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My perfume ran out yesterday. It’s the same kind I’ve been wearing since I lived in Boston. It’s the end of an era, the end of a scent.

I’m not sure if I’ll venture out to get anything new… I have a brand new bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance that I haven’t touched so I put that on today. It’s a little more bold than my last perfume *sigh* and as John put it this morning it’s like a “perfume bomb went off in the bathroom”.

I think today I’m one of those people you walk by on the street and their scent lingers with you for another city block (or three). So, anyone passing me on the street today, I’m sorry. It’s a new perfume and I had no idea how potent it was.

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend.

august for miss 604

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August? A busy month? Yeah man, B-U-S-Y. I just wrote all my August “I’m doing things today” dates on a mini post-it and stuck it to my monitor at work. I know there’s calendars, day planners, etc for all that but really – can we ever get tired of the simplicity and ease of using a sticky piece of neon-blue paper to scream tidbits of info at you on a daily basis? Nuh uh.

Here’s a list of a few fun n’ happy things happening this month.

August 18th – Scored us some complimentary tickets to a Canadians game [audihertz]. I took the day off so we’re gonna catch the nooner vs Boise (who are somehow affiliated with the Cubs, so John would have me believe).

August 18th – Later that evening WorkSpace [abetterplacetowork] is having their unveiling. It’ll be a great opportunity for John and I to rub elbows with local techy, bloggy, businessy elbowy-rubbing type people and to check out the WorkSpace environment. If John had his status [audihertz] and was able to work on projects and such things, this is totally something he would want to get on board with. *sigh*

August 25th – BARCAMP! I’ve already made a blog post about this [604] informative, networky, hopefully super fun event for local bloggers, podcasters, geekies, photogs etc. Again, another chance to meet some interesting people in the community. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and I’ve never really been up on promoting the blog, and even writing this I feel kinda weird about doing so. Maybe I’ll be getting a little recognition (although I’m not the techiest or the craziest or the pretty-picturest out there) during the Barcamp sessions.

The only other date to add would be the Metblogs meetup, if and when everyone can decide on a date. In my mind #1 right now is the 15, um because it’s payday. giddy up.

I think I completely failed to mention on here (although it was mentioned in the podcast [radiozoom]) that we met up with Dave Olson aka Uncle Weed to watch the fireworks last Saturday. John kinda blurted out that I was nervous about Barcamp, to which Dave said I have no reason to be. It’s kinda intimidating to me. I’d like to think Dave’s right though, maybe I’m just being a lil shy…

I-5 and us

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It’s about time I post about the trip to Seattle last night to see Real Madrid take on DC United eh? [604]

Seattle Trip to See Real Madrid vs DC United

3 more hours to go and I’m fading fast. Yesterday (after working since 7am) I hopped on the skytrain in the afternoon and headed toward Surrey. It took a little longer than expected since 4 of 6 ticket machines were down at Waterfront station and I was not the first person to get there. If tourists don’t know how to use the machines they should just turn around and ask someone, perhaps the impatient girl standing behind them who has somewhere to be (right Laura?)

Once en-route I gave Jen a quick call to confirm the meet-up locale. 45 minutes later I was in Surrey and headed south with my sister and brother. I can’t tell you the last time that *just* the three of us did something together.

At the border we had to wait in a 20 minute line up, but it really wasn’t too horrible. The Pacific Truck Crossing is always your best bet, regardless. I directed my sister in to one of the right hand lanes and as we were approaching the customs booth she turned to me and said: “Oh great Becky, you put us in the only line up with the chick.” My sister and I find that we have a much ‘easier’ time at crossing the border when there is a gentleman customs agent manning the booth (and tossing out cheesy pick up lines).

Seattle Trip to See Real Madrid vs DC United

Jen had no reason to worry, we were waved through and on our way. 2.5 hours of bumper to bumper traffic later and we were approaching Seattle. I always forget what the city looks like since it’s one I rarely visit. I snapped a few shots of downtown and we lumbered our way through the busy downtown streets trying desperately to find parking (while we could hear the game in progress, with crowds cheering, it was a lil stressful).

I almost went ballistic when a man scooped up a spot we were line for (and that was assigned to us by the attendant) but about 5 minutes later we came across a lot and parked the car. Although it was $35 to park there a) it was close b) we were going insane c) missing the game would have eventually cost us more than $35.

Beckham was on the pitch during the first half although by the chants of “U-S-A” in the crowds I quickly found out who the real crowd fave was. The game was SUPER slow going, uneventful (except for a few corner kicks and penalty kicks OOOH) and we spent more time in line ups and mosh-pit-like seas of people to get in and out of the stadium than we did actually watching the game.

Seattle Trip to See Real Madrid vs DC United

Over all, the game wasn’t the best but the experience was fantastic, despite all the traffic problems and throngs of people – since really, that’s to be expected. I can’t wait to make a run down there to catch a baseball game with John. Qwest field, sitting right next to Safeco Field, where the Mariners play, is darn impressive and I’d love to explore downtown Seattle a little more.

