i wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it

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What’s with the rain?! We had a great weekend, just check out the podcast if you want to find out for yourself just how lovely it was.

What’s new on this Mon– err Tuesday? Not much. Work was so busy I was unable to check out my all daily reads, sites and fun things on the internet today so I’ll try to catch up now.

The Vancouverite has a podcast [Vancouverite]. I haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s always nice to see a new kid on the podcasting block. The ‘Daily Hyper-Caffeinated Snarky News & Opinion’ site is always one of my top referring sites, so I’m not hesitating to make mention of the news :p

Vanmega’s got a new mix-tape up [Vanmega]. I saw the Black Keys listed on there and had to download it.

John‘s submission is being used as one of the rotating banners on BeyondRobson.com [BR], he’s also responsible for my banner – which I expect to be updating soon.

And now that I mentioned Beyond Robson I have to give props to my Metroblogging Vancouver team [mbv] for the great posts lately. And although there have been *many* about the fireworks, there are several gems in there worth reading and commenting on such as the recent ‘Water fountain connoisseuring’ [mbv] and Keith Lim’s ‘For he’s the captain of the night seabus’ [mbv]. I’m glad to be a part of such a great group of people. Which reminds me, Ryan (if you’re reading this) – have we decided when/where/how we’ll have the August meetup?

To stay up-to-date on all my Metroblogging posts, subscribe to my Metblog feed or check out my sidebar over there for a list of my most recent submissions.

I think I’m all caught up now. Time to cook dinner and watch Rockstar. Will Lucas use his *real* voice? Will Ryan kick butt again this week? Will Patrice goofy-smile up a storm? Will Storm… uh … look hot? We’ll see!

RadioZoom #106 – Take Two

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Recovering from some slight technical difficulties, we’ve now published RadioZoom Episode 106 for your listening pleasure.

…“back at the studio” about the Celebration of Light and Pride Week 2006 in Vancouver, as well as play some audio that I captured from both of those events. Also check out the trivia at the end to find out what I know and don’t know about one of the greatest cities in the world. This is another episode that was completely recorded with Ubercaster [radiozoom].

Listen to the mp3 here and visit RadioZoom.net for all the show notes, name drops and links.

Be sure to send email to Radiozoom AT gmail DOT com to answer the Vancouver Trivia Question.

I’m feeling a lot better about this episode, back in the comfort of our home. Even though last episode generated some really great feedback, I hope everyone enjoys this one as well. And remember, feedback – good OR bad – is always welcome. Thanks!

QUIZ: Vancouverhistory.ca
On this day in history (August 4th, 1945) a law was passed in BC limiting THIS to half an inch – what was it? a) Fat on slice bacon? b) Foam on a glass of beer? c) Knotty wood on two-by-fours?

what's new pussycat

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We’re watching the Wedge [much music] as we usually do on Friday nights at 8:30pm… [604-wedge][604-wedge] well, if we’re not out n’ about…. the only other things on TV are TLC makeover shows and infomercials.
The first tune they played was Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol [.com]. How much does it suck that the concert will now be at the PNE Forum and not the Commodore? Blech [604-snowpatrol]. Anyhoo, a video comes up from a band called Chicane and it’s featuring Tom Jones [YouTube].

Right after that vid the Stereophonics… and yeah with Tom Jones. So of course I Googled and found his ‘Best of’ album [Amazon]. Sure, this may be old news but I guess I’m just not as up-to-date on my Tom Jones as I should be (and apparently I’m 3 years behind, but I’m not going to loose any sleep :p).

With a relaxing, weekend ahead with nothing planned really, we’re going to take it easy, forget about crappy work situations and enjoy the city (okay mostly the beaches).

Happy weekend.

Now back to the Wedge, and to quote John: “f*ck Bright Eyes”

Update (Just for Fun)
(After Tommy just drank orange juice that had pulp in it)
Janet: Since when do you hate pulp?
Tommy: Ever since they started takin’ the time to take the g*ddamn pulp out. Since then, okay?
Janet: Honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a thing with the pulp.
Tommy: Yeah. I hate all pulp. I hate orange juice pulp. I hate that stupid British band named Pulp. Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino, what’s with that g*ddamn head by the way. Is that not the biggest head in the history of heads? He turns sideways it’s like you’re lookin’ at a map of the New Jersey coastline. And Kill Bill what a piece of sh*t. And then there’s a Kill Bill 2 what’s that about? Jesus Christ.
Janet: Tommy, the kids.
Tommy: Kids, when you grow up don’t see either one of the Kill Bill’s they both suck, okay?

i've had enough

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Dear Internet,

I need a new job.

I’d settle for something that’s even slightly more than I make right now (which is peanuts) and that has potential for growth (since right now there’s none) .

I’m a hard worker, skilled, experienced etc. I’m just tired of a lot of things that I don’t want to get into via my blog, for reasons any sensible person would understand.

Drop me an email: miss604 AT miss604 DOT com and I can send you some ‘me’ info.

Thank you for your consideration, Internet.


a rough n tumble RadioZoom #105

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Again with the soundseeing!
John [audihertz] and I venture into the woods for some good dirty fun. Complete with walking on rotten stumps, climbing trees, prickly twigs, sticky leaves, bugs in our hair and scrapes on our knees.

Listen to the mp3 here & visit RadioZoom Episode #105 for the show notes and more podcast info.

I’m becoming more and more self-conscious about the podcasts. I always thought my knowledge of Vancouver was pretty spot on, but sometimes John manages to ask me all these stats, facts and questions (while putting a microphone in my face) then I end up getting flustered and pulling an answer outta my butt and sounding like a complete idiot.

Despite all this (yeah, now that I’ve talked it up so much) I hope you do listen to the podcast and try not to laugh too hard at my expense. Unless I’m trying to be cheeky, then by all means. Enjoy :p

so tell it like a chronicle

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Last night was our first absence from the fireworks so far this year. Instead of heading down to the beach we walked around town in the opposite direction just imagining what clueless tourists must be thinking about all the explosions echoing throughout the downtown core.

This morning the Vancouverite realized that hockey talk never ends [vancouverite] and featured my long time girl-crush, Rachel McAdams [vancouverite]. Michelle’s been telling me for weeks that she keeps running into Pierce Brosnan around town, now we know why.

Work’s been busy lately, it’s our ‘busy time of year’. Actually, we have 4 of those… but I digress.

This weekend the weather is looking rather promising. We might possibly maybe meet up with DaveO [uncleweed] and Saturday morning will be strictly dedicated to the beach [beach times]. Sunday we’re planning on enjoying all the festivities surrounding the Pride Parade [VPS] and Monday, wow – I dunno. This long weekend kinda crept up and we really didn’t plan for it…

Yesterday, Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed raised the question of podcasting [VCOE]. I immediately IM’d John [RadioZoom] to get him to comment since it was an idea he’s been tossing around for a little while now. Definitely, I’m all for it. VCOE is hilarious, intelligent and insightful when it comes to the Canucks and anywhere else in the NHL world. I also read on there that Paul Kukla over at Kukla’s Korner [KK] landed a gig with NHL.com [nhl blog] – sweet! Wish I could get me a better job through doin’ all this (sorry, I’d have to leave you Laura [Lolo].

I start work at 7am starting tomorrow until next Friday. I’ll lose some beauty sleep but I think getting off at 3pm on the upcoming hot sunny warm days will be worth it.