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bored and busted

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 — 3:21pm PDT
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i’m in a lime green mood, okay more mint. i don’t know why. i just changed my work desktop – it’s seasonal, usually, or depends on my mood. just updated it to a death cab for cutie concert poster (as the background pic) with a minty green backdrop… i’m not usually a fan of green. i like red… blue… pink… but it all depends. i like pink on panties and shoes but not as a haircolour.
let’s take a min to talk about christmas gifts. i got some really great presents – not the biggest fanciest things but i’m more pleased about what i got for other people – although the hat i got for john isn’t the right style ๐Ÿ™
shoes, chocolates, clothing, and books. for books i got Talk to the Hand by the author of Eats Shoots and Leaves. Also, a book about Mythbusters, one of my favourite shows. I totally apply it to everyday life. For instance, they tested the ‘talking on the cell phone at the gas pump’ thing and proved it isn’t really a hazard.

Also, on House last night an inmate was getting an MRI and they warned him that his tattoos (which contained metallic ink) would get sucked out of his skin in the MRI- which is basically a big magnet. They tattooed pig skin on Mythbusters and it didn’t get sucked out, although they put a cube full of the ink in the MRI and it bounced around as though it was in a dryer.

I like getting books as gifts, as long as they’re something i’m really interested in reading – my mom knows my taste so she did good. i’m not much of a book reader, i don’t really have time. when i used to skytrain to and from work for 45 mins (each direction) every day i had the time to read. now, not so much – although i’ll have to make time for it …especially once jPod is released ๐Ÿ˜‰

i thought it less like a lake and more like a moat

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 — 9:00am PDT
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So the Canucks are on a 5-game losing streak. They are doing extremely poorly against the Alberta teams and have tarnished their excellent home record. Tonight vs Nashville Crawford’s shuffling things around. Bumping up Ruutu and Morrison is moving down 2 lines to join up with Cooke and Park. Nashville is currently on a 6-game win streak.
Other than not-so-happy hockey news..the last few days have been a bit trying, health-wise. My family had been passing around a 24 hour flu bug and i finally caught it on monday/boxing day. I wasn’t 100% yesterday but i was doing a lot better than John, who caught it Tuesday as well. hopefully he’ll be able to get on his feet today – or by the end of the week – since we have plans for people coming over New Years Eve. That, and it isn’t fun to be sick at all.

As for me, I’m back at work this morning. I opted to help out on the stat holiday (January 2nd) so in lieu of that day off I have my entire birthday off (the following monday). It shouldn’t be too bad considering I’m just doing a 5 hour shift on the 2nd.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday – that you’re all healthy and well. I apologize to all John’s nieces and nephews who feel as though Canada has stolen their Uncle John, he’ll be back there soon enough – just hope you don’t mind if I’m there with him – and I swear, besides this whole flu thing – we’re taking very good care of him ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ll be sure to write more during the day since it’s bound to be VERY slow and boring. But in the meantime I’ll leave with a few bits of (local) news….

enlightenment – forgiveness….

Saturday, December 24th, 2005 — 12:59pm PDT
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i didn’t think i would be blogging this weekend but i have to get this off my chest – so sorry to get anyone down about this but here it goes…

everyone is talking about Bertuzzi being on the olympic team and how outraged they are – how that’s not what canadian hockey is about and he’s a criminal and YADA YADA…. but um…I’ve barely heard ONE person (in all the articles I’ve read or all the podcasts I’ve listened to) mention Dany Heatley.

Does no one remember him being convicted of vehicular homicide?
Does no one remember Dan Snyder – the TEAMMATE he KILLED?
I don’t have a problem with Heatley being on the team – he’s a wicked player — but i will defend Bertuzzi if anyone is going to bring up the Moore incident. Just because it was on the ice, shouldn’t make it any different – one player’s career is over, the other’s LIFE is over

whatchu talkin' about – everybody

Friday, December 23rd, 2005 — 2:38pm PDT
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Hockey: more canucks have been named to various national teams for the 2006 Olympics. tonight the Flames are in town – puck drops at 7:00pm.
Chocolate: there are few things less annoying than a box of delicious purdy’s chocolates with NO map. people get lost, confused, frazzled and puzzled. do they take a random chocolate and have a bite? then eat the rest? put it back? what to do if it’s not the kind they like? heaven forbid i chose a random chocolate and immediately gag on the first bite upon discovering it’s *gulp* cherry.
Hockey: Tonight we’re going to kick back and watch the game. Hopefully the Canucks can get out of this powerplay/penalty kill funk they’ve been in lately. Also – I hope Auld was able to shake off the last game and those 7 goals against.

