wedded, bliss or not

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From the Globe and Mail: “A new study has found that most Canadians marry once and only once, and less than 1 per cent walk down the aisle more than twice.” (story)
This was a bit shocking to me although I suppose it makes sense, we are not the divorce-crazed society like our neighbours to the south. If ‘divorce-crazed’ sounds a bit harsh, check out some stats. You may have heard the ‘1 in every 3 fail’ stat or ‘50% fail’ stat but in United States as of May 2005, the divorce rate was 38% per capita. (source).

That indeed is a slightly less ‘staggering’ view and of course if you read the fine print you’ll see some states were not included, this only included one person on behalf of the couple, not counting the couple as 2 people, straight marriages etc.

The Globe article goes on to point out that marriages usually fail for 3 main reasons: age at time of marriage, the length of the marriage and the level of commitment of each partner.

I’ve been married 4 months and a few days now. If I would have taken any of these things to heart when marrying my husband I’d be having a fit-for-Dr. Phil-meltdown and not making my decision based on: who I love, what kind of life I want to lead (and who I want to lead it with) and all kinds of mushy stuff like that.

Still, divorce rates are higher below the 49th than up here. Why is that?

Statistics Canada researchers say that in 2002, about 84 per cent of Canadian families were headed by married couples. (cbc fact sheet). Compare that to the “…U.S. Census Bureau’s newest numbers show that married-couple households — the dominant cohort since the country’s founding — have slipped from nearly 80% in the 1950s to just 50.7% today.” (business week)

I’m not saying that all Americans have poor marriages. I whole-heartedly respect and admire many of my American friends’ families, with two parents or not. I also will never stop loving my family – no matter how crazy they get oh boy…but I digress…

I admire the fact that our Canadian society (as a whole) values this bond. Legally, religiously, socially, openly. (Although hopefully our ‘new’ conservative government won’t try to take away those rights from any of us).

Sometimes you can read stats and spook yourself out of doing things. Sometimes you just have to lead your own life.

breakfast is for losers

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The fourth floor room of the VCC in which the event took place was rather “marine” as Coupland put it. Overlooking the ports and the east side of downtown Vancouver everyone agreed. This was my second time seeing Douglas Coupland do a reading, a meet n greet and book signing and our second CBC Studio One Book Club show (site).

As of this morning I was all prepared to stand in line at Chapters tomorrow for his book signing session (site). I had submitted an entry for the Studio One Book Club on Friday – not thinking I had a chance of winning. All I have to do is write (in 250 words or less) why I deserve to attend. Lo and behold, at 11 this morning I get the email from a producer saying I have won tickets.

This is the second time (in two months) that I’ve ‘won’ such a thing from the CBC. The first was with David Suzuki (post). The reading was hilarious, inciteful, and I was one of a handful of people who’ve actually already made it through the book (that made me feel kinda special). It was great to meet him again and get 2 more books signed. I have almost every one and I didn’t want to be too greedy… He shook John’s hand twice, amazed (so it seemed) that someone from Iowa has read one of his books. (john’s post)

These CBC experiences are pretty great – watch for the ‘taped’ version of this one in July (I’m sure they’ll archive it on the site). I’m half tempted to re-read jPod right now just to try and pick up on things I may have missed. I must admit, I did not find the upper-case letter “O” amidst the 100,000 random numbers. I’ll have to play again.

EDIT: Check out the photo credit over @ the Georgia Straight

a brief jPod review

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Okay so at a certain point in the book the whole ‘world’ that i had created in my mind – the whole image the book created… was flipped upside down. The daily lives of the characters get flipped around a lot but that’s pretty much the norm throughout. This affected me as the reader – as well as the main character. For me, this happened at one specific point about 200 pages in. I expressed my confusion and annoyance regarding this ‘flip’ on the podcast last week.

Welllll….. despite all that, I have to say that i finished jPod this afternoon on Third Beach and… it’s good. I’m not jumping for joy but I do like it A LOT. It’s relatable to me, the characters are interesting, it’s SO Vancouver and yet it still manages to be completely out of this world — taking you to the sweatshops of China and back to the Willingdon off-ramp of the #1.

Overall impression/rank (being a Coupland lover?) I’d have to say 8/10. Of course I’m going to make John read it, not so much because it’s Coupland or Vancouverish, mostly cause it’s totally geeky – we dig geeky.

btw, I’m a folder, not a crumpler.

(amazon) (john’s podcast)

“Congratulations! You’ve won 2 tickets to the CBC Radio Studio One Book
Club with Douglas Coupland, Monday, June 26 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, at
Vancouver Community College!” SWEEEEEETTT!!!!

heroes of the day

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The draft experience as awesome. John will have our podcast posted up sometime soon, it captures the crowd, the fans, the glitz n glamour and even the booooredom of it all – heck we stayed til round 7 baby! Tons of people there for the first round, we had to sit in the balcony until the Canucks made their pick then the place pretty much cleared out. We moved down to the lower bowl, right near the entrance/exit for the coaching staff (probably one of the only ways to the loo) so lots of old timers, record breakers and just-signed prospects were walking by us the entire time. The Devils’ table was right in front of us so we could observe the “process” a lil.
Highlights of the night? Seeing Gretsky, the new Canucks coach (Vigneault), ‘rookie of the year’ – Ovechkin and meeting Scottie Bowman (if I have to explain to you who this man is… gaw… only THE most winningest coach in NHL history – I don’t care if John doesn’t like a red wings, i mean come on!). Also – being there LIVE for trade announcements, hearing the fans roar (Everett Silvertips and their darn cowbells!) and sitting in front of professional autograph vultures – it really was a different kind of hockey experience.

We’re coming back down from the hockey-high and hitting the beach again today. Even though we didn’t get to meet up with other bloggers (J.J., OpEd), if I win the 1st round entry contest – prize being a night in a suite for a game – I’m sure we’ll be extending some invites…

Ovechkin’s amazing goal cause it’s still spectacular (goal vid).
Some of our picsfrom the night (flickr).

canucks give'r to florida

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Bertuzzi, Auld and Allen for Luongo, Lukas Krajicek and a 2006 sixth round pick from Florida (TSN). YIPES! I’ll have to let this marinate. Wow.

John‘s blogging about this right now as well – this is happening the night before the draft.

A defensemen and a goalie – not exactly what we were in dire need of. Sad to see Auld and Allen go – Bertuzzi? It was inevitable. The Canucks OpEd (post) has all the resources/info for ya. A point raised over there: Will Cloutier now be backup? So many questions…