Drive Safe Today in Metro Vancouver

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I woke up with sun beaming through the bedroom curtains. The voice at the local radio station coming through my alarm clock said it was “frigid” outside but the warmth radiating from my window was quite comforting. As I was getting ready to head out this morning my mother called and said it’s a “white out” in Surrey. She couldn’t even see her neighbour’s house and my brother in law who was on the highway called to tell her to stay in today, and not go driving anywhere. As this was in complete contrast with everything I was viewing out my balcony I looked up a few local webcams to get the scoop (all still shots are from around 10:00am today)

The Katkam in Vancouver (what I am seeing)



Lougheed Highway


Boundary Road & The Queensborough in New Westminster


Willingdon at Highway 1


Port Mann Bridge


and going the other way on the Port Mann


It might not be too long before that front rolls over this way but in the meantime if you’re heading out today, check the local highway cams and traffic reports to make sure you’re not going to get stuck anywhere unprepared.

Launch Party Vancouver3 Recap and Rockband Bonus Feature

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Last night over at the Lamplighter in Gastown over a hundred people mixed, mingled and shmoozed at Vancouver’s third Launch Party event, organized by the folks at Strutta.

It’s something I would have attended regardless but the night was extra special because we were getting together all of Vancouver’s Tech Women to Watch in 2008 for some photos, drinks, and good times. Duane was commissioned to take most of the shots and his work will be up soon on his website or Flickr. In the meantime, here are a few snaps from others that I’ve been able to find.

Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr

Maura of Strutta, and me in self-portrait mode
Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr

Jordan of Strutta and me
Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr

The lovely Megan Cole and I, up to no good
Photo credit: IanivandArieanna on Flickr

Mr and Mrs Bollwitt
Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr

I had a wonderful night hanging out with familiar folks from some really great companies, meeting new people, making new connections, and being able to promote my site all while sporting a snazzy yet cheap new ‘do.

After Launch Party, and with the help of Monica, we ended up at Tanya’s for what pretty much turned into a Vancouver Twitter meetup. I got to experience Rock Band and it was a lovely end to the evening although I think I’m still recovering… from all the photos that have been taken at least.

Happy in Vancouver

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Yesterday was deemed the most depressing day of the year. If your winter SAD has kicked in or your holiday bills are catching up to you, that classification might be justified. But here in Vancouver RIGHT NOW, the sun is shining, yes, there’s SUNSHINE.

I propose, just for a day, just while there’s no cloud cover overhead, that there be no complaining about umbrella etiquette, ICBC rates going up in the Valley, school closures in Surrey, or the aging eye-sore that is BC Place.

Let’s just all gaze over at the gorgeous North Shore mountains, or peer across the ocean toward Vancouver Island, or you know, vote for our favourite local blog (whose only competition is “local” blogs in Ontario). But I digress…

John Bollwitt on Flickr

Sure, we could be turning a museum into a fitness club, but I want to focus on some fluffy, positive material here.

Open forum: What makes you HAPPY about living in Metro Vancouver?

No mention of the word “Sam”, “2010” or “Translink” (let’s keep it clean here folks) and no mention that when I missed the Skate for a Cure, that John got to meet Trevor Linden instead of me. It could just be one word, like “gelato” or many, like “snow day next week!”.

The Amazing Hunt Fool's Gold Contest

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Last year I participated in The Amazing Hunt twice with my sister, once on Granville Island (in a foot race) and the other (with a car) in Surrey. This year they’re ramping up offering several different locations for races throughout the spring and summer:

  • March 15 (Richmond)
  • May 3 (Vancouver)
  • July 5 (Family Edition)
  • August 16 (Langley and Fort Langley)
  • foolsgold-tah.png

    As an added bonus, if you register now for any of these 2008 races you will receive a movie pass (for two) to view the upcoming Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson film, “Fool’s Gold“.

    When: February 6th, 2008 at 7:00pm
    Where: Fifth Avenue Cinema located on 2110 Burrard Street.
    More Info: The Amazing Hunt’s blog.

    The Amazing Hunt is always a good time and is so well-organized. Bill even takes the time to produce YouTube videos and mails out a DVD to all participants to really make you feel like a rock star even if you did come in dead last.

    Vancouver History: Oddities

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    I’m a nut for trivia and lesser-known facts. I also love feeding my brain with all kinds of nuggets of information especially when it comes to our fair region. I recently found a new section of my favourite Vancouver history website that features “Oddities“: bits of news that probably weren’t news at the time, but are certainly entertaining (and somewhat puzzling) nowadays. Here’s a sample:

    • People were a lot more brave 50 years ago, “On December 22, 1958 a French adventurer completed a swim of the Fraser River from Prince George to New Westminster’s Pattullo Bridge. (NOTE: in December!)”
    • One of my first blog pieces that I sought to write about was regarding the Nine O’clock Gun, “In 1898, on October 15, the Nine O’Clock Gun was fired for the first time in Stanley Park . . . at noon.”
    • Yikes! “In 1925 a Vancouver branch of the Ku Klux Klan, the racist organization that had originated in the southern USA, used the Tait Mansion in Shaughnessy (aka Glen Brae) as their headquarters. Rent was $150 a month. Today that building is the children’s hospice, Canuck Place.”
    • We’ve filled in a lot of what used to be ocean and waterways around here ie. False Creek, “In 1924 Lansdowne Track in Richmond opened, named for a former Governor General. The peat bog on which the track was built acted like a sponge and horses ran slower at high tide.”
    • On March 29, 1949 the sale of margarine was approved. However, the lobbying dairy industry who feared that sales would hurt the butter industry, urged that it be sold yellow and not white like butter. When it hit store shelves on April 22nd, margarine in Vancouver was sold white, in bags, with a colour pill that had to be popped and kneaded in to make it yellow.
    • “In 1909 Vancouver took its first mechanized ambulance out for a test drive and ran over and killed an American tourist.”
    • Ever wondered just how many tunnels there are under this city? “In 1965 the tunnel at Vancouver’s main Post Office, built to carry mail to the CPR station, was closed permanently for that purpose, having proved impractical. It will be used for storage and creepy movie scenes.”
    • “In 1930 a world record for egg-laying was set by No Drone, No. 5H, a hen from the Whiting farm in Surrey. She had laid 357 eggs in 365 days. No Drone was preserved for posterity and her stuffed form put on display at the World Poultry Congress in Rome.”
    • There’s always a petition to be signed in Vancouver (and now on Facebook) and back in 1947 it was about candy bars. School children circulated a petition calling for an end to wartime taxes on candy. As a result, the price of chocolate bars dropped from 8 cents to 7 cents.
    • This might make you feel better about our gloomy spring so far. Rain poured down on January 6, 1953 and didn’t stop for 29 days. It’s still Vancouver’s longest wet spell.
    • The Vancouver Grizzlies were a semi-professional football team that only played one season, in 1941.
    • I’d still buy my CD’s there if I could, “In 1958 a man named Fred Steiner sold his Toronto radio store and moved to Vancouver. He opened a shop here, and called it A&B Sound. Why A&B? A&A was taken. True story.”

    All of these and more can be found in the Oddities section of Vancouver History.