead i’m relying on little bits of paper and printed out calendars from outlook to plan my days, nights and weeks. I’ve started taking lunches to work and we’re eating at home a lot more. This saves us anywhere from 10 dollars to 60 dollars a day – yipes!

I think we’re also going to sign up for the Sun Run this year. I used to do it in high school with my running club. We’d show up to school at 6am and take off on a 10km run. We’d do the Sun Run, Run for Light and various others around vancouver. Although one year for the Run for Light the weatherman from UTV (now Global) told us to leave our backpacks under the warmup stage area. We did, and when we got back my bag was gone. I had my school books, wallet, clothes and michelle’s Forrest Gump piano book in there. That guy is still doing weather on Global and man… I still don’t trust him…

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Heidi’s baby girl is adorable. We visited them in the hospital last week – everyone is happy and doing very well. we’re heading out to New West this morning (once we pick up my mom) then my mom and I are going to Heidi’s baby shower. Kaylee is 5 years younger than her brother Aiden, and my niece Alexis just adores her – wishing the her baby brother (18 months old) was a girl instead so he’d be more fun to play with. Kids are so great, my sister can’t wait until i venture down that path because it certainly isn’t all fun and games – but i’m sure it’s rewarding…. (just trying to block out adolescent memories of being really horrible to my mom at this point). — wait what am i talking about ? look at me – does it look like i could do any wrong or be mean? :p

The sun is out (finally) – a week of rain and sun on Saturday, as long as we get SOME sun. The subject of the wet winters in Vancouver has been talked about far too much so I’ll sign off now – go get my shoes on and start my day. I heard there’s an accident at the first ave exit of Hwy 1 and so westbound traffic is a mess – i’ll be sure to avoid that. thanks fox.

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my brain is still pretty mushy from all the busy-ness so i’m not sure what i really have to comment on … or talk about or give insight…meh. i got free popcorn yesterday from the Nutman and um had a lovely skytrain ride.
it turns out that feb 6th we will have a new government/prime minister (oficially). we’ll have to see what this means for canada. people in the office were talking about Holt Renfrew (aka Snobby McSnobs) is taking over the atrium at pacific centre because it got bought by some american company. i also heard on the radio this morning that the Bay is going to be taken over by an american company. it’s amazing to think about how our country was pretty much built around the Hudson’s Bay Company and now it’ll become another conquest for the likes of Wal-mart and whoever else.

I need to go for a nice long walk with John. we still walk but it’s more for transportational purposes ie. getting to food or voting or work etc. we used to talk long walks in parks and around vancouver – for the fun of it. i think we’ve just been too busy lately. i wish i could run with him in the mornings around stanley park – especailly those mornings when you wake up and the mountains are covered in snow, the north shore is decorated an orange glow from the sunrise and the water is clear and emerald coloured. i like the rain, it keeps things green, lush, fresh and growing. but there’s nothing like a clear vancouver morning when someone who’s lived here their entire life — or someone whose only been here for a few months — can realize that this really is the best city in the world.

it looks as though i could just sit here and blog about something after all….

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so busy. so incredibly busy. although… laura just sent me this vid of an octopus eating a shark then i moved on to Perfect Situation by Weezer and Directions (Death Cab) from Chris hehe. always remember to support your local podcaster.
every single day there’s something to do and it doesn’t help that it’s busy season at work – although this afternoon is rather slow. it sucks that it’ll be 3 weekends before payday (which is tuesday). i really hope i get my T4 ASAP so that i can get crackin on them taxes. the flowers laura brought me at work the other day are still alive and thrivin’ – stinkin up the joint – but it’s a pleasant stink. went shopping with my mom, sis and niece last night, which was really fun. alexis told me the following joke. Q: How do you get your tissue to dance?

The canucks play the red wings in about an hour and i’m here til 6 o’clock tonight. meh.

A: put a lil boogie in it. thanks lex :p