The Crazy Canucks on CTV

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John, JJ, Dave, Alanah and I hit the “big time” in this special TV episode of The Crazy Canucks Podcast that aired on CTV earlier tonight. FYI – even though our names were never mentioned on the spot, Dave and I *are* in fact co-hosts of the podcast too 😛

And if you’re looking for stellar playoff coverage, head to JJ’s blog (Canucks Hockey Blog). I also have to mention that my ongoing secret girl crush on Alanah (fellow Crazy Canucks podcast co-host) is alive and well with her recent fiesty playoff blogging, check out her site (Canucks and Beyond).

Office Supplies I can' Live Without

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I’ve never worked in such an officey-office before so when faced with a drawer full of shiney, colourful supplies, I tend to go a little nuts. Most recently I discovered a love for two particular items; Post-It Tabs and Correction Tape.

flags.jpgPost-It tabs/flags are amazing. Courtesy of our friends at 3M (okay I’m not really friendly with the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company but I really have nothing against them)… these come in all shapes and sizes, and stick to anything, anywhere, anytime – again and again. And it’s not that annoying kind of sticky that leaves residue on your hands, it’s a nice clean stick. The little dispenser is practical, fun, and makes you want to grab flag after flag. To write on the tabs you need to use permanent marker (mmm fumes). They can be used to mark your place in a book, to divide pages in a binder or to stick on your fingertips to pretend you have long, multicoloured, square nails. Not that I’ve ever done that before, but if I did, they would STILL be sticky enough to tab a page.

correctiontape.jpgCorrection Tape is equally fascinating. No Wite-Out fumes, no wet pages, no smudges (if you’re left-handed like me), no crusty brushes and shaking of bottles; this is one helpful gadget. It’s particularly fun to fix should the tape become tangled, broken or loose. You can spend an hour in the afternoon carefully dissecting the cogs and inner workings of the correction tape dispenser should you have so much free time on your hands. It’s 5mm x 8 m of fun.

The Crazy Canucks Episode #30

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Live from Library Square Public House, JJ, Dave, John and I setup camp for the most depressing of playoff games thus far in Episode 30… and there were TV cameras right there to capture our excitement.

John spent the better part of the day with CTV in our home as they recorded a bit with Alanah online. The local TV station also listened in on our episode from the Pub where JJ, Dave and I got to join in on the fun. The package should air tomorrow, April 17th during the evening news. If you’re not already locked onto the Canucks game, swing on by channel 9 and spot us Crazy Canucks. To get a sample of the audio now, visit Episode 30, you can also get all the show notes, links, and info on how to subscribe.

All this “publicity” for the blog and podcasts seems to be coming out of nowhere, but I have to say it’s been great fun – no matter how many donuts I’ve had to eat.

Update:This spot has been rescheduled due to the fact that everyone in Vancouver will be watching the game and not the new tonight. It will air tomorrow night on CTV news (April 18th)

Guide to Playoff Season Etiquette

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New Contributor Update: Believing in giving everyone from Surrey a chance, this is Bradley‘s first post (long time commenter, first time writer). – Rebecca

The last few days when I step outside on my deck, I notice a big change in the air. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the hookers on the street no longer require their Boca sweaters and bubble gum jeans…… but its more then that. Smell it, feel it, (not the hooker, I’m past that now), ah yes, its Playoff season.

Living here in Vancouver and traveling to other cities, I have noticed that we are perhaps the best fan base in the world. We flip out when we lose, we flip out when we win and we riot when Axle Rose no shows. Ok scratch that last one, its not one of our cities proudest moments.

Now I’m all for showing your “homer” pride, as I believe everyone should at every sporting event they view or attend, but some people get a little TOO caught up in it. Which is why I’ve consulted with several people (ok just me) and created the 2007 VANCOUVER FAN PLAYOFF ETIQUETTE GUIDE

The following tips and advice should be read by all hardcore sports fans, in any city. Except European soccer fans, there is just NO getting through to them.

Towel Whippage – It started here in Vancouver and now is practiced all over in various arenas. Its a great way to show your team spirit and to root on your team, but this is actually quite a dangerous practice if done with ignorance.


If you are gonna wave the towel, WAVE IT. Give it some effort. Pretty self explanatory. BUT out of courtesy for the people beside you, in front of you and behind you at the arena, i would suggest “choking up” on the towel. A firm grip about 1/3 of the way up the towel. Don’t be a hot shot and think its cool to hold it at the very end of the towel. You don’t stand out in a sea of 18000 people cause your towel has an extra 3 inches of potentially deadly whip. If possible, try to keep the “vortex” centre directly above your head. This prevents the people around you from developing purple welts on their head, nose, cheeks and eyelids if you follow the choking up rule of thumb. I once saw a kid get sucked into a towel vortex… it’s not pretty and it kinda ruins your buzz.

Hugging Strangers – Ok ok ok, it gets pretty passionate during the playoffs. You want your team to do well, you get happy when they score a goal, you get happy when the game is over and they won and you get happy when they win that bracket in the tournament. This is natural. However, hugging a complete stranger is not usually. To ensure that your well spent money on playoff tickets doesn’t result in you getting a beating, i would suggest the following if you are a playoff hugger.

As soon as you get to your seats, or in between periods, talk to the people beside you, in front of you, etc. This way you are not a complete random person if you decide to hug someone in joy.

Playoff hugs don’t have a gender preference really. During this time it is ok to hug a dude if you are a guy. However, make it brief, perhaps just a hearty pat on the back followed by a “HELL YEAH BUDDY WOO HOO GO TEAM” . Do NOT make eye contact, and do not look at him for the rest of the night. Order more beer to retain your masculine image. Unless you are a European soccer fan, which involves playoff kissing. Another time though. I told u there was no getting through to them.

If you want to hug a member of the opposite sex, please make sure shes not sitting with a guy who might be with her. Things can get ugggggggggly.

However if a girl wants to playoff hug, there are no rules. Its cute when girls do it, and guys wont mind. Unless they are ugly, then we will look at our buddies and make that “sick face”. Hey, I’m just the messenger.

Car Flags – Recent study shows that more then one team flag on your car causes a Wind Drag effect (Flagmosis) and can actually cost u gas mileage. And also, you look like a major loser. We see the flag, you don’t need more then one ok?

Team Jerseys – “Oh hey, is that Sami Salo? No wait, he’s not 5’2″, chubby, and working the cash at Home Depot.” I’m sure the players are flattered but u aren’t fooling anyone pal. Wear your hat, wear your t shirt, wear your sweat pants, whatever…….but leave the jerseys to the players. If you put your own last name on the jersey, for each letter of your last name is one more year you will be single. Very similar to the Dungeons and Dragons theory.

Anyways, those are just a few brief tips as to how to act around playoff time.

Keepin’ it real since ’79.

– Bradley.


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I just added two more widgets to my dashboard (this PC girl is thinkin her Mac’s lookin’ cooler all the time).

The first is a default flight tracker that came with my dashboard, which is coming in handy with my in-laws in the air right now. The second is a newly-added Cup Companion, keeping you up to date on scores and standings for all the rounds of the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs.


My most-used have got to be the weather, calendar and occasionally the calculator. What are some favourites out there or what else would you recommend?