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After working last night, sitting alone in the office at my desk, tempted to stick tissues up my nose because I was too busy to be bothered to blow it any longer, I called in sick.
John is getting a little run down as well. It’s worse for anything to happen to him since his current immigration status prevents him from getting medical coverage or even being on my benefits plan from work. The last time he was sick the $100 bill for going to the clinic wasn’t too pleasant.

Aside from watching movies on the couch all day and ‘taking it easy’ we were on our computers intermittantly to check news and emails.

Laura‘s invited us over tomorrow for the Big Brother Finale but she put her foot down today when she sent me a series of IMs “if you are sick, do not come”. She doesn’t want to catch what it is we got. I get the hint Laura, I get the hint. The new job, the house-sitting in Yaletown, going back on your promise to ‘carpool’ with me to work every day *sigh* I’m pickin up what you’re puttin’ down, man.

I’m anxiously awaiting payday on Friday so that a) I can pay bills b) I can start preparing for John’s brithday/1 year anniversary in Vancouver (Canucks tickets go on sale this week).

I’m just glad that we’ve finally signed Linden [tsn], even if it’s just for one year and even if John still thinks Anson Carter would be a ‘better’ investment. pfaw.

Time to cough and nose-blow. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.

helloooo metro news

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My mom just woke me up. She was just reading the Metro on her skytrain trip into downtown and saw a wee little article about her daughter. Oh my. It seems I’ve become I’m somewhat of a local ‘blogebrity’. Holy freakin crap, how did that happen?

There is a certain charm to reading about the life of a female twenty something in Vancouver, and although I can’t quite put my finger on what that something is, the blog Miss 604 has it in spades [metronews]

If you happen to pick up the Metro (free daily) newpaper today, check out page 17. There’s an article there by Dock Currie and it’s rather flattering – although I did not take pics of other people at Wreck, as you can see on my flickr, my only pics were of signs :p

The issue is available online, that’s what I checked out this morning when my mom called me at 6:45, “who is Dock Currie?”, “buh?” I wasn’t about to run down the street in my jammies to grab a copy but I think my confused, sleepy, sneezy, dance/trip/stumble over to the computer was excitement enough.

To view the online copy (pdf) click here (pg 17)

The Matthew Good living room show was mentioned in the article but I was actually invited to Live Blog then John & I did a Podcast to recap it later. I have that trusty little box on the sidebar with the links as well so feel free to check it out, if you haven’t already.

What a lovely thing to wake up to, I promise I won’t let this go to my head. Did I seriously blog about the ‘weather’ last night?

born yesterday

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I read something today on Beyond Robson that didn’t particularly inspire this post but it prompted me to write it. It picked at a sore spot that I’ve been avoiding for a while now, although it’s always been there, just waiting to erupt into a blog post. This edition of ‘is anyone here actually FROM here’ is about the weather.
Remember when it was just grey for 11 months of the year? It seems as though Vancouver went and got itself some seasons: wetter and hotter. (photo property of WaltK on Flickr)

My mother doesn’t like the sun, she hates summer and when she sun kisses her face she sneezes. She’s lived in Vancouver for over 40 years and until recently hasn’t had to complain too much. The last couple of summers have been doozies though. Buying aloe to put on tomato-red sunburnt skin, lots of forest fires, water shortages and weeks without rainfall. Summers are now all about the sunshine.

Record rain falls in the winter and blazing hot tree-melting sun in the summer. The climate is changing and those who haven’t lived here long enough to recognize it seem to think this is the way it’s always been although it has never been this cut and dry.

Some evenings, when I was growing up in the burbs of Vancouver, my dad, sister and I would put on our boots, grab some brollies and just go for a walk in the rain, didn’t matter if it was February, May or October.

Going camping in early June always meant it would be wet. Having a tough time finding dry wood for kindling, repairing the old tent and listening to the beads of water drip down from the evergreen trees above onto my hat when we’d go for a hike. Always making sure to avoid those slugs the size of bananas that would pepper the rain-soaked trails.

It would rain on Thanksgiving while us kids were across the street at the big Oak tree in Kwantlen Park, raking up leaves then running our bmx bikes through the pile at top speed.

It would always rain on Halloween, everyone needed to outfit their costume with something waterproof or be able to slip a garbage bag over it for the evening.

It would even rain on Christmas.

Then there was snow. I remember snow.

I don’t mean the “snow” Vancouverites are becoming accustomed to: the light dusting/frosting that occurs one morning which ends up closing schools and causing havoc on the roadways. We actually had snow days where you could build a family of snowmen or a snowfort that you could use for over a week while you dodged snowballs coated in ice that your big brother would whip at your head every chance he got. I often felt like Randy in A Christmas Story – you know, wearing your full one-piece snow suit to school all puffed up like a marshmallow man not able to put down your arms or turn your head without turning your entire body.

I don’t want these sunny summer days to go away – I’m enjoying them way too much. I want to soak up as much as I can before the rain comes, before Fall and before Winter. I don’t know if it will pour every day, or if we’ll even get snow this Winter. I don’t know if the crocuses will appear in February then get frosted over in March and wilt.

Over the last couple of years, the snow isn’t as much of a prominent fixture during Winter months but it still gets damn cold. The sun is beginning to dominate the summer but I will always love the rain. It makes the grass green, the forests lush and can put me to sleep at the sound of the first drop. It’s comforting and it’s home, but there’s nothing like sunshine in the summer time.

