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So the biggest thing i see invading peoples’ sites lately is that dandy little You Tube screen. Video podcasts to commercials and footballs in groins. Well here’s my attempt at sharing since this song is near and dear to me – although this version might not be :p

Performed by The Achordants (You Tube). For the real thing, check out The Postal Service – Such Great Heights (site). Also try Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights, it’s a beautiful mellowed version by a group on the same label as The PS (sub pop).

very blue mile & moose tracks

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Now that the cup’s been smooched and the Oilers fans’ makeup is all teary and smudged – it’s time to wrap up this NHL season. I mean really, there’s only 3 months til the next one!
With that said, we need a coach. Yes we do. A little while ago (post) we were looking at grabbing Vigneault from the Manitoba Moose – seems as though that’s still the goal (Sportsnet story), I’m sure things will be sorted pretty darn quick. We have the draft coming up on Saturday, right here in this fair city. For info about the event check out the Canucks website and for info about the players, try the NHL Draft Tracker (ESPN). We’ll be at GM Place on Saturday and hopefully scooping up some audio for my husband’s podcast (Radiozoom).

I’m already looking forward to next season, seeing what the Canucks will be able to pull off – who they can keep and who they shouldn’t (HockeyNW Poll). After Saturday I will officially turn my attention (fully) to the World Cup (post). Ya know unless that whole coach thing isn’t resolved and there’s trades (Luongo?) and signings yada yada… I just refuse to give into the baseball temptations… just yet.

EDIT: There will be a press conference at 1pm PT/4pm ET re: Vancouver’s new coach. You can watch it on TSN or via their website ‘cybercast’ (TSN)

to quote whitney: 'f*&kin rights!'

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Carolina Hurricanes, Stanley Cup Champs.

Gotta love the CBC… gotta love hockey.

Congrats to Cam Ward on being awarded the Conn Smythe, Brind D’Amour (good BC boy! err man) on leading this team and to the entire Hurricane organization. Geez them Oilers fought like hell though!

It will be a very happy night in Carolina (sportsnet)

weekend wrap up

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Friday night I met Laura at the office then we walked over to a nice lil place for drinks. My sister met up with us afterwards and we had some really fun drinky-giggly times.

Saturday we went out to Surrey for a big huge Korean/BBQ feast at Michelle’s parents’ house. It’s the home that she grew up in, so many memories came flooding back. I pointed out to John where we buried her hamster ‘Cookie’ in the backyard, and where we burned pictures/letter from one of her first boyfriends in a coffee can around the side of the house. Her mom decided then to put on a video we made when we were 14 …. oh… my… gosh… needless to say the FOOD was the best part of the night :p

On Sunday we took off to New Westminster, popped in to Sapperton Days where I met a potential boyfriend (should anything happen to John and I). He was sporty, a good listener, not a big talker and really took a liking to me. I asked him why his blowhole wasn’t working though – oh did I mention it was Fin, the mascot of the Vancouver Canucks? Yeah. Good times. NB: If you ever have a festival/fair type event and you want to attract lots of kiddies – forget the carnival rides, the live band, the face painting… just have baby animals, lots of baby animals.

Hopefully everyone had a great Fathers’ Day – if you were out on Commercial Drive, in New West, Surrey, at the Dragon Boat races (events post) or over at the 50th anniversary party for the Vancouver Aquarium. Holy cow this city has really kick started its summer. Who ever said it was ‘no fun‘?

and all the day you'll have good luck

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“Coingate”. Everyone knows about the loonie burried at centre-ice during the Salt Lake City Winter Games (CBC Story) well last week it was reported that during a practice skate Smyth spotted something in the ice at the RBC Centre in Raleigh and dug that sucker out (Sportsnet Story). Could this have been a turning point in the Canes’ play? They were up 3-1 in the best of 7 series.

Since that supposed ‘turning point’, Edmonton has rustled up 2 more wins to tie the series at 3 games a piece and forcing a game 7. No team in history (other than the Leafs in the 1940s) has EVER come back from that much of a deficit to win the cup.

The puck drops tonight at 5pm Pacific time in Raleigh, North Carolina and it is 100% certain that one team will be awarded the cup (that’s been waiting in the wings for the past couple of games, just waiting for Brind’Amour’s loving arms around it :p) We’ll see tonight if the Canes can finish what they started or if the Oil kings can make history.

i'm teaching men to refill ice trays

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When it comes to household chores, John‘s share is a little bigger than mine but we try to keep it pretty even. When it comes to food prep, we’re pretty darn equal. I told him the other day we need our own little couple’s recipe book where we can keep all the recipes we use – jot down lil notes etc. But he said that’s what the internet is for, and I suppose it’s true. The internet, what can’t it do.
We rely on AllRecipes.com for a lot of our ‘creations’ and ideas. We’ll try something once then discuss what we can do next time to make it a little ‘better’ eg. the peanut butter oatmeal cookies I make for him, add a lil vanilla and it makes an already to-die-for recipe just that much better.

The other night John decided to make chilaquillas. He’s made a breakfast version for me before (when we were in Iowa) but this was the all-out full-meal-size-dinner-deal. He got some inspiration from AllRecipes.com and I think some from memory. Honestly, my mother in law’s food is really yummy – John needs to learn how to make sopa!

He made chillaquillas and I watched. Err well I assisted and learned how to prepare the beans. As usual, while enjoying our meal, we discussed what we can do next time to make it just that much more delicious. Looking at the cost of the ingredients, the prep time and how wonderful it turned out, this will have to be added to our regular meal rotation for sure.

What are you favourite recipes or twists on the ‘usual’ that might not be so ‘usual’?