The Amazing Hunt, Tomorrow

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As previously noted, my sister and I are racing in The Amazing Hunt tomorrow [Miss604]. It’ll be a foot race for a couple hours around Vancouver complete with all the bells n’ whistles you’ll find to the CBS version (Yield, Detours, camera people, matching shirts and spazzes).

We just got the race details, where to meet etc. and what we can bring along. It’s pretty exciting and they will be filming so we’ll have to speak clearly and read every part of every clue. We’re told that for more ‘face time’ on camera we should talk about ourselves and the other teams as much as possible as well. It’s not about being on film, although that will be how they track our fair play and make sure we read through clues carefully, completing tasks appropriately. It’s about having fun, competing and running walking at an expedited pace through the city.

We’re allowed to bring a cell phone in case of emergency, one map book, ID, some water, and food in a backpack. We’re also told we can being personal medication and cigarettes. Um, we won’t be needing those but maybe one of our competitors will stop for a smoke break and give us a lead, if we’re not already the front runners.

Speaking of the others, there are 5 teams total as of today. We’ll all be wearing official race shirts and making our way around the city tomorrow. At some points we may require money to complete a task and if it isn’t supplied we have to ‘find it on our own’. So if you see my sister and I tomorrow, in a hurry, holding clue cards, we just might need your help.

Good news is I don’t have to get up too early, it starts at 10:00am but who knows how long it will last. I’m going over my backpack contents in my head right now and getting pretty pumped. I just hope the rain holds off, but seeing as how my sister absolutely loves the rain, maybe it would help her perform better. As for me, I just hope that after all this talk I can actually bring some game.

Spam Taunts

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When John set me up with WordPress he installed a helpful little plugin that sorts through comments and tosses aside anything deemed ‘spam‘. I can then browse through the comments later and dump them all in one click of a button. Sometimes the numbers are painfully high but the benefit is that, I don’t really have to filter anything myself, it’s all done for me. Occasionally I’ll pass through the spam just to check and see if anything of value was misplaced. Honestly, I get a kick lately out of some of the comments and what they say, here’s a sample of what I see as I scroll through:


  • No more spam, man!
  • Delete this spam!
  • I hate spammers!
  • Spammers suck a lot
  • You have so much spam in here

They just sit there, taunting me, (and cracking me up), until my all-powerful finger hits the appropriate key and ZAP! They’re all deleted. I’ve shared this with John every now and then and it seems as though I don’t have it too bad. These types of spam comments sure do beat the ones he gets about products to help improve his “performance”.

Being Social

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Yesterday John sent me this link to Boing Boing where they mentioned this YouTube video about Web 2.0.

In an effort to sort through what I personally know about being a part of this whole weebernet of information, I started browsing a couple topics. I found one site that pretty much sums up how I feel about a couple things, and the fact that he’s quoted an 80s movie not only makes me giggle but keeps my focus.

Scott Karp on “social”:

There is way too much hype, way too much ideology, way too much orthodoxy, and way too many hopes, dreams, and expectations packed into this poor overused word. There are many good intentions, and real revolutions, all enabled by technology. But the discussion of everything “social” in media is starting to feel, well…maybe The Breakfast Club, that fountain of mid-80s wisdom, said it best:

Claire: So academic clubs aren’t the same as other kinds of clubs.
John: Ah… but to dorks like him, they are. What do you guys do in your club?
Brian: Well, in physics we… we talk about physics, properties of physics.
John: So it’s sorta social, demented and sad, but social.
[Publishing 2.0]

The whole geek inheriting the earth thing rings true but you no longer have to be Poindexter to blog or participate in social networking (see my post about the lonely bloggers). But this isn’t just about blogging, that’s the just part of this whole thing that I’m most familiar with.

How does all this “social media” fit into the big business world or how does it apply in the 9-5 scheme of things? I’m not really the one to ask, but hopping on the “social media” bandwagon on a whim, putting Digg and links on your website and trying to sell SEO to clients without knowing what you’re getting into can have negative repercussions. Although hearts may be in the right places, it seems like some companies are that older guy at a party wearing obvious pop culture trends trying to be hip ‘yo but clearly out of place. So they need help, they need to ‘get with the times’ but perhaps they’re really not sure how.

