Pattullo Bridge History Tidbits

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I recently received an email about the Pattullo; in fact more information came in this email than I could find anywhere else online or on any of my favourite history sites. As I trust the source (more than any online source), I’ll share what has been revealed to me.

“Enclosed attached pics are of the wooden part of the Bridge. Contrary to the reports, the timbers were generally not “creosote soaked.” There were some huge natural beams, at least a foot thick, and they were dry, untreated wood. If you want to see creosote, look at the railway trestle. The bridge timbers were not like that, because they didn’t need to be. They were kept covered and dry, not dug into the peat bog.”

Under the Pattullo

Under the Pattullo

“The Pattullo Bridge was built not on the King George, which did not exist at the time. The main road from the Bridge, constructed along 112 Ave and up Peterson Hill, was the “New Yale Road” and soon after the Yale Road itself would be renamed the Trans-Provincial Highway, and later Trans-Canada Highway.

When the Pattullo was built the Highway was realigned on Peterson Hill and at Whalley’s corner and widened to four lanes. This was the first section of 4-lane highway in the Province of BC. You can still walk the old portions of 2-lane highway on Peterson Hill — this little part of the road looks very much as it did 50 years ago — and at Whalley’s Corner — the section on both sides of 108th Ave, on the east side of the highway where it curves to the south.”

Vancouver Public Library – Public Domain

“Until the 60’s highway addresses in Whalley were Trans Canada Hwy. The Peace Arch Highway was constructed soon after the Pattullo was built. It ran from “White House Corner” — where King George Station is now — to the border. It was renamed with the visit of King George in 1939. “The Junction” where the Peace Arch Highway met the Trans-Canada (King George Stn) was a major bottle neck.

Vancouver Public Library – Public Domain

“The concrete-paved traffic deck of the Pattullo Bridge is 46 feet wide, allowing ample accommodation for four lanes of motor traffic, with a 6-foot sidewalk for pedestrians” trumpeted the Department of Public Works. The highway was widened to the same width. This allowed for four 11-foot lanes and a 2-foot median. There were eight toll-booths on the Surrey side of the Pattullo. The bridge was a hugely controversial project and there was spirited political opposition to its construction. Afterward people complained about the tolls. Scott Road originally met the Highway at an intersection and was the scene of many accidents.”

“Also, it was not that long ago that they moved the lamp standards to the outside of the railing. They used to rise directly above the railing and took out almost as many truck mirrors as did that notorious section of 12th Ave, near Fraser, where the standards stood flush with the curb on a narrow piece of roadway.”

Fraser River Bridge – New Westminster Heritage

“In one picture [in the VPL database] you can see, in the background, the old “Blue Mouse” Hotel of Johnny Wise, built at the time the old bridge was used and torn down soon after the Patullo was constructed. It stood on Bridge Road, named not for the Pattullo, but because it was the access from (Old) Yale Road to the Westminster Bridge. Bridge Road was at first a plank road, looping under the CN trestle and rising to the deck above the railway. It would be nice, in fact the jewel in the crown of cycling and pedestrian routes, to have this historic bridge preserved and used once again in that capacity after it’s replacement is built.”

Vancouver Canucks Rant A Submitted Entry

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Last night on Twitter, @BradyV said that he wrote a rant about the Canucks and had nowhere to publish it. He’s sent me the text, which I’ll republish here along with my own comments and responses at the end of the post.

“I live and breathe Canucks, they’ve been my team ever since I got that $5 bill autographed by Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden, but for as long as I can remember, this city has been full of halfway fans. The Canucks are an excellent team, you can’t blame them for a coach that can’t coach a team as stacked as the Canucks.

