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It seems like they forgot to have things happen in this movie.

It’s about time I posted about this. We’ve been watching several episodes a week (usually just before bed) and having a total riot. Mystery Science Theater 3000. If only the DVDs Rev. Don sent up months ago would have worked on my old crappy DVD player, I would have known the joys of MST3K so much sooner.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988–1999), usually abbreviated MST3K, is an American cult television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson featuring a man and his robot sidekicks who are trapped on a satellite in space and forced to watch particularly bad movies. (wiki)

Basically it’s “just a show” various details changed over the years as it ballooned in popularity – from a UHF channel show in the Twin Cities to airing on the Space Network and feature films (imdb). It’s a man and his robot friends watching old B movies, mostly sci-fi (a pre-requisite for the Space Network) and just commenting out loud… saying all the things you’re thinking in your head about how much the movie sucks.

As other msties will confide, the show is a clearinghouse of astute cultural observations derrived from the amazing stupidity and innocence of bad film makers. The commentary by humans Joel and Mike and robots Tom and Crow reflect the collective laugh that is burried in so many of us when we watch awful film. (fan site)

It’s witty, snarky, makes references you sometimes have to be pretty keen (or totally geeky) to get. Seeing as how there’s no hockey (only crappy reality series’ that I may get TOO hooked on if I don’t be careful) it’s a great time to grab some episodes of shows like these and just have a ball.

july hockey update

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I haven’t done a hockey post since attending the draft (podcast) so we’ll give’r a shot today. I’ve been trying to keep on top of all the trades and rumors (usually for that I just go over to VCOE and see what’s up) but here’s my version of a recap so far:
Jovo to Phoenix, Bertuzzi + Auld + Allen to Florida, Baumgartner to Philly, Carney to Minnesota, Mitchell to Vancouver, Luongo to Vancouver, Krajicek to Vancouver, Ruutu to Pittsburgh

Now a couple of these were free agent deals that the Canucks could do nothing about, really (e.g. Ruutu – twice as much money offered to be a Penguin, sad but hey – go for it).

We’ve re-signed some key players, picked up a couple draft picks but we’re still BARELY holding on to our #1 scorer last season, Anson Carter. According to Nonis we just can’t offer him enough, though he wants to stay in Vancouver. (story). That’s depressing – considering how much the Canucks have given up (granted we did get one of the top 3 goalies in the world in return) you’d think there would be a lil more room to squeeze in a nice salary for Carter. But what do I know I’m bad with numbers.

Things are being shuffled all over the league, Weight has gone back to St. Louis, Stevie Y retires, JR’s now Jovo’s buddy in a Coyotes uniform and Pronger’s a duck. Aside from all the players ‘changing teams’ (no, that’s not a Seinfeld reference) we’ll also have different people behind the benches come September. Viggy (as John likes to call him) in Vancouver, Crow in LA and Quinn – where did he end up again? Is he still floating around?

At any rate, this coming season should be pretty darn interesting. The league’s woken up from it’s lockout nap and it has become a big snow globe of sorts – getting all shuffled around. Will the result be something beautiful (yeah, I’m saying hockey can be beautiful) or will it just be one big jumbled up mess. Either way, CANT WAIT for next season!

Update: Cloutier to the Kings!

i was just talking to the cornfield

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Although I’m a born n’ raised Vancouver girl, the United States was my home for 13 months (2002 – 2003). I worked at an internet company doing totally geeky things and loving every minute of it. People didn’t know I was from Canada until I told them but they’d usually say “I thought there was something different about you”.

During that time Bush Jr. sent troops to Iraq. The city in which I lived leaned quite a fair bit to the left compared to the rest of Boston (hence the reason it would be referred to as ‘the People’s Republic of Cambridge’). I’d walk home from the work shuttle bus and see signs down my street “Impeach Bush”. My dad told me since the US was my host country I shouldn’t talk politics and criticize. So I tried to not do such things, I was a guest.

Back in 1997 I met a boy from Oakland, CA who came up to the Sunshine Coast where I was working at a camp. He was with a youth group and they were commissioned to do some work at the camp for a few weeks in the summer. This boy became one of my best friends, actually he’s the reason I first downloaded an Instant Messenger program and to whom I wrote my first email. In turn, I got him hooked on the sport of rugby. He played until college and has had several painful surgeries because of it… I guess I should apologize. I’ve visited him in California and did weekend trips to his college in Poughkeepsie, NY when I lived in Boston (although I wasn’t supposed to take my rental car out of state, oops).

Several years later, in some quirky twist of events, because of that Oakland boy I first started talking to John – and we all know how that story goes – or at least where it’s led us…

John always tells me you don’t have to love your government or agree with them in order to be patriotic. You don’t have to agree with bills that are passed or what goes on in the senate. It’s about your nation, people, society – anything and everything that makes you proud.

I’m proud as heck to be Canadian but some of the most amazing people in my life, those who leave me in awe of just how great people can be, are American.

Today, I wish every American (from Oakland, to Iowa to Boston) a very happy Fourth.


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We need more sunscreen. I’m trying to get colour – just not one of a redish hue. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with becoming beef jerky-like in texture – I’d just like to look less ghost-like during the summer months.

There’s a woman we see at the pool every day. She’s out there for at least 3 hours – that we can see (from the time we spot here until we check later that evening so it could be longer). She just sits and bakes. All oiled up, just cookin’. I’m not sure how people can tolerate the sun for that long. She just sits there, completely still – no book to read, no music, just RAYS. Upon a closer look her skin seemed pretty much on its way to becoming shoe-leather.

We started swimming and doing a little workout. On my 4th lap I come up for air and I breathe in (nice and deep) *hack hack* some lovely 2nd hand smoke. John: “Double your cancer, double your fun.” Oh dear.

Now this was earlier in the week and we’ve seen her every day since. The sun can be good for you (Vitamin D etc.) but can THIS much really benefit someone?

I’m at least going to let the sun burn on my back subside before I consider any future ‘baking’.

my sandals are worn, i need new ones

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We’ve walked about 20 kms every day since Friday. We didn’t really ‘mean’ to it’s just what happens when you live in a great city, with so much to do and you don’t own a car. Our treks to the beach, venturing through forest trails, are amazing although hot and burn-y for my back (ouch). Another venture toward Chinatown today turned into an all out cross-city march when we decided to just ‘keep walking’ and go all the way up to Commercial drive.

With slurpees to refuel us, we made the journey back via Chinatown- steamed buns in hand. I had never spent so much time in that part of town and never even been to the Sun Yat Sen Gardens. We came across a lot today that was intriguing and exciting – although all we were doing was walking around town.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and I’m kind of sad that I don’t get to experience it with my husband back in his hometown – watching the parade and hanging out with family. I find solace in the fact that he was able to enjoy his first July 1st/Canada Day here with me and that we’ll be doing a LOT of traveling next year. Also, it’s Baby Cam’s 2nd birthday – so that’s another thing (even more important to this Auntie anyway) to celebrate.