3rd Whale Launch Party and Inauguration Bash

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A few months ago super green business directory, happyfrog.ca, merged with 3rdWhale, “a digital media company focused on providing tools, resources and innovative projects that help individuals the world over live a greener and healthier lifestyle.”

3rdWhale has been busy working on mobile tools such as their shiny new iPhone application and they’ll be celebrating its launch next week.

January is an exciting month for everyone at 3rdWhale! Not only are we excited about the inauguration of Obama, but we’re also launching our iPhone application in Vancouver!

… Our iPhone application is a location based service (LBS) that helps you make environmentally sustainable purchasing decisions while on the go by providing a directory of all the green businesses and services near you. As Obama brings hope to the policy and government pieces of a sustainable future, consumer choices play a role in creating change in business; the 3rdWhale Mobile application makes it easier for people to choose ‘green’. [3rdWhale]

They’ll have the top floor of Ceilis Irish Pub on Granville street on January 20th along with drinks, and the chance to win an iPod Touch. Since the inauguration is at 9:00am PT, they will record it and play it back to the party crowd that evening. You can RSVP here using Twitvite.

Update: On a related note, our friend Nadia of memelabs will be heading to Washington, DC for this momentous occasion and passed along some information about a contest they’re running.

Yesterday Vancouver, Canada-based memelabs launched Obama: Where were you?, an open participation video contest asking contributors to answer one simple question: Where were you during US President-Elect Obama’s inauguration?

Nadia Nascimento, head of memelabs, came up with the idea when she and her boyfriend, both Canadians, decided to fly to Washington DC for Obama’s inauguration. “I realized that we were part of a story. We all remember where we were at certain watershed moments in history—the end of Apartheid, the day the Berlin Wall came down—and these moments make powerful shared stories,” Nascimento explains. “This contest creates a medium for people to share their stories with people from all over the world.”

The plan is to have someone from memelabs join us for the 3rd Whale party to capture reactions and comments from attendees in a good old fashioned social media mashup event.

Winterfest 2009 in Surrey

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Last year we attended and covered several key events in Surrey that involved thousands of participants, activities, events, and concerts. This year they’re bringing back Winterfest, the biggest hit of the snowy season, for a full day of outdoor and indoor activities along with some pretty rockin’ performances.

Saturday, February 7th, 2009
12:00pm – 10:00pm
Opening Ceremonies at 5:30pm on the Main Stage

Central City Plaza
13450 102 Ave, Surrey, BC

Kids crafts, Guitar Hero, tobogganing, outdoor skating rink, and curling (just to name a few)

Dora the Explorer (12:15pm – 3:15pm)
Katari Taiko (1:00pm – 1:30pm)
Bobs and Lolo (1:45pm – 2:15pm)
Freshh (2:30pm – 3:00pm)
The Prestigitainer (3:15pm – 3:30pm)
Tainted Lovers (4:00pm – 5:15pm)
Eva Avila (6:30pm – 7:15pm)
Faber Drive (7:30pm – 8:15pm)
Thornley (8:45pm – 10:00pm)

One thing that John and I both determined in 2008 was that this city sure knows how to put on an event and treat everyone like rock stars – while charging NO admission fees at all. There’s fun and games for the kids, and plenty of food and musical entertainment for the big kids. I’ve partnered with the City of Surrey yet again blog the event so we’ll have Winterfest coverage on the day, as well as photos, recaps and interviews.

My Canucks Fan Zone Commercial

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First came the blogging, then the podcasting, then the embracing by the Canucks organization, then the bus posters, then the live blogs, the jumbotron, then an afternoon on GM Place ice shooting a small promo for the Fan Zone.

Wish we could have shot this after I got my hair cut and coloured but hey, I won’t complain. It was supposed to be shot near a coffee shop and we ended up on the ice.

Home Security Seminar Live Blog for Provident Security

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Tonight I’ll be out at Provident Security covering their home security seminar. I’ve been commissioned to provide a live blog, which will begin at around 7:00pm and if you’re attending there’s a reception ahead of time at around 6:45.

