On a Rainy Monday

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We are so busy this week I think come Saturday I’ll either be sick or my head will fall off. Here’s what’s coming up this week in the land of Miss604.com:

  • Tonight is the Metroblogging Vancouver meetup, we haven’t had one of these in ages, and I haven’t been to one in like a year so it’ll be great o reconnect with my fellow contributors.
  • Tomorrow is Vancouver’s first ever Facebook Developer/Design Garage. I will be producing the official live blog right here so stay tuned for links, updates and photos.
  • Thursday is game 2 of the World Series, featuring my beloved Boston Red Sox. We’re heading out to a special event that I’m not sure I can blog about right now. Needless to say it will involved a lot of baseball, Vancouver charm, and peanuts. Lots of peanuts.
  • Friday we’re going out to celebrate my big brother’s 32nd year on this planet. He’s had a huge year, finished his degree and gotten a new job so there’s lots of toasting to be done. Expect first-ever “my brother is awesome and it’s his birthday” post in the coming week.
  • Since it is Monday, it is rainy, and the last time we played these guys on the podcast we got some rave reviews, here’s the song “Rainy Monday” by the Shiny Toy Guns.

    Quick site note… I’m currently writing a little mini-story and I’d like readers’ opinions on where I should publish it, if anywhere. Should I keep it in a Word doc on my computer for my eyes only or should I post it somewhere on my blog, on a new sub page? My only fear with posting is that it might get ripped off. Not that it will be that fantastic, but you never know these days, eh. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

    He's the One, Bright as the Sun

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    Quick mini weather rant since my umbrella post was so well received. What’s with people not turning on their lights when it’s dark and rainy out?

    what's with people (everywhere) not having their lights on?

    Man I’m glad I’m not a regular driver out on the roads otherwise this would irk me even more.

    Now, the weather outside might be absolutely gross but there certainly isn’t a shortage of entertainment around.

    game 7 tomorrow baby!Last night we witnessed a wonderful battle between the Vancouver Giants and the Everette Silvertips. The Giants (with the best PK in the league) and the Tips (who have the best PP) had a very hard-fought showdown. With Vancouver coming out on top, they are now undefeated in five games.

    This afternoon on pay per view the Canucks take on the Blue Jackets, however it seems like everyone in Ohio is awaiting the Cleveland/Boston game at 5pm PT cause the stands are pretty empty.

    The Red Sox were down 3-1 in the ALCS and have fought back, forcing a game 7. I don’t usually get excited about baseball, unless it’s an outing at Nat Bailey or it involves the Cubbies (for John) or the Red Sox.

    Naturally when I lived in Boston they instantly became my team. Mind you I never paid any attention to the MLB before then, but after being in the presence of Fenway how could I resist.

    So what’s better than going to a Giants game, then the next day snuggling into the couch and watching hockey with your husband AND watching game 7 of the AL series finals? Not too much at all, really.

    Weekly Tech Girl

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    It must have happened with bacn but since I got on TechBurgh‘s radar I’ve had a little window in the social networking community that is alive and well in Pittsburgh. As it turns out, I’ve been named their Weekly Tech Girl, which is pretty great.

    nerdy tshirt 2 Favorite thing about technology in general: It makes life easier and has allowed me to have an excuse for being nerdy, thus making me cool in this day and age… even though I just used the word ‘thus’. [Weekly Tech Girl – TechBurgh]

    If you have a chance check out their blog and podcast as well. Thanks guys!

    Umbrella Etiquette in Vancouver

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    The topic of “Umbrella Etiquette” in Vancouver is a dead horse and I’m about to give it another kick. For years now bloggers have published their own “rules of umbrella use” for public spaces, streets, and walkways:

    Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr

    So yes, we’ve all had our share of umbrella etiquette posts, but mainsteam media’s caught up with us. News1130 has just posted their own rules for umbrella use, which echo previous statements and pet peeves:

    1. Size DOES matter. Using a golf umbrella walking down Robson street will likely make you a few enemies.

    2. Hold on tight. If the wind is blowin’ so is the brolly! Watch you’re not letting those pointy corners knock around your fellow pedestrians.

    3. The awnings are off limits, especially is someone without one approaches. Seriously, you’ve got an umbrella.

    4. The cross path ‘duck n’ lift’. Taller person raises, shorter person takes the low road.

    5. Shake away from traffic. Tossing off the stowaway raindrops towards passersby only leads to awkward exchanges with your fellow man.

    6. Use plain ol’ common sense. It goes a long way on a rainy day.

    Any more to add to the many lists? Besides, if you’re a true Vancouverite, you’re skin and everything you wear is made of Goretex and you don’t even need to use an umbie…right? I’ll end by using a line from the Craigslist posting, “If these rules are not followed, then any fellow [Vancouverite] has the right to take your umbrella, patio or otherwise, and beat you with it.”

    Update: A quote from this post appeared in the Vancouver Sun today, January 14, 2008 – here’s the article in PDF form.

    Blog Find: Langley Politics Dotcom

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    This website popped onto my radar a short while ago when they linked my story about the Surrey Memorial Hospital, even though they’ve been around for the last four years.

    Langley’s longest-running and most popular Town Hall forum, hosted by Langley Township Councillor Jordan Bateman and Sam “Politics” Kirk. Featuring more than 150,000 visitors, 500,000 hits, and 9,000 Dotcomments in the past year. [LangleyPolitics.com]

    Together the Jordan and Sam have been covering politics in the Township, in some form or another, for the last 10 years and Jordan is “youngest elected member of Langley Township Council, representing 100,000 residents.” They touch on everything from Council meetings, local news, national politics, school board meetings and opinions.

    Recently Jordan wrote an article in the Abbotsford Post about a Facebook group of young drivers who admit and boast about speeding along a stretch of road near the border, he also cross-posted this on his site.

    A small Facebook group offers a frightening glimpse into the mindset of some of the young drivers who regularly use 0 Avenue.

    The “0 and 16th Ave Speeders” are a group of about a dozen people who “admit to speeding on those roads.” Some of their comments should worry you.

    “I must admit I like doing between 90 and 100 ks,” wrote the group’s founder, Richard Allegretto. “Speeding is only dangerous if you drive like an idiot while doing it, if everyone is doing the same speed and not weaving in and out of traffic, things should go just fine!” [LangleyPolitics]

    Naturally that post has tons of comments, on both sides of the argument, especially seeing as how some Western Canadians feel speed limits should be increased on certain city roads [News1130]

    Like I said, these guys have been blogging about Langley Township matters for several years so I’m a little late to the story. Just the other day Jordan was in the Province and on CKNW talking about Aldergrove border issues.

    I find what they’re doing is absolutely wonderful. They’re creating a dialog, discussion, forming opinions and letting others express theirs in a local political situation that is, thanks to them, far from closed off from the public – as it should be.