Stowe Boyd on “social” PR (via Scott Karp)

School your clients to do the right thing, not just wrap themselves in a bunch of psychobabble about social interaction with their “communities” without actually adopting a new mindset.

Knowing what you’re getting into is key as well as understanding what you’ll get out of this, and how your clients will ultimately benefit. You can’t go out and put a googofluxcapometer in your car purely because that’s a term you heard people using around the water cooler. You actually need to know what these tools are, how you can effectively use them, and explain exactly what they are to your clients.

If you have no idea where to start (or have no idea what I’m talking about right now) you can do Google searches (e.g “blogging for __” or “how to __”), find a forum in which to discuss “social media” for newbies or if all else fails, browse the wikis back to front. We’re in a new phase of the “information super highway” both personally and in the business world. I’m no expert, but I am a part of it all.

The Crazy Canucks – Episode #20

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Special guest star time on Episode 20! Run Time 49:02, click for MP3 or visit site to listen and for more details.

A momentous episode for the history of our podcast, we have the first guest join us, and there is an outnumbering of females to male ratio. Loxy from an Edmonton Oiler fan blog, Hot Oil, joins in on the discussion, especially her take on the two wins over the team so near to her heart. We also hash out the loss to Calgary in between the four points we got last Thursday and tonight. Unfortunately, Dave was unable to join us for this episode.

Record as of this episode: 30-20-4
Northwest Division: 2nd
Western Conference: 7th

The division continues to be a tough battle, and it was really great to have Loxy on the podcast to get an outside view of how other teams view the competition that the Canucks bring. Even though you might love to hate the Oilers, she gives you a little insight to what it’s like for an Edmonton lover living in Vancouver, plus we pick her brain on how her fellow fans view Luongo and the Sedins. And since the schedule debate continues to be a hot topic, we pose the question to Loxy as well.

* Hot Oil – Edmonton Oilers fan blog
* You Are A Blog

One extra note, if the audio quality seems off on this episode, please forgive us. We had issues with the recording setup, but I did my best to adjust what we recorded, even after a couple false starts and a mid-episode crash. These things happen from time to time.

MG Studio Blogging

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After hopping on a bus I meandered my way over to the studio to sit in on some of Matt Good‘s recoding sessions. Right now my computer screen seems way too bright in this candle-lit space and I’m seriously outnumbered, being without a Mac.

Dan Lilly has been snapping some really great photos about his experience and time here, which far surpasses the early evening I’ll spend on this lovely leather couch surrounded by sound maker machines and speaker thingamabobs. Audio looping, random frustrations, searching for perfection.

Photo credit: Zona on Flickr

Inside jokes break the tension, while I still feel like the light from my computer is absolutely blinding and intruding on a soft, mellow atmosphere. I’ve just worked a complete work day but theirs is far from over. I believe this is the third week that they’ve been in the studio, and I have no idea how that fares in comparison to any other time, being that I’m completely ignorant of ‘how a record is made’, but I think I’m getting a glimpse into the process as we speak. Listening to the same piece of audio incessantly loop stop, play again, discuss, and repeat. Ironically enough the one word that is looping the most is “details”… “details”… “details”…

Around the room conversations turn to something any Vancouverite could talk on and on about for hours (and that I know very well), the local hockey team. Rod’s sporting his Canucks jersey with the Orca logo but the consensus around here is that the stick in rink is ultimately the best design and should be implemented immediately. There’s a Canucks game tonight vs Chicago, who are just coming off a win against Calgary but we’re also just coming off a victory over Edmonton, which by default makes us more happy, confident and… elated.

There’s a call for dinner orders, but I think I may not be staying the entire evening, if anything the ample helping of Greek food I had at lunch time will be able to carry me into the late hours.

I’m certain the moods and atmospheres in here change numerous times daily, right now it’s calm, there’s sounds of fingers on laptop keyboards and intermittently the audio will pipe up with another piece of a chorus. I’m looking through Dan’s Flickr to find a good pic to add to the post. It’s kinda creepy browsing photos of people in a situation that’s unfolding right before your eyes. Truth is, our camera isn’t the best and I wouldn’t want to impose and well mostly, Dan’s pics kick ass.