The seminar covers, with lots of pictures, exactly how burglaries occur on Vancouver’s West side. More importantly, we will show you exactly what you can do (both high and low tech) to ensure that you minimize your risk of becoming a victim.

Update: Just a quick hop over the Boulevard into Kerrisdale and I’ve arrived at the Provident Security office for their home security seminar. Mike Jagger, President, is giving a quick overview of the company – explaining that they install, monitor and provide security services. The office is not-so-much your typical “office” space, it’s more of a showroom. For example, the glass is shatter-proof, there are cameras all over (ceiling, concealed etc.) even flood and carbon monoxide detectors.

Mike presents the number 156.55 which is the number of burglaries the VPD would like to get down to each year… just west of Oak Street in Vancouver – this is followed by a pie chart that shows 40% of property crime in Vancouver happens here, in the West side.

Update: We’re now being shown a National Geographic presentation about the vampire squid and its unique and amazing stealth-like capabilities. “You can’t make it physically impossible for someone to break in,” notes Mike, “but what you need to do is change your tactics – you can control perception.” … “It’s all about creating hassle.”

Old school thinking was simple go out and buy an alarm system, however nowadays every single house has a “protected by” sign, which no longer makes this a deterrent. “The bad guys have figured out how alarms work.”

Update: “It’s best to talk about how break-ins actually happen. A good thing about break-ins (especially on the West side) is that they happen in exactly the same way.” Mike goes on to add that a common misconception is that most burglaries happen at night. The reality is Monday to Friday, during the day while you’re out running errands, at work, at soccer practice etc. Another typical “story” by a burglar is showing up at your door and asking vague questions, “casing the neighbourhood.” Continue reading this post ⟩⟩

Interview with Rachael Chatoor

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I’ve known Rachael for months through the blogosphere but it wasn’t until yesterday that we were able to meetup and chat about her life as a career performer and musician.

Rachael and Me (Blog Style)

“I don’t see myself as a recording artist, I see myself as a local mom working in the industry and working around town,” she made sure to note. She was the focus of my E!Online article this week due to her participation in the I’m Too Young for This compilation album.

I’m Too Young for This, voted one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 website of 2007 creates a very down to earth community for survivors, family and friends; “Our mission is to help young adults affected by cancer to get busy living.”

As career performer and musician Rachael Chatoor has played on large tours, as well as in small, medium and private venues across the globe and was on stage this year at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival with Kelly Brock, who was BC Country Music Award -nominated for female vocalist of the year 2008. Taking time to give what she can to great causes is a task Chatoor is always willing to take on as she recently played at a fundraiser for the Babz Chula Society, which was created to assist Canadian television and film icon Babz Chula with her ongoing battle with cancer.

I’m Too Young for This founder Matthew Zachary, recipient of the 2007 Hollywood FAME Award for Humanitarianism, talked about the first album they produced: “Instead of simply slapping a pink ribbon on an existing compilation of songs by random pop artists, this project has deeper meaning and purpose as a practical educational tool that not only raises awareness for our mission but fulfills it simultaneously.” [via CD Baby]

They took to Chatoor and have supported her contribution to the upcoming album—Zachary even being the producer of her single “Standing All the Way”, which will appear on Volume 2 of the I’m Too Young for This compilation in 2009. The Vancouver Film School will also be creating a video for the single this spring. [E!Online]

It was Mick Della Vee that helped her put together a recorded version of this single for the compilation.

Rachael is happy performing around town (and has a great gig at the River Rock Casino Resort that I’m thinking we should all check out sometime) although her big time goal is to head out on more tours, using her amazing vocals.

Upcoming shows include, January 30, 31 at Southpoint Station in White Rock, St James’ Well in Port Moody February 6 and 7, and at the River Rock February 15 and 19.

You can check out her website, blog, or follow her on Twitter (even though she’s already started resenting me for getting her on there and flooding her with followers).