hometown blues

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Surrey, BC was once deemed the ‘Car Theft Capital of North America’ [wiki]. It was all over the papers, all over the news, heck even my friends from Boston were emailing me about it. Cars are stolen at such an alarming rate it’s just become a regular part of automobile ownership in those parts. I’ve always defended Surrey on other fronts though. It does NOT have the highest crime (maybe just a lot of fashion & country music victims) and it is now much lower on the list for car theft hot spots in the lower mainland [cknw]. John read this morning that New Westminster is now higher on the list.

According to stats released earlier this month, Canadian cities such as Regina, Halifax and Edmonton were revealed as leaders in violent crime [cbc] while Abbotsford was deemed #1 for property crime in the country [canada.com]. It’s not all gloomy though, overall Canada’s crime rate is down [stats can].

Now I know there are much more pressing items in the news this week, but I bet ya if Surrey topped ANY one of those crime lists this year it would be FRONT page news. It would be on the local & national news as well as on the cover of all the dailies. I guess Surrey-ites should be flattered with all the attention they would get because I just don’t see Abbotsford’s name being smeared around the media in that fashion. Is Surrey just the favourite kid to pick on?

will wack for fud

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It’s summer, there are back to school ads on TV and Laura’s posted all her network fall previews [lolo]. I wanna kinda discuss some television although I’d rather write about the be at the beach.

Lolo’s been getting all kinds of emails about the new season of the Amazing Race. We do not yet know WHEN it starts but we know it’s now on Sunday nights. For more info check out our collective Amazing Race 10 blog [10] (sister blog to the Amazing Race 9 blog[9], go figure)

John and I are currently watching Last Comic Standing [nbc] because we’ve discovered having a good laugh in the evenings is pretty darn fun. I’m really liking Chris [myspace] and Josh [myspace] who are in the final 4. Their styles are all so different but all so freakin funny.On a complete mood-shift from LCS, the last/old season of Rescue Me [fx] is on Showcase tonight – we’ll have to ‘acquire’ the next episode of the new season in the morning for viewing later tomorrow. It’s our weekly dose of “omg that’s sick/twisted/nuts” combined with laughing our asses off. (John’s Rescue Me posts)

One more thing to note which I heard mention of on the radio is Sound101 [sound101.org]. See how many icky, eerie, annoying sounds you can handle before you close your browser and toss your computer out the window. While listening (and rating the sounds) my tolerance appeared to be much higher than the ‘average’ except when it came to what sounded like styrofoam packaging being removed from a tight-fitting box…*shudder* ugh… just typing that *shudder* good night :p

a tribute

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Being all bored at work on this lovely Tuesday morning (before we had internet powers) I found a link to my site off one of Dave Olsen’s (aka Uncleweed’s) MANY projects: Mountain Highway [mh].

If you follow that link you’ll see all of Dave’s projects listed on the sidebar. Hmm I could link to all of them from here but man, that would take up a lot of space and I already have his podcasts listed on my sidebar so check’em out there (inclu. Hockey NW and Choogle On) and yeah, I’m just being a wee bit lazy…sorry

From those NUMEROUS podcasts, photo blogs, poetry and of course – hockey info – he’s seriously got to be one of the hardest working blogger/podcaster people in Vancouver or appears to be anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m just waiting til he and John [radiozoom] can get together and do one big mega-Vancouver podcast while I’m in the background sipping beer and watching hockey, occasionally throwin out an opinionated comment.

up about being down

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Our office is still down. The magical totally ‘mission critical’ hardware (as John put it) is now here and getting installed and setup and things. I’m mooching some wireless so that I can check work email, chat to people and write a blog post.
Yesterday was uber fun. I got home just after John finished his morning run. We had some food then took off for the beach. For dinner we called up the Laura [lolo] and met her for some yummy greek food. It wasn’t a bad monday after all.

Edit: Up now!

pro flickrers

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The other night John and I bought some pro Flickr accounts (finally).

We thought we could get away with a free status forever but when some of our older photos started dissapearing we realized how foolish we had been.

With the free account only your 200 most recent pics are displayed (although kept on the server), of course we would have known this if would have read the fine print (like smrt people).

So now we have all the uploading, storage and set-making power we could ask for.

Check out John’s pics [flickr] or as you may be well aware, mine are up too [flickr].