in the back of my grey sub-compact

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 — 9:59am PST
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Jen was advertising this yesterday – PostSecret. I just called my mom this morning to ask if she would be my valentine – she said yes, score! Thanks to my other Valentine I was able to get my first Starbucks dark roast in several weeks and boy… was it jitteringly-yummy.

When we found out one of our fave bands is going to be playing in Vancouver in April, we both got rather excited. Then we found out they’re playing at the Pacific Colliseum – d’oh! Stadium show?! Sucky. John said it would be okay to see, although he’d much rather go to a Canucks game (if we’re going to be spending that kinda money for a night out). For those of you playing the home game – John, my fiance, is American. (pause). Yes that’s right. He’s acclimated well to living in Vancouver and has grown into a rabbid Canucks fan like the rest of us.Speaking of Death Cab, Ben Gibbard’s other project, the Postal Service is rather miffed at Apple’s Intel ads due to it’s eerie (and almost spot on) resemblance to their video. Watch a side by side comparison here.

you, me & potato nest

Monday, February 13th, 2006 — 9:59pm PST
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we went for dinner at hon’s tonight with laura. it’s been so long since john and i went out to eat for dinner – we used to go out all the time but lately there’s just been too much hubub in our lives, we just cook at home. as per usual, i made laura laugh and snort tea out her nose, john went nuts with the rice and i devoured the potato nest and got the table all messy – cause i tend to be that way – can’t take me anywhere :p the ‘big day’ is just around the corner and …things are coming together… we went tie shopping today – john and his sister in law think he should have a solid white tie (with his white shirt and navy blue pinstripe suit), i think it should be solid blue… although we both agreed on silver today… there’s still a kagillion things left on the to-do list… and i cannot WAIT for payday..eeek! hmm i’ve been so absent-minded … i guess there’s just so much in there floating around. i lost my license (then found it), then my keys (then found them)… it’ll be a great accomplishment to actually remember how to walk to work in the morning *sigh*.
(my attempt/ impression of tween blogger pics…except i’m not flashing my naked boobs all over my blog and praising tony pierce :p)

watch out where those huskies go

Monday, February 13th, 2006 — 2:36pm PST
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Hockey… Canucks defeated the Wild last night thanks to an overtime super-passing-play by the Twins. Bertuzzi and the rest of the gang now head over to Italy to join up with their respective teams awaiting the start of the men’s hockey tournament. Just watching some of the olympic coverage (particularly the downhill skiing) made me miss the good ‘ol snowboarding days around here.
Being without a car, much spare time and a lot of cash to throw around – there really hasn’t been an opportunity to get up on the local hills and board. I first started with Anne when we were about 14 (?) on Cypress Mountain. Total rookies, on our butts most of the day with the sorest tailbones for the next week. We progressively got better – meanwhile my sister and/or brother (who would be the one driving us up there) would swish by on their skis – making about 2 laps before we finally made our way to the bottom of the run. you know you’re bad when you go to get off the lift and they preemptively slow it down or stop it completely 😐

So back to us ‘progressively getting better’, we did. Before long doing lil jumps and carvin it up with the best of them. Had a season pass to Seymour one year, mostly night skiing at Cypress the next… I’ve never actually been on Grouse – regardless, it’s such a good time – and a great way to spend a day outside, getting exercise, having fun and catching a bird’s eye view of the city. It’s nice that the snow stays up there, where it should be. ‘Have yet to go tubing – we’ll have to try that out soon 🙂

bedtime onion

Sunday, February 12th, 2006 — 11:13pm PST
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yay olympic women’s hockey! this morning john played another Onion podcast for me – too funny! check out the latest if you haven’t already.

another work week starts tomorrow – under 2 weeks until all the festivities begin… i better get to bed – what a gorgeous weekend we had… *sigh*

can you feel it…

Friday, February 10th, 2006 — 12:19pm PST
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I came across this site, – featuring canadian female musicians. sorry it’s all in french so some may not be able to understand what’s going on… but i stumbled upon it via a post on lo and behold i follow the link, go back to the october 2005 archives and there’s a post about Holly – including a podcast. sweet.
…and i think we should have stuck with Roots for our olympic duds… i just wanna dunk ’em all in my hot marshmallows anyone?