20 minutes of ooooh!

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With 9 days to go it is a bit surprising to see there isn’t much blog coverage yet for the Celebration of Light [hsbc] which kicks off July 26th and runs every 3 days after that until Aug. 5th.
It was nice to see that the Vancouverite [van] made this month’s inaugural fireworks post and set the theme perfectly: Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of people. Did I mention lots of people?I’ve experienced the fireworks as a child. We’d drive out to Kits from Surrey in the family van and have a picnic on the beach. Finding that perfect rock to balance on and watch the display took a little time. And 10 minutes later the tide was in and my butt would be sore so I’d retire up the hill a bit to the blanket my mom had laid out. At that time it was put on by Benson & Hedges[wiki] but since then it’s become taboo for a tobacco company to sponsor a family event such as this.

As teenagers we’d take the Skytrain [tl] out and stake out a square of grass right in the middle of English Bay[eb]. The show lasted 20 minutes but the hike back up to the train lasted several hours – then there was the lineup at the station – then the mosh-pit like atmosphere on the train. The crowds of drunks, the families trying to safely maneuver a clear path, the one idiot trying to drive his car down the closed street who will eventually piss off a drunk passer-by enough that he may just get a window smashed.

Last year I was in Kits and from 8pm to 4am there was a constant crowd, constant honking and drunken shouts. This year we are smack dab in the middle of the West End. In case you don’t know your Vancouver geography, to get from English Bay beach (the site of the fireworks) to any kind of public transit, you need to get through the West End [city of vancouver]. We fully anticipate the loudness, the inability to sleep soundly and the major pain of getting to the beach and back in (a walk that usually takes about 5 mins).

When we didn’t have the fireworks one summer the city was deemed “no fun”. If we didn’t have them now – they would be sorely missed. There are those who complain, there are the environmental issues, the crazy-mob-of-half-a-million-people issues etc. But all in all, this is just summer in Vancouver. 4 nights out of 365, is manageable. The businesses prosper, people get outside and down to the beach and yeah we DO have fun.

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how's married life…

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…We get asked that a lot and well folks – it ain’t perfect by any means. If it were we’d have to kick our own asses just to generate some sort of excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I think we’re doing pretty okay. We have little idiosyncrasies can annoy the crap out of each other, we have our time apart, we have our seperate likes/dislikes etc. and we are not one single blob of a marrital unit. But man, (sappy moment, Laura, avert your eyes) there’s no one else we’d rather be going through all of this with.

Yesterday we happenned to have a great day to ourselves. With no real agenda it started off with a wicked home cooked breakfast, followed by a trip to the beach, Pirates of the Caribbean and ice cream right before bed time. Today included a trip to the Fort (see my Metblog post for more details) then an afternoon at home watching the Cubs.

Staying at home & watching MST3K, being beach bums, loving hockey (even in the off season), watching baseball, getting out n’ about in the city AND the valley. This is our married life.

101 dalmatia– err radiozooms

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The latest RadioZoom is available now.

John received some kind words in regards to episode 100 – which was a real milestone. Sorry Dave, I don’t think I’ll be getting ‘my own show’ anytime soon though :p

Get it while it’s hot. Hot like pancakes! Episode #101 is ready, just for you.

An all artist submission episode of the Six Song Donut Spectactular! People often email me with suggestions and submissions for songs to be played on the podcast, so this episode makes up for lost ground.

41:46 minutes

what the shenanigan

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Robson Street [rba] is usually full of hustle n’ bustle. Any day/night of the week, up and down. Tourists, students, locals, shoppers, etc. There are some places where you can expect to see a crowd, then I see… Shenanigans [clubszone].

Located in the Blue Horizon block [map], it looks like a regular college-y type bar from the outside. A nice patio sprawling East to West – parallel to the side walk. A picture of a leprechaun in the window, and ALWAYS a hefty line up outside.

This ain’t just a nice little queue of a dozen people lined up next to the building waiting to get in, this is more like a MOB of people – everywhere, all over the sidewalk, around the side of the building – not really a ‘line up’ at all. Try maneuvering your way down the sidewalk past Shenanigans on a Saturday night, it’s the closest thing to a mosh pit outside of a concert.

The music blaring, smokers and drinkers out on the patio shouting things at passers-by and at each other… now tell me – what goes on in there? Is it really THAT fun? Should we try it out sometime? I’m really curious.

it's all in the hips

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Having a raining mid-week day off was kinda sucky, but having access to a car for this one day, was pretty great.

We ventured out of the city for a change of scenery. Listened to podcasts and great music along the way via John’s iPod (catching Weird Al‘s new song via the DSC podcast, funny stuff).

After we stopped for TimHo coffee, filled up on gas for $1.03/L in Abby and enjoyed a drive through the valley, we were then on our way up to Cultus. Driving past fruit stands, dairy cows and pastures, the tiny heritage city of Yarrow reminding John of ‘Anytown, Iowa’ minus the mountains.

Rainy Mini Golf Day

Rainy Mini Golf Day

I haven’t mini golfed at Cultus in YEARS, I can’t believe the cartoony renovation to the place! After a brief discussion (to golf or not to golf) we got out in the rain and played 18 holes. The BRIGHT blue water kinda freaked me out though… I asked “Is that where blue slurpees come from?”

Despite the water, the freakishly lumpy course (seriously things rolled UP hill) and the rain, we really made the best of a gloomy soggy day.

(Flickr: Cultus)