We got outstanding offense in Sedins, Sundin, Wellwood, Burrows, Kesler, Bernier, Demitra, Raymond, Hansen. We have terrific grit players in Brown, Johnson, Hordicuk, Rypien, O’Brien. We have one of the best defensive cores in the entire NHL with Ohlund, Bieksa, Salo, Mitchell, Edler. We have THE best goaltender in the world, talkin bout Bobby Lu. Continue reading this post ⟩⟩

Review: CHANGE on Cambie

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My husband has been commuting along the Cambie corridor for over a year and has seen the area develop, buildings reach the sky, and new shops open their doors. Last July CHANGE moved in, (between Starbucks and Save-On-Foods) and he was quick to tell me about this European lingerie boutique. For Christmas he treated me to a gift certificate so that I could pop in, since he certainly encourages purchases of this nature.

CHANGE of Scandinavia

I walked into CHANGE and within a few minutes the proprietor, Yvonne, was giving me a fitting and loading me up with armfuls of lacy, seamless, lifted, soft, contouring styles of bras (as that particular garment was the purpose my mission today). I’ve had fittings before at Victoria’s Secret but I actually learned a lot more from Yvonne regarding straps, tightness, and the placement of the underwire on a garment that actually fits well.

CHANGE of Scandinavia

Another thing I noticed was that the sizes go all the way up to “J”, which is great. Not that I need a “J” by any means but for a woman whose size (in certain styles) is not carried at other shops or boutiques, it was great to see the selection.

CHANGE of Scandinavia

CHANGE of Scandinavia

CHANGE is currently having a sale and most of the store is 25% to 50% off (I seriously almost purchased an amazing bra that was 50% off $98 from the ‘charade‘ collection). The styles are classy, colourful, and I’m actually pretty excited about their swimwear collection that is being moved in for Spring 2009.

CHANGE of Scandinavia

If you have the chance, check out CHANGE of Scandinavia on Cambie (support businesses along the Canada Line!) or at one of their other Lower Mainland locations.

Vancouver Opera: Blogger Night at Carmen

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Last November I was a guest of the Vancouver Opera for their season-opening performance of Eugine Onegin. I hadn’t been to the opera in over ten years and the experience was lovely. Since that time, the Vancouver Opera and I have been brewing up something very special (thanks to a suggestion from Tris) and our ideas and initiatives have come to fruition with Blogger Night at Carmen.

French opéra comique by Georges Bizet, Carmen

On Tuesday, January 27th, I will be joined by a group of top-notch bloggers at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre: Best of 604 Awards nominees, Kimli, Tanya and Ami from Beyond Robson.

We’ll be setup to live blog before the curtain goes up and during the intermissions, sharing our thoughts, opinions, photos and videos. I’m excited to see this legendary masterpiece and look forward to spotting OperaGal up on stage. Stay tuned next week to share our evening, and visit the Vancouver Opera site if for more information.

Wednesday Afternoon Link Fest: News and a Contest

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Seeings as how I just released my first History post of 2009, I thought why not launch my first Link Fest of the year as well.

  • Hundreds of parking spots are being opened up for motorists so that they can park and ride at Scott Road SkyTrain station. [Surrey Leader]
  • Vancouver is Awesome has a few fun photography posts up, from tunneling across Vancouver to places where kids drink.
  • We are this close to booking a venue for Vancouver’s Twestival celebration. We’re currently looking for sponsors to cover costs and donate prizes so that we can make our city’s contribution to the cause a good one.
  • Vancouver’s first Walmart opens today. [News1130]
  • An update on the West End Apartment Evictions from the residents of Seafield Apartments. “The Seafield residents, a tight-knit group of neighbours who have been working together for months to save their community and their building from renoviction now face a new battle–“rent-o-viction”–- with their greedy landlords.”
  • The Team1040 is now on Twitter as well as the NHL, updating Canucks information, the Canucks Fan Zone, and the Vancouver Canucks organization.
  • On a final note, I setup Team Blogger for the Skate for a Cure and I’ve unfortunately seriously neglected my fundraising duties. Should you be interested in donating to my campaign, that would be fantastic. As a token of appreciation I will do a prize draw from the names of contributors and give away a copy of the Canucks movie, “Forever Faithful”.

    Also, if you would like to sign up to raise funds for the Childrens’ Hospital and skate on GM Place ice, please feel free to join our team.