Green Movie Nights in Surrey

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During these particular economic times I’ve noticed many more people are heading out to a night at the theatre (whether it be live, or film) – it’s a great form of entertainment that’s easy on the wallet. There are many ways to catch a flick in town, from Hockey Nights in Film and the upcoming DOXA Film Festival to a unique event happening out in Surrey at the end of the month called Green Movie Nights.

“Surrey-Newton Green candidate Trevor Loke will begin hosting a series of Green Movie Nights, every Tuesday evening at the Strawberry Hill Library in Surrey. The non-partisan event will provide a forum for community members to see unique, independent documentaries and continue a discussion about the topic following the film.”

The 11th Hour
When: Tuesday March 10th, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Info: Facebook Event

American Drug War
When: Tuesday March 17th, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Info: Facebook Event

Who Killed the Electric Car
When: Tuesday March 31st, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Info: Facebook Event

All screenings will be at the Strawberry Hill Library 7399 122 Street in Surrey and admission is by donation. It’s located right near the Scottsdale bus loop so feel free to take transit (from Surrey Central or Scott Road SkyTrain).

Vancouver 2010 Ceremonies Volunteers Needed

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The Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and Paralympic Games will be here in less than a year and they’re looking for performance volunteers for the following:

Opening Ceremony – February 12, 2010
Victory Ceremonies – Nightly, February 14-21 and 23-26, 2010
Closing Ceremony – February 28, 2010

From Beijing 2008 – Photo credit: richardgiles on Flickr

Performers will need to apply, attend an audition, and be approved by VANOC however they are looking for individuals with all levels of skill and while production or performing experience is an asset, it is not required (check here for all details including how you must be 17 years or older).

They are looking for athletic types, musicians, vocalists, dancers, non-dancers and performance groups. The preparation for the Games ceremonies begins months in advance and 100s of hours can be contributed, so that’s one thing to keep in mind along with rehearsal dates and times, which will begin in November 2009.

Although tickets to the ceremonies are not included, it does actually seem like something pretty impressive to put on your resume if this is within your chosen field. You can apply now online.

Monday Morning Link Fest: Snow in March

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We had a pretty adventurous winter with several feet of snow that would cascade down in buckets over several weeks – piling up, melting, then piling up again. Usually in Vancouver that’s a rarity and it’s even more far-fetched to believe it wasn’t over come March but here it is. This morning’s link fest is brought to you by Mr. Plow.

Photo credit: Roland on Flickr

– On Saturday the Stay In and Help Us event raised $1,300 for City Harvest and the word got out that fundraising can be simple, and even done from home in your jammies.

– Friday night was John’s work Christmas party. I had a great time meeting all of the wonderful people he works with including Benjamin from The Beat 94.5 who will have his own blog up and running soon with insights on the industry and the dating scene in Vancouver, from a guy’s perspective.

The Beat 94.5's Benjamin the Butler and Me

– Earlier that day I went by Kiss and Makeup in West Vancouver to get a dolled up a little for the event. The girls at Kiss and Makeup are so friendly and the talented Savannah helped me achieve my evening look.


CaseCamp Vancouver is happening tomorrow. Meetup and find out what others have done in the online realm, hear their case studies, mix and mingle.

– There is a comedy event featuring some of the good folks I have the pleasure of working with for my weekly segments on Talk1410am. “The Big Afternoon Buzz Boys Comedy Show” will be at Yuk Yuk’s from 8:30pm this Wednesday.

– Vancouver will host its first-ever MentalHealthCamp on April 25th, which stemmed from Airdrie’s “Coping Digitally” panel at this year’s Northern Voice.

– Can you believe it was already a year ago that we welcomed baby Jakob to the world? This auntie certainly can’t.

Jakers turns 1

– A comment just popped up on my McBarge post regarding a Facebook group dedicated to saving the depreciating floating restaurant.

Earth Run is coming to Vancouver.

– Ever felt the need to publicly apologize for something or even publicly demand an apology? The new site Oops… I’m Sorry gives you an entire online platform on which to do so.

And please remember, Vancouver, that in any vehicle you are not invincible in the snow and you cannot magically drive like normal (or even faster, ignoring signs) in the snow. Be careful out there today.

Rigoletto and Blogger Night at the Opera

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Update: There is a two-for-one deal on tickets to Rigoletto March 17th. Call (604) 683-0222 and mention promo code 1670

The curtain rises in only a few hours and I’ll be heading to the Queen Elizabeth theatre shortly to begin tonight’s coverage of Blogger Night at the Opera for Rigoletto. In the meantime, check out the Vancouver Opera’s blog as they have some great interviews and behind-the-scenes photos leading up to tonight’s performance.

Opening Night of Rigoletto

Update: Tom Wright, Director of Artistic Planning at the Vancouver Opera met us as we set up our laptops in the lobby of the theatre in preparation for tonight’s performance of Rigoletto. He guided us backstage — as well as up onto the raised stage — for a tour, with just an hour to go. I had a great photo of the props table and “Duke’s Throwing Goblet” but with the low light many of my frames were too blurred to published. Regardless, here are a of couple shots form the tour.

Photo credit: Vancouver Opera on Flickr

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Review: Mine Stylesource

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Yesterday I ran across town and back checking items off my to-do list and getting ready for my husband’s office party. One of my stops was at Mine Stylesource (177 East Broadway at Main Street), it’s a great little salon with a really laid back feel.

I knew I wanted my hair down, with some curl, and stylist Janis Bekkering gave me just that with a ton of body and movement throughout. Janis was a delight and her professionalism and talent really shined through – especially when I got to take a sneak peek at a photograph of some styles the Mine Stylesource crew did for a competition – the creations were amazing.


The product used on my hair was Eufora, which contains certified organic Aloe vera gel as its base and contains no synthetic fragrance, and it held my curls all evening without being overbearingly stiff.

Mine Stylesource is also the home of Anthony, winner of Canada’s Superstar Hair Challenge as well as the host of the Global News morning segment “Anthony Style”.

I felt really bad for not knowing they have been around for so many years, but I’m certainly glad to know there’s another salon option for me (and my husband) out there, and given the style I received yesterday I’m happy to spread the word.

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this review but my style was on the house