Jen and James dropped me off at home and by 2am I was crawling into bed with John.

Tonight I’m working until 8:30pm. I’m super-mega tired and will start work at 7am again tomorrow. I have pics of the trip up on my flickr (TAG:DCUnitedRealMadrid) and I also took a couple videos. John will either extract the audio for a podcast or I’ll YouTube them up here soon. What a week.

i wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it

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What’s with the rain?! We had a great weekend, just check out the podcast if you want to find out for yourself just how lovely it was.

What’s new on this Mon– err Tuesday? Not much. Work was so busy I was unable to check out my all daily reads, sites and fun things on the internet today so I’ll try to catch up now.

The Vancouverite has a podcast [Vancouverite]. I haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s always nice to see a new kid on the podcasting block. The ‘Daily Hyper-Caffeinated Snarky News & Opinion’ site is always one of my top referring sites, so I’m not hesitating to make mention of the news :p

Vanmega’s got a new mix-tape up [Vanmega]. I saw the Black Keys listed on there and had to download it.

John‘s submission is being used as one of the rotating banners on [BR], he’s also responsible for my banner – which I expect to be updating soon.

And now that I mentioned Beyond Robson I have to give props to my Metroblogging Vancouver team [mbv] for the great posts lately. And although there have been *many* about the fireworks, there are several gems in there worth reading and commenting on such as the recent ‘Water fountain connoisseuring’ [mbv] and Keith Lim’s ‘For he’s the captain of the night seabus’ [mbv]. I’m glad to be a part of such a great group of people. Which reminds me, Ryan (if you’re reading this) – have we decided when/where/how we’ll have the August meetup?

To stay up-to-date on all my Metroblogging posts, subscribe to my Metblog feed or check out my sidebar over there for a list of my most recent submissions.

I think I’m all caught up now. Time to cook dinner and watch Rockstar. Will Lucas use his *real* voice? Will Ryan kick butt again this week? Will Patrice goofy-smile up a storm? Will Storm… uh … look hot? We’ll see!

RadioZoom #106 – Take Two

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Recovering from some slight technical difficulties, we’ve now published RadioZoom Episode 106 for your listening pleasure.

…“back at the studio” about the Celebration of Light and Pride Week 2006 in Vancouver, as well as play some audio that I captured from both of those events. Also check out the trivia at the end to find out what I know and don’t know about one of the greatest cities in the world. This is another episode that was completely recorded with Ubercaster [radiozoom].

Listen to the mp3 here and visit for all the show notes, name drops and links.

Be sure to send email to Radiozoom AT gmail DOT com to answer the Vancouver Trivia Question.

I’m feeling a lot better about this episode, back in the comfort of our home. Even though last episode generated some really great feedback, I hope everyone enjoys this one as well. And remember, feedback – good OR bad – is always welcome. Thanks!

On this day in history (August 4th, 1945) a law was passed in BC limiting THIS to half an inch – what was it? a) Fat on slice bacon? b) Foam on a glass of beer? c) Knotty wood on two-by-fours?

what's new pussycat

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We’re watching the Wedge [much music] as we usually do on Friday nights at 8:30pm… [604-wedge][604-wedge] well, if we’re not out n’ about…. the only other things on TV are TLC makeover shows and infomercials.

The first tune they played was Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol [.com]. How much does it suck that the concert will now be at the PNE Forum and not the Commodore? Blech [604-snowpatrol]. Anyhoo, a video comes up from a band called Chicane and it’s featuring Tom Jones [YouTube].

Right after that vid the Stereophonics… and yeah with Tom Jones. So of course I Googled and found his ‘Best of’ album [Amazon]. Sure, this may be old news but I guess I’m just not as up-to-date on my Tom Jones as I should be (and apparently I’m 3 years behind, but I’m not going to loose any sleep :p).

With a relaxing, weekend ahead with nothing planned really, we’re going to take it easy, forget about crappy work situations and enjoy the city (okay mostly the beaches).

Happy weekend.

Now back to the Wedge, and to quote John: “f*ck Bright Eyes”

Update (Just for Fun)
(After Tommy just drank orange juice that had pulp in it)
Janet: Since when do you hate pulp?
Tommy: Ever since they started takin’ the time to take the g*ddamn pulp out. Since then, okay?
Janet: Honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a thing with the pulp.
Tommy: Yeah. I hate all pulp. I hate orange juice pulp. I hate that stupid British band named Pulp. Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino, what’s with that g*ddamn head by the way. Is that not the biggest head in the history of heads? He turns sideways it’s like you’re lookin’ at a map of the New Jersey coastline. And Kill Bill what a piece of sh*t. And then there’s a Kill Bill 2 what’s that about? Jesus Christ.
Janet: Tommy, the kids.
Tommy: Kids, when you grow up don’t see either one of the Kill Bill’s they both suck, okay?