This morning we went over to mediaco for brunch. they’re such a great company and it allowed me to catch up with my old boss/coworkers and john was able to get some more face time in with the potential employer – keeping in touch and networking is always good.

People: Tomorrow my sister’s family is coming over for a gift exchange with Laura – Lolo’s so sweet, all the kiddies get a present from her (that she actually bought weeks ago), she’s so thoughtful.

Tomorrow night, after Lolo heads to her parents’ in North Van and Jen & family head back to Surrey – we’re going to take a walk and come home for a nice dinner.

Anne is in town this weekend (from Toronto) but we probably won’t see her and Gerry until New Years. Remind me to get her a bday/xmas present. She’s a Christmas baby and I have to make sure to get her two gifts, once for each occassion, it’s only fair.

My mom’s family is Catholic so they’ve been trying to get John and I to come out to midnight mass with them tomorrow night. It wouldn’t be too bad except going from Surrey to downtown at 1am Christmas Eve isn’t the best idea. I think we’ll stay home and head out there Sunday morning.

It’s a shame we can’t see John’s family but there we’ll be sure to make up for it in the year ahead – and everyone’s always welcome over to our place, anytime (just give us a bit of notice first ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe)

I don’t work again until Wednesday so I probably won’t have much time to blog so…

Best wishes to all, however you celebrate the Holiday season.

Merry Christmas!! (I’ll throw that in there for my mom)

a broken record, a head full of yesterdays

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005 — 11:45am PDT
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MSNBC’s photos of the year, Readers’ Choice and Editors’ Choice.
The COC has approved the Team Canada olympic men’s hockey roster – there was a bit of speculation re: Bertuzzi but it seems as though the past is the past.

“See the poster that won the Hockey Day in Canada contest. The winning team will spend Hockey Day in Canada with your Vancouver Canucks and CBC Television!”

Also, here’s a Holiday e-Card from the Canucks (in .pdf) and a link to a site with an Earth-wide holiday calendar.

There are some upcoming events in the city, including MANY places to go on New Year’s Eve (if you’re not on our invite list for the ‘bash’ at our house :p) I found out yesterday that Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger are going to be at the CCC. The last show I saw there was probably Less Than Jake in 1999…. my friend Michelle interviewed them for the Ubyssey right after. I’ve seen them the most of ANY performer(s) besides Matthew Good. Runner up would be David Usher (Moist) and then rounding out the top 5 (err 6), Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Gob. I can’t wait to get out and see more shows. The focus has been on hockey lately but there’s also a LOT more going on in this city. I’ll have to keep my ear to the ground and hopefully find some tix to a good show John’s looking forward to – I still have to make it up to him for bailing on the International Noise Conspiracy show… sorry – but my sis only turns “24” once ๐Ÿ˜‰

Edit: oh yeah – and what’s with Google’s pic today (and yesterday) – could anyone let me know? sorry if i’m being completely ignorant about something here… hmm

where players dash, with skates aflash

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 — 2:02pm PDT
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Hockey Day in Canada is January 7th, 2006. Check out the link for all the resources you would need to properly celebrate a Hockey Day (including a Canucks game vs Calgary) and a link to the Hockey Night in Canada theme song for you to play over and over and over again.

And now for Team Canada – Men’s Hockey Roster – I don’t have the womens’ yet but they deserve just as much recognition and support.


  • Martin Brodeur, Montreal, Que.
  • Roberto Luongo, Montreal, Que.
  • Marty Turco, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.


  • Rob Blake, Simcoe, Ont.
  • Adam Foote, Whitby, Ont.
  • Ed Jovanovski Windsor, Ont.
  • Scott Niedermayer, Cranbrook, B.C.
  • Chris Pronger, Dryden, Ont.
  • Wade Redden, Lloydminster, Sask.
  • Robyn Regehr, Rosthern, Sask.


  • Todd Bertuzzi, Sudbury, Ont.
  • Shane Doan, Halkirk, Alta.
  • Kris Draper, Toronto, Ont.
  • Simon Gagne, Ste-Foy, Que
  • Dany Heatley, Calgary, Alta.
  • Jarome Iginla, St. Albert, Alta.
  • Vincent Lecavalier, Ile Bizard, Que.
  • Rick Nash, Brampton, Ont.
  • Brad Richards, Murray Harbour, P.E.I.
  • Joe Sakic, Burnaby, B.C.
  • Ryan Smyth, Banff, Alta.
  • Martin St. Louis, Laval, Que.
  • Joe Thornton, St. Thomas, Ont.