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Watching Global news this morning they had a piece on Everett Silvertips. The Silvertips are currently in round 3 WHL playoff action against the Vancouver Giants – who lead the series 3 games to 0 going into tonight’s game. If the Giants take it tonight, they go onto the WHL finals – if not, the Silvertips are still alive in the series and the playoff continues.
I ‘ve known for a while that Silvertips fans were a lil kookie, crazy and 110% into their team. A few weekends ago when we were in Kelowna and Everett was playing them in the last round, we saw cars driving by on the street waving flags and honking for the ‘tips. Well apparently the Silvertips jersey is #2 on the hockey jersey bestseller list. Out of any league (including NHL) and second only to the Calgary Flamers’ jersey. Interesting.

Is there something to be said then about the Pacific Northwest and hockey? The ‘higher-up’ from the Everett club said during the interview this morning that the fans know very little about the game – they just like it. They get excited about every little thing ie. the puck gets cleared out of their zone and they’ll go nuts – they continuously sell out and have a great time.

Is the Seattle area aching for more hockey or is Everett a special case? With their other professional teams (namely NBA) dwindling, it may be something for Oregon and/or Washington to consider. Still, I don’t see hockey overshadowing baseball or football any time soon south of the 49th.

do wookies drink

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This is kinda weird, if you get injured/require medical attention while abroad and you have travellers’ insurance apparently it will not cover alcohol related incidents. Now it’s really something I never thought about but, doesn’t it kinda sorta make sense? Or at least, read the fine print before you sign on for insurance while you’re heading down to spring break in Cancun…
Speaking of fun times in other countries, the Sasquatch Festival is coming up May long weekend (the US long weekend, not ours). It’s too bad my hubby can’t leave the country while all his legal mumbo jumbo is processing because this would definately be an awesome road trip – thanks to Chris for the heads up on this.

Although, I think coming up in the next few weeks we’ll be a lil busy. We have the BC Blind Sports Run for Light and the PMC Sierra Science Fair Fun Run, a couple of concerts, a Camp Day and we should reserve some weekends for chilling at the beach, pool, outside… warm.. somewhere.

Something else we want to tackle though is The Grouse Grind. It should be opened up within the next month. Remember folks, this is alpine terrain – mountains, spring = melting snow, unpredictable weather. When conditions are ideal and the route is safe, they’ll open this 2.9km hike up to the public. This is no breezy stroll through the woods though, remember to pack lots of water – wear sensible shoes and be prepared. Disclaimers aside… I can’t WAIT! I’m a Grouse Grind virgin hoping to change that this year. (Photo Credit)

Couch Cast

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After a lovely evening of hockey watching I sat down on the couch and John stuck his microphone in my face. And I mean just that.

RadioZoom Episode #88

John wanted to cover a bagillion topics on a podcast (which he does cover very well and could talk about forever) but I helped him keep on track, stay focused and get some controversy going with our various contrasting opinions. It’s about an hour long podcast (music included) and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Again I apologize for those listeners who are growing tired of my scratchy sicky voice but I promise I’ll be all better soon. Check out the show notes for links re: topics we discuss and the bands we play.

no more crow! stay tuned

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The Vancouver Canucks have called a news conference for 6:30pm et/3:30pm pt where they are expected to announce the firing of head coach Marc Crawford, according to Mojo Radio in Vancouver.

Stay tuned, keep your ears/eyes stuck on the radio and internet to get confirmation at 3:30pm PT today.

EDIT: More Coverage on Sportsnet – they’ll have the conference on Hockey Central.

EDIT: Yep, he’s outta here. I predicted this happening – just not so soon

use a notebook and pencil to communicate

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Still riding out the laryngitis. It’s a lil less ‘squeaky’ (as Laura would put it) and a lil more crackly. I think by tomorrow I’ll have a 1-900 voice or maybe just Live Links commercial girl voice. hot damn.

Everyone I talk to keeps asking if I have a cold (in the office, on the phone etc.) and I just say yeah… because laryngitis? WHO gets that?

First thing I can think of is in those old shows/cartoons – characters would get it all the time. ie. In Flintstones when Wilma was Julietstone? Then Barney had to fill in as Julietstone and hilarity ensued. Or on I Love Lucy when Lucy takes over the show at the Tropicana cause Ricky gets laryngitis? And more recently, in Animaniacs, Wakko is plagued with laryngitis and instead uses his hands to burp out Tchaikovsky’s “Chinese Dance” from the Nutcracker Suite.

Hey, if I can just get through the work week and pretend like I’m healthy and look like I’m healthy, then I’m happy. Just don’t ask me to speak.