Vancouverites have paid their dues, trust me. We love rain but the sun stays.

cattle call

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I’ve been checking the concert listings in Vancouver lately and they seem kinda dull – although there are a few gems we’re going to check out later this month [604]. It seems like I completely missed out on some GREAT shows when I was living in Boston. I’ve only been to the Middle East once and I should have been there 5 times a week, definitely the best little venue in that city. Every big and little band (before they get big… or not) stops by the Middle East (downstairs), if even just to pop in on the crowd and do an inpromtu set a-la Eddie Vedder. Not sure if there’s an equivalent in Vancouver – highly doubtful…. which is sad [mg].

I posted only a few pics from our trip to Wreck, no pics of us (don’t worry Laura) although I’ve been told it would be blogging gold if I did take any/post any from there :p. We were planning on going back today but I’m all sick-y like and it’s mucky out.

After breakfast (yes, at 1pm) we’ll consider heading over to Davie Day. Tomorrow I work from 3-11pm – I hope the little TV in the office get Global so I can watch Simpsons and Family Guy while trying not to work too hard.

Tonight I’ll cook us a lovely little meal with help from AllRecipes.comhave I mentioned how great that site is lately?

Rainy Day People

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I am not an expert on the subject but since I have been a part of the blogging realm for the last two years I feel like I can say something.
There are so many different types of blogs out there and it feels like… there’s blog-cliques. People who stick together, link to each other, have blogrolls full of the same people. Not that it’s a bad thing – it’s just something I’ve definitely noticed lately…
The really technical blogs, the businessy blogs, the corporate/ ‘my company’ blogs, the ‘i’m on my period and sharing with the world’ blogs, the ‘i just wanna hookup with chicks so i’ll say stupid things and post pics of me doing something tom green would do’ blogs, the theme blogs ie. television, movies, and then the blogs you just can’t really get your head around – are they trying to sell me something? is this for real?

All of which are daily reads for tons of people. Infomative, entertaining – whatever’s your poison, really.

I have no idea which category I would fit into. I’d like to think I’m just a Vancouver blogger – hence the title of my site. Our lives, the events in which we participate, our walks, trips, days, weekends, the Canucks, social commentary and silly links I may happen to find.

I know I don’t have to sit here and talk about WHAT my blog is about – I think I’ve got enough content to pick through for you to form your own opinion.

Sometimes I feel like a blog outsider, which is really strange. Who am I, really? This is so much more than an ‘online diary’. I was never good at keeping diaires as a child – although I was excellent at reading my sister’s.

I’ll talk about something and think how blogworthy that would be – knowing the people around me have no idea what a blog is or what purpose it serves or they have their own blogs and they might write about it too, putting their own spin on it and my version will suck. Or… I’ll blog about my ex-co-worker and how she’s babysitting a cat meanwhile there’s so much more going on in the world but ya know, I just don’t feel like covering it.

That’s where something becomes a blog and not just an article you’re publishing, but that works for those informative blogs out there. Sometimes I like to post ‘breaking news’ but really, if someone wanted to read the news they’d go to and not I could post about my take on the specific news article, get some comments going, start a thread, interact etc. But since I’m ALSO a part of Metroblogging I would normally reserve those types of posts for that site.

It’s a grey Saturday morning and John’s a lil upset we can’t hit the beach today. I have a sore throat and snotty nose (yes, sexy I know) so I’m not sure what we’ll get up to, meanwhile I’m sitting here writing a ‘state of the blog’ post.

I just thought I would ramble on about some general observations. I don’t think I’m looking for a purpose, or to be special or find out what makes other blogs tick. I think it’s just coming to terms with what a craze this is, what a tool it has become, and anyone and their cat can do it, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Now I have to run over to the TV and shut it off because John left it on college football.

do i have to spell it out

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I’m going to rip off The Vancouverite‘s Buzz Dump editions and just list off some links – although it seems everyone and their dog is away right now and NOT blogging… and those who ARE blogging are writing about cats…

Beyond Robson’s weekly heads up on the arts scene is cool and très Vancouver. [br] I’ve driven past that gallery a few times and noticed those works in the window.

Job interviews are dead [audihertz]. I knew it. My friend Anne and I used to call degrees “paper”. We didn’t get “paper” and I suppose I don’t look good on “paper” for that reason. But I have almost almost 10 years of experience (entry level to management) and I tells ya, that speaks volumes. Er um I hope, hey – anyone hiring? :p

Laura’s got competition in the Reality TV blog coverage realm [dingoRUE] and although the man responsible ruffled a few feathers to get his blog known, I think he’s on the path to redeeming himself.

Rant!Vancouver is having a video contest [rv]. I’m contemplating whether or not I’ll submit an entry. We rant often, I suppose we could just record something and submit. The $100 in ‘prize money’ would do us good.

ULturducken. We already know and love the turkey, stuffed with a chicken that’s stuffed with a duck but bring Emu into the equation and you’ll have a heart-stoppingly good time [wiredcola].

Fellow Metroblogger, Wynne, has been away for ages it seems. She is over in Germany and blogging about the good times and especially… H&M. We all (heart) H&M. [wyn]

If you do want to hear about cats – try Laura‘s “Chelsea Watch”.

“So, the crying & screaming have stopped but the late night retching has started. She greets me at the door when I get in each night no matter what time & then proceeds to follow me around the apartment.”

If you didn’t clue in that’s she’s Gus n’ Russ’ old, blind, cranky kitty…then that line there is a doozy (and Laura’s a lil more wild than we all could have imagined). At first she hated the idea and referred to the cat as “it”. Now apparently they’re like old friends, getting on each other’s nerves but still enjoying the company.

Aw crap. I just bloggged about a freakin cat.

EDIT: I have to add something abour Gus’ pics – they’re really great, check ’em out over on his Flickr. He’s now got a few ‘themes’ going including getting pics of